Foot In Mouth? Man Caught On Tape Licking Shoe On Subway

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Talk about getting a spit shine.

The seemingly unending series of disgusting and reprehensible antics that’s been caught on tape in the New York City subway system recently has racked up yet another entry.

This time, a man with either the world’s worst foot fetish or in desperate need of a shoe shine is caught on tape vigorously licking his black shoe clean.

Video: Man Licks Shoe Clean

We’re not talking about a slight, “A Christmas Story”-like sticking of a tongue against something.

This is more like a tongue-lashing.

The foot-in-mouth incident was apparently taped on the 5 train Wednesday, May 11.

What’s going on the New York City subways lately? Is this business as usual or has it gotten worse? If you saw someone doing this on the subway, what would you do? Sound off in our comments section.

  • yankee_balla

    of course no one around him cares.. it’s NYC! Have you ever been there?! If I had filmed every odd thing (ok i did film quite a good rant in central park) I saw I’d have quite a collection. People on subways mind their own business.

  • kendra

    now what in the world would posess that man to lick his shoe the way he did doesn,t he know there are like a million germs on the train that he could wound up getting a parasite in his mouth and then he,lll have to stay in the hospital or something?all he hand to do was carry around a cloth or rag to keep his shoes clean.

    • Kristyn Kelly

      Maybe it’s like some new way of getting high that hasn’t quite caught on yet.

  • Jacob

    I sure just wouldn’t just sit there staring. I would have left he car the moment he started. Who knows what crazy stunt he would’ve pulled next, and I’m not going to wait to find out!

  • duh

    He obviously is listening to Ludacris’ song “What’s Your Fantasy” and misunderstood the lyrics! He thought the line was I wanna li li li lick you from yo heel to yo toe!!

  • el marcone

    At least he cleaning something on the MTA subway. Many times the subway has sticky soda stains on the floor.

    • Oily Discharge

      Uh, that wasn’t soda. Sorry.

  • Brooklyn Subway Rider

    If cleanliness is really close to g0dliness, this man’s a saint! He’s cleaning his shoes like cats clean their paws.

  • Nancy Luna

    Only in New York….

    • Nancy Luna

      VERY GROSS!!!

  • Dale Auburn

    If the shoe fits, eat it. Of course, his breath will smell like feet.

    • Happy wife happy life

      One thing is for sure. He has a happy wife at home.


    New York New York, it’s a SHOE of a town!!!!!!!

  • Chris Owenski

    Check out more freaks like this guy here:

  • George Oh-Well

    Just more evidence that in the near future, our public behavior will be controlled by “Little Brother”, an Orwellian horde armed with hi-rez AV devices that will capture EVERY misdeed, misdemeanor, or other socially-unacceptable behavior you do!

    Future employers might be able to do a name search (more likely a facial-recognition program to pick you out of random video posts), then decide whether to hire you by what s/he sees! You won’t be safe outside your home as hi-rez phone cams and other devices (eReaders, tablets, etc.) become ubiquitous.

    Be very afraid.

  • Michael H.

    I wish I was his shoe!

    • william

      PEOPLE !!! This was a staged event. Everyone’s trying to be overnight sensations. Can’t you tell when he’s done, he stares right to the camera??? DUH!!!!!!

      • Heavy D., for the win.

        In America, we are trying to be overweight sensations.

  • abner

    Maybe you should go back to reporting about Tiger Woods or Lindsay Lohan or even the wedding

  • Dottie Gallardo


  • floyd bannister

    ok. now i have seen it all

  • Justine Cross

    Poor bloke. It’s much better when you lick a Dominatrix’s heel clean and not your own shoe!

  • Get Smart

    The man wasn’t lick his shoes….he was talking into his shoe phone…..agent 86

    • Sigfreid

      I see English has got you licked.

      • KAOS

        He is trying to activate a shoe bomb.

  • Double-R

    Want to know why everyone around him isn’t making such a big spectacle of it? The same reason why this should even be a story on the news. Nobody gives a $h!t.


    • Double-R

      Shouldn’t be***

  • DC on UWS

    I blame Justin Beiber

    • Wayne


  • Ellen

    Did you noticed how the people sitting around this guy were either completely clueless of what was going on, or didn’t think anything of it. Either way Gross.

  • James

    that’s how the foot and mouth disease starts

  • Mr. Soul

    He’s not mentally ill. Everyone is weird in one way or another. If it don’t hurt another, get your freak on!

  • Sure

    Everyone wants a shot a the next YouTube video that goes viral. Tell you what, instead of picking on people like this fella, video yourself and the things “you do”. You’ll see this shoe licking thing probably pails in comparison.

  • voiceofreason

    someone should file a civil suit against CBS for biggotry and hateful acts against the mentally ill…..if this were someone poking fun at someone based on color they would be in court fighting the next day…..


    • DC on UWS

      Are you suggesting that the man is mentally ill? On what do you base that conclusion? Are you stereotyping? Are you implying that mentally ill people engage in this behavior? You’re just as bad as those you chastise.

      • joe

        DC makes out with his momma

      • LulaxCave

        DC you are on target

      • Stingy Grapeface

        oh, DC, you so crazy.

  • Leonard

    $104 a month for this

  • abvillian

    That’s what you call a NYC spit shine

  • Gregg

    Someone must have told him about a spit shine and he thought they said lick shine !!

  • nyc

    Where are the cops ? This guy is just another mentally disturbed person who should be in a institution on meds ! I guess we just have to wait until he attacks someone !!

  • Jerek Deter

    Maybe he’s a “journalist” for cbs news?

    • stingy grapeface

      maybe he’s the new CEO

  • Al Bundy

    Why that’s a gourmet meal in NYC!

  • mitch

    I blame Rex Ryan….

  • RB

    So what!

  • joe

    Huh, ok this stuff happens all the time RELAX people

    • do something useful

      whew, thanks, joe. now i feel a lot better. you’re so level headed.

  • Cisco

    maybe he didnt take his medication that day.

  • jerseyjoey

    ITS NYC need anyone say more.

  • janet

    o yuck!

  • Jake w.

    CBS like so much of the rest of the media is now nothing more than a shadow of it’s former self. Why even post this ? This could be on some high school kids blog. Not the “news”
    The media is a joke and our countries stature in the world is plummeting is just one result.

    • Robert Paul Hohn

      This comment is the ONLY intelligent post on this thread. CBS, I want to still love you guys but let’s get real. Is this honestly worthy enough of begin the SECOND headline on your website?

  • Kimball Horton

    Whatever happened to shoe polish?

  • BlameBeltran

    I blame Carlos Beltran.

    • Mookie Wilson

      I totally agree.

  • do something useful

    wow, thank you cbs for bringing another life changing story my way. go journalism!

  • Pushed to the Ocean

    This shouldn’t be news. 1010 WINS should report about how working class NYers can’t afford to live in Brooklyn anymore. 1010 should do a story on how neighborhoods like mine have turned into an idealized and romanticized version of Brooklyn that doesn’t include or consider any real Brooklynites. Please, no more cheese stores and organic coffee shops!!!

  • teen

    Not saying he isn’t weird but maybe he had a job interview or a meeting of some sort and he needed to get his shoes to shine. there are a lot of posabilitys for this but it’s still nasty. i would of just wet my shirt and cleaned it. I mean the militray spit shine there shoes but there is no tounge loving lol

  • NYCB4Yuppies

    Stuff like this has always existed on the trains. The difference now is that everyone is armed with a cell phone cam. Everyone is a fcukin filmmaker these days.

  • disgusted

    just another nutbag waitng to explode one day on the train.

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