Monsey Firefighters: No Fire Siren A Safety Risk

MONSEY, NY (WCBS 880) – The fire siren will remain silent in Monsey. The emergency signal was turned off last month for a three-month trial after residents complained about the noise.

At a fire district meeting Thursday night, a vote to turn the siren back on was deadlocked.

Firefighters say the alarm saves lives. They hear the alarm when they might not have their pagers nearby.

WCBS 880’s Sean Adams reports: No Siren A Safety Risk

Rockland County fire coordinator Gordon Wren says not having the alarm on is comprising public safety.

“The fact of the matter is, The National Fire Protection Association and ITO who sets our insurance, these are nationally recognized standards, require that we have a second means of notifying volunteer firefighters,” Wren told WCBS 880’s Sean Adams said.

But some residents maintain the siren is antiquated, unnecessary and a noisy interruption of their lives.

Do you think not having a fire siren is a safety risk? Let us know in our comments section:

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  1. concerned citizen says:

    How do the hundreds of departments without audible sirens do it? The FD should be embracing today’s technology and not rely on systems that have been in place for over a half of a century. I’d be curious to find out, just how many of the previous posts in favor on turning the alarm back on were volunteers or have an association with one… none? And for those not bothered by the alarm, they obviously live far enough away from them to tolerate the noise.

  2. Ed Schneider says:


  3. robert matulac says:

    Let the complainers’ house burn.

  4. Stan Cohen says:

    PLEASE! If you are at all concerned about your friends and family regarding this very dangerous situation join our Facebook group “Turn the Monsey Fire Horn Back On”. It is the start of a grassroots effort to further educate the community and possibly force a referendum to remove this issue from the hands of a select few and allow the ENTIRE community to make their wishes known.

  5. Moishe Lash says:

    I’m a resident in Spring Valley, that’s almost 1 thing with Monsey, i hear the fire sirens from Monsey (Dept 7), Spring Valley (Dept 17), Hillcrest (Dept 6) and also from Tallman.
    These fire alarms DO NOT BOTHER me at all! 1) there’s not too much fires in the area, thank G-D 2) knowing that if – G-D forbit – i’ll have a fire in my house, this Alarm will help our dear brother firefighter to be notified about it.
    Shutting the fire siren off is absalutely endangering the area…
    For the ppl claiming it “bothers them” the siren, by shutting off Monsey their problem will not be solved anyway, cuz there’s fire districts all around, and their sirens are still on..

  6. long islander says:

    Its the usual no in my back yard mentality. They will complain about the noise now but will be the first one to come running when they need help. The pagers dont always work and sometimes you might be busy doing something where your wouldnt wear a pager. My town hasnt used a siren for a few years now and response times have slowed down. I wonder if there is a connection?

  7. None Of Your Business says:

    Wait until the complainers’ homes burn down because there was no fire alarm siren to notify the volunteer fire fighters of a fire. Of course, according to the compainers who didn’t like the noise of an alarm, it will be the fire department’s fault that their houses became nothing but a big pile of ash.

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