Seniors Honored For Volunteer Work At St. Francis Hospital On LI

NEW YORK  (WCBS 880) — You could say 90 is the new 60.

A group of ten men and women, who range in age from 90 to 94 years old were honored Friday for volunteering their time at St. Francis Hospital on Long Island.

WCBS 880’s Sophia Hall spoke with some of seniors who were recognized for giving their time to help others.

WCBS 880’s Sophia Hall Speaks With Some Of The Volunteers

Rose Repkey, 91, had a smile on her faced as she explained why she enjoyed volunteering so much.

“I work for the chaplain’s office. It’s just a question of meeting a bunch of wonderful people,” Repkey said.

rose Seniors Honored For Volunteer Work At St. Francis Hospital On LI

91-year-old Rose Repke was also recognized for volunteering (credit: Sophia Hall, WCBS 880)

Volunteer Bob Kirsch said that he simply felt blessed for all that has been given to him and wanted to give back to others.

“In June, my wife and I will be married for 70 years,” he said. “I owe somebody something and that’s one way of paying it back.”

Kirsch added that being around people made him feel more like 70 instead of 90.

Arlene Miller, 94, said she thinks “it’s wonderful” to continue volunteering even at her age.

“I’ve been doing it for over 30 years. It’s great, it’s wonderful. Keeps you busy, keeps your mind occupied,” she said.

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  1. Kimberley M. Arlotta says:

    All the volunteers at St. Francis are wonderful people. There is something even more special about the 90+ yr old volunteers. They are an inspiration for all. As an employee of St. Francis Hospital’s Volunteer Department, I truly enjoy working with them. The volunteers keep me going, If you ever have a day that is not going well, take one look at any ot them and you will find the inner strength to go on. God Bless all the volunteers young and old at St. Francis Hospital.

  2. karen s says:

    a big round of applause to all these men and women. i was a volunteer at winthrop, and had the pleasure of working with an 89 yr young gentleman. these folks add so much to the life of a hospital, and teach great lessons to those younger who have to good fortune to be with them. bravo & thanks!

  3. Ellen says:

    What a beautiful 94 year old woman. God love her and God love all of those who by now are putting us baby boomers to shame.

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