Andrew Burrous, L.I. Boy Struck, Killed By Student Driver, Laid To Rest

FLORAL PARK, N.Y. (CBSNewYork/AP) — Hundreds of mourners, including teary eyed Cub Scouts, remembered a 9-year-old Long Island boy who was struck on his bicycle by a teenager learning to drive.

Andrew Burrous was remembered at a funeral Mass on Monday as a personable youth with a ready smile.

He was killed Thursday near his home in Floral Park, when he was struck by a car driven by a 16-year-old taking driving lessons with her mother, police said.

Police said the girl made a wide turn from Plainfield Avenue and drove up onto the sidewalk on Martha Terrace striking Burrous and his mother, 49-year-old Kathy Burrous around 6:20 p.m.

Kathy Burrous told 1010 WINS’ Mona Rivera that the accident happened so fast she was stunned.

“The car came from behind us and hit me on my left side, and went up on the sidewalk — hit him on the bicycle,” Burrous said. “I didn’t see what happened after that because the car spun me and I went down.”

Police believe the driver, who had a learner’s permit, must’ve hit the gas pedal by mistake. Neither the girl nor her mother were injured and no charges have been filed in the case.

Burrous told Rivera that she doesn’t understand why the mother was giving the teen a driving lesson in Floral Park in an area surrounded by houses and people.

“It’s not the place to do it,” Burrous said.

Andrew was buried at St. Charles Cemetery in East Farmingdale.


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  1. Thomas Crouthers says:

    To the Burrous Family;
    Andrew will be truly missed in your household & he may never get to do the things that other children will do. God has taken him away from you, but he will always be near his family in spirit. Bobby stay strong for the family & God Bless You & Yours.
    To the Persons who caused this accident; May your souls be forgiven by all.
    We have all made mistakes in our lives although it may have NOT BEEN this Tragic. Please forgive but Never forget Andrew Burrous.

    PRAY for all who were involved in this LOST OF YOUNG LIFE.

  2. Gelica says:

    I really feel for both families and most especially for the boy. I truly hope this tragedy will be reminder for new drivers and pedestrians. My advice for new drivers is to drive during the early hours on weekends with their parents, like 6am or 7am. Children would not likely be outside that early. And of course for them to take a couple of class’s with a professional instructor before practicing with parents (pro drivers cars have breaks on the passenger seat). If anything from this tragedy I hope the new driver and most especially the parent will take more precautions when sending the driver on the road. Best of luck for the families and I hope they stay strong ❤

  3. Cousin Vinny says:

    If any is interested, Former First Lady Laura Bush killed a fellow high school student in Texas in a head-on collision when she was 17-years-old when she drove thru a stop sign without stopping. It obviously hasn’t affected her life very much; life goes on.

  4. Jimbo says:

    At some point a new driver needs to practice on real roads. Maybe it wasn’t her first time driving. Very tragic. Sorry for all involved

  5. Bob says:

    I have NO sympathy for the driver OR her mother. They ARE at fault. It was NOT an accident. It was negligence by allowing her to drive/learn in that environment/place. Ohh boo hoo to those that feel sorry for her. Yes, she WILL remember that for the rest of her life and she should.

    1. Bell Toller says:

      Bob are you trying to make this racial?

  6. 13 Year Old Floral Parker says:

    fp is a wonderful place to live— i wuz at the funeral and it was a beautiful service— all us floral parkers can do is hope our tight knit town stops getting hit with these terrible tragedies— when someone looses a child, everyone feels the pain forever and ever— andrew will always be remembered— what this girl did doesn’t matter— think about how terrible the weight she has to bear is— stop arguing and say a prayer that this brave little soul is already in heaven

    1. Laurence says:

      Very well said, My thoughts and prayers go out to Andrew, the driver, the families, your community, and of course to you who sees how badly people can behave through these comments. Though I don’t live in Floral Park, I have friends that do. It is a quaint town, and as you say, close knit. Hope that the healing progresses as quickly as possible for all involved.

  7. joeshmoyo says:

    This is typical of FP. Grew up there. Morons abound in that town. And if i was the kids father i would’ve broke my hand on her and her stupid mothers face. TAKE YOUR DUMB NEW DRIVER KID TO A PARKING LOT YOU MORON!!!! THAT IS HOW YOU LEARN FIRST TIME YOU MORONS. But i guess its a moot point because people will make excuses and never learn. TAKE YOUR DUMB KIDS TO LEARN HOW TO DRIVE IN AN EMPTY PARKING LOT YOU MORONS. Maybe if its said over and over again these morons might figure it out.

