Hudson Valley Pet Food Pantry Officially Open

VALHALLA, NY (WCBS 880) – With the chewing of a bone and a ribbon by Macy the dog, the Hudson Valley Pet Food Pantry officially opened its doors Wednesday to assist those who need help buying food for their pets.

“We have dog food, cat food, rabbit food and bird food,” said founder and president of Hudson Valley Food Pantry Susan Katz.

WCBS 880’s Catherine Cioffi reports: Chewing Of The Ribbon Opens Hudson Valley Pet Food Pantry

Broadway dog Annie Star Macy cuts the ribbon at the Hudson Valley Pet Food Pantry - Valhalla, NY - May 18, 2011 (credit: Catherine Cioffi / WCBS 880)

Broadway dog Annie Star Macy cuts the ribbon at the Hudson Valley Pet Food Pantry - Valhalla, NY - May 18, 2011 (credit: Catherine Cioffi / WCBS 880)

Katz says the non-profit organization helps those who are thinking about giving up their pets or going without themselves because they can’t pay their pet food bills.

“Many senior citizens who are our clients, we have a lot of seniors, are doing without for themselves so that they can feed their pets. And now that we’re helping, they can do a little bit more,” she said.

The pet food pantry is located on the bottom floor of the American Legion Post 1038 building in Valhalla and serves the residents of Westchester, Rockland, Putnam and Dutchess counties.

The pet food is free to seniors, the disabled, veterans or anyone who can demonstrate a need.

Do you think this will help pet owners in need? Let us know in our comments section:

  • Rosemary C.

    I agree with the comment from Holly Wesley. They are cold and nasty. Not an ounce of compassion. I applied with them and instead of getting hepl, i got hassled. They are suppse to help people in need in this economy , however they find a reason not to. I will feed my animals with or without them, howver when this economy recovers I vow not to donate one red cent to them. IMy donations will go to the organizations that have demonstrated compassion for people and animals such as the ASPCA and North Shore Animal League. This orginzation and their officers are AWFUL! AWFUL! AWFUL!

  • Elisa

    It’s a very narrow view to assume that people are deadbeats if they can’t afford pet food and pet care. Let’s say average pet care expenses are $50/month for a person with a low income such as a fixed income senior. That animal brings its owner joy and a sense of purpose and well-being. It’s also a lot cheaper than prescription anti-anxiety or or anti-depressant medication. It’s also barely more expensive than one or two doctor visit co-payments. When people are forced to give up their beloved pets because of a poor economy, illness or personal catastrophic event, the government and tax payers will tend to pay a lot more money getting these people well through government programs than they ever would through pet food donations.

  • Barbara

    Am I really reading this correctly?
    In a nation where millions are out of work, buying cheap foods, food banks ( for HUMANS) begging for donations and starving children and seniors, we are concerned over rabbit and bird pets?

    • Holly Wesley

      You are just nasty and cold.

      Hope you never see such bad days.

      God does ot like ugly!


  • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    I am so sick of these crying seniors now its about there dogs.If you were not such a loser the first 60 years of you’re sad life you would not be looking for a hand out

  • Mother Hubbard

    A little bit of ketchup and it’s all good.

  • jay

    i live in queens and find it hard to feed the dog,he eats better than me,they need a place like that for seniors in queens,i collect ssd $938 and find it hard to feed my dog and I after paying alkl the bills.

    anyway i love buddy and he comes before me ,I am also a new senior

    • Natali Wind

      Yes, NYC could definitely use a place like this.

  • Brian

    Bob, you’re a bit limited in your thinking on this subject, aren’t you? Suppose you’ve had a dog or an animal for years, and then get a pink slip? Contract a catastrophic illness that forces you to spend down your life savings to be eligible for Medicare? Are you going to simply abandon one of the family because you can’t afford him anymore? Many people have been put in this situation, and I think this Pet Food Pantry is an amazing idea. Keeping loved ones together is a human kindness to the animal and to the owner.

    • Natali Wind

      Brilliantly said, Brian.

  • bob

    If you need help feeding your pet, you have no business owning the pet.

    • Natali Wind

      Wrong. Perhaps people got their beloved pet prior to their financial struggles and don’t want to give them up just because they’re faced with hard times. This is understandable because the shelters are overcrowded and any pet who ends up in there will very likely end up dead. Plus, perhaps said pet is the only thing getting a person through their day and without it, they’ll barely be able to function which will make it that much harder for them to get and keep a good job where they could make the money the need.

      • Brooklyn McDirtyshoes

        Kudos to you, Natali.

      • Adrienne Lisa Gurman

        Right on Natali! I totally agree – A

  • Betty

    I made an error in last comment – where can donations of “food” stuff or money be made?

    • Brooklyn McDirtyshoes

      From their site:

      Please make checks payable to: Hudson Valley Pet Food Pantry

      PO Box 1296, White Plains, NY 10602.

      Food donations may be made at the Petco store located at 324 N. Central Avenue, Hartsdale, NY (across the street from Pathmark) or at our Valhalla location when it is operational.

      We cannot accept outdated food, or packages or cans which have been opened.

  • Betty

    Yes it will – where can donations of foof stuff or money be made

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