    1. Pam says:

      The driver and her mother are from New Hyde Park.

  8. Nick says:

    From BEHIND, hits woman in LEFT side and went UP the sidewalk… This means the woman was in the middle of the road when she got hit.

    The girl was probably trying to avoid her (beginning driver not expecting idiots in the middle of the road) and hit the kid by accident.

    1. Nick says:

      On second thought. It could be that the car hit the woman on the left side and continue on to the sidewalk on the right (not the left) and hit the boy. But than, that would mean the woman should be a bit more than just spun around. She would have been creamed.

      CBS reporting just sucks on details.

      1. doc in NJ says:

        the report doesn’t specify the relative positions of the parties, the only way to determine the accident sequence.

        don’t give up your day job, nick.

      2. Laurence says:

        I’m no forensic expert, but imagine this: Mother is walking ON the sidewalk BEHIND her child riding his bicycle ON the sidewalk (that’s where my kids always are.) The front of the car goes up on the curb and the right front fender glances the mother’s left side on an intersecting angle (45 degrees for arguments sake) with the sidewalk and spins the mother to her right. The front grill or the left front fender now hit the child on the bicycle as the back end of the car “…[goes]up on the sidewalk.” Mother is not “…an idiot walking in the middle of the road.” Mother is not “creamed” and very tragically, the child is killed. Have some compassion for these two families who’s lives have been permanenty changed in a negative manner. It was a horrible accident (remember, cars jump the curb all the time – driven by seasoned drivers.) Imagine that you are the new driver. Would you ever get behind a wheel again?? I wouldn’t. Imagine that you are the mother of the dead boy who is being judged an idiot by a judge and jury, of ONE, that has made up a story without the facts and casts his verdict on her in her worst hour of dispair. Grow up.

      3. Selmers says:

        I am wondering, did your brain explode trying to figure that one out?

  9. badman says:

    even if no criminal charges are filed, Andrew’s family can – and probably should – file a wrongful death law suit.

    16 is too gd young to be driving on LI, anyway. The law should be changed to 18 minimum to drive out there – too many people and cars.

  10. Ronny says:

    When learning how to drive maybe the first time you go to an empty parking lot. But after that you go out in traffic and learn what to do in daily situations. That is how one learns. There are too many drivers on the road that don’t know what they are doing. This is a tragic accident, but it was an accident. Maybe a smaller car might have been a better idea then an SUV. Quite a few cars today don’t have much room between the brake and gas pedels. This has been mentioned at crash sites quite often.

    1. Bill says:

      I was driving automobiles fine at 16 thank you! Actually it was much younger with vehicles other than cars. Anyway, I did the step on the gas too hard, and then the brake too hard my first time behind the wheel. But it was in a large parking lot on a Sunday when no one else was there. After I got the hang of the controls, we rode on back streets and then we worked up to more and more crowded streets. 16 is not too young to drive for most. 50 is too old to drive for some. Our current system strikes a good balance, and leaves it up to the driver (and parents) to determine when it is not safe to drive.

      I don’t have enough information on this situation, but at first blush it sounds like a tragic accident and nothing more.

      May peace be with Andrew. May the driver of the car find solace.

  11. Gordo says:

    God help both families. There is no designated place to learn to drive. Sooner or later one has to drive on residential streets. There are no villains here only victims. God rest that little boys soul.

  12. counselor says:

    Murder requires an intent to kill. This is an accident; therefore there was no intent. Manslaughter would be a more appropriate charge because that requires gross negligence.

  13. None Of Your Business says:

    That little boy being killed is horrible. The idiot-brained teen-age driver and her equally idiot-brained mother should not have been conducting driving lessons on a residential street. They should both be charged with murder.

    1. Flynn says:

      Would you be saying that if it was your daughter behind the wheel there, slick?

      What happened was tragic and nothing is ever going to repair the damage to both families — but that girl did not wake up that morning with the intent to kill someone.

      So put your torch and pitchfork away and take a Valium.

  14. brooklyn4ever says:

    May God rest his soul and give his family comfort and strength during this difficult time,

  15. Nellie says:

    Our prayers are with the Burrous family.

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