Is It The End? Many New Yorkers Say ‘No’

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) — As much as the true believes think today is the end-of-days, many New Yorkers are convinced the apocalypse isn’t coming.

According to doomsayers, the rapture is scheduled to happen tonight around 6pm. 

So what do New Yorkers think?

“It’s just another day,” one man told 1010 WINS’ Steve Sandberg.

Others like Hector are taking advantage of the rapture with a wild night of partying.

“I had my pre-rapture party. I’m just enjoying life right now in Times Square. I’ll wait for it here in Times Square, just like every new year,” he said.  “I’ll wait for the rapture to happen here.”

1010 WINS’ Steve Sandberg reports: Man Thinks Doomsday Prediction ‘A Scam’

Another man named Mario envisioned he’d go out in style.

“Something very debaucherous because after that, I’m going to pray to get into wherever I need to get to,” he said.

But his pal Vincent is annoyed with all the ads calling today Judgement Day.

“It’s going to put everybody in a hysteria. And people are going to be running around acting like the world is going to end and if we’re here past 6 o’clock, people are going to be pissed,” he said. 

But Hector’s not worried.

“It could happen at any time. Someone could die in the street and that would be the end of the world for them. It’s just this kind of perspective thing and I’m not going to hang under a cloud like that.”

The true believers may be certain, but it’s never crossed one woman’s mind. “I think it’s probably going to be a nice day. I’m pretty sure I’ll be around Sunday.”

Do you think the world will end today? Sound off below in our comments section.


One Comment

  1. M. B. Brown says:

    Hey China did not give one hoot to this nutjob prediction.
    1 billion plus Chinese can’t be wrong or was that Parisians? lol

  2. CATT says:

    Its Sunday May 22 and im still typing…..GET A LIFE STOP TRYING TO TAKE ONE. LOL

  3. Marina Ios says:

    my personal opinion:
    we live in a country where, THANK YOU GOD, we have the right to express our opinions, which is the basics for a democracy.
    BUT, even if i am sorry and sad that i got to the point i must make this comment, i think it should be very soon enforced a law regarding this sort of mentally disturbed or simply mean individuals who intentionally create panic.
    people yesterday ( i had to keep my friend over the phone as much as long possible), especially older or depressed people , they really freaked out, and i dont think is fair that this paranoic who did this is still at large and keeping on abberating , now is OCT 21
    please, someone with authority, maybe a doctor or psichiatrist, pls commit him and throw the key away

  4. Truth says:

    Dammit.. It’s Sunday morning and nothing happened. Guess I still owe the credit card company, mortgage, and car loan people a lot of money. At least they could have wiped out the computers.

  5. Truth says:

    That he’s late like all women!

  6. 1608 says:

    Iceland had a volcano today, dose that count?

    It’s a start.

  7. James Johnson says:

    The Bible clearly states that no man knows when Jesus is coming back. Do these people believe in only parts of the Bible that they want to? It’s people like them who make other people laugh at Christians.

    1. Christiana Sine says:

      Yep. The end obviously WILL come, but who knows when? Camping has cheated others into believing May 21st is judgement day. People have quit their jobs, sold their houses, etc., all for him!

      But where is Camping now?

    2. Carrie says:

      Absolutely…You see some say they believe in GOD, but do they “know” HIM….and how does one know him? reading the LIVING BIBLE and having CHRIST in their hearts …Its an awesome journey with JESUS…easy, no… but incredible and life changing! Blessing to all….Last thing…If the world is to end?…Do you know where you are going?Are you prepared?? Do have hope…My prayer is that you do….

  8. Desi_ Doomsday says:

    Hey- I’m from the Hindu religion and where is Jesus gonna take us?

  9. 1608 says:

    I was told. YES you have to pay for your beer and gas.

    How sad.

  10. JOHN A. says:

    Mr. Camping is a bonafide whacko who needs to be put in the nuthouse-he is totally off his rocker!

  11. Eric Drewitz says:

    This whole judgement day thing is stupid we all know the earth will be destroyed in 5 billion years when the sun goes to a red giant phase and expands out to Mars thus engulfing the earth but no need to fear that is 5 billion years from now anyway so we will all be long gone by then. Also people say there will be a world wide earthquake that is impossible because there is not a fault everywhere on earth most of them are in the Pacific region thus there can’t be a world wide earthquake this guy who made this whole scam up is an idiot and nobody should listen to him he just wants publicity.

  12. ANGEL says:


    1. lovinthelord says:

      i just hope what ive learned in the bible will help me through this i know there are some things that have not been fullfilled i know the bible pretty well and i feel so sorry for the guy cuz everyone is makin fun of him thats not very christian like well so what if he is wrong the only thing i can say is i hope he rereads the bible and sees that no man knowth the hr the lord shall come not even the angels not even gods son only god himself knows yes it is near but we need to keep reading more in the bible it will tell us all

    2. lovinthelord says:

      the only thing i can say is i feel very sorry for him maybe he thinks hes right but if we all read in the bible it jesus tells us of things to look for some of them have not come true but i know this guys should not be throwing the whole workd in a panic but it is what it is only thing i can say is read the bible it will exsplain things that are to come to pass but gys that is so mean to make fun of him all we can do is pray for him that is what god wants us to do

    3. Marie Spiridigliozzi says:

      Are you kidding me, people did all that, they must be gullable.

  13. Epoch T. Messiah says:

    A ruse by any other name would still smell like something that dropped out of the southbound end of a northbound rhinocerous!!! Lynch Harold Camping!!! Did HE give away any of HIS money to the poor????? LIke hell!!!

  14. gwen says:

    we know not the time nor the place. . .

  15. Jb Seckuler says:

    Hundreds of generations have waited for jesus to return, It’s not gonna happen, no one is devine.

  16. Photograpger James T. Rainey says:

    The Bible states: ” Nobody knows the time and day the Lord will return”. This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.

    1. lovinthelord says:

      yes that scripture is in the bible and i was listening to a serman today on the pc yes it is near the end just not sure its today im just gonna pray for him thats what gods about praying so that is what ive been doing

      1. Amandaa says:

        How do you know it is near ??

  17. Dale Auburn says:

    Of course, Harold Camping’s followers will demand a taxpayer-funded Government bailout to replace the money they’ve lost due to the rapture fraud.

  18. Mildred says:

    I do not believe it will happen know, only God knows when will be ,is like the year 2000 every body was tinking i t was going to be the end of the word and people was getting water and candle thinking something big was going to happen.

    only God knows only him.

  19. g carlson says:

    at 6:00 i want you to do this———punch in and then get further instructions.

  20. VigVee says:

    lol, these wackos need to discover the Holy Bible. Its made very clear that NO MAN shall know the day of his coming beforehand.

    1. The Aliens that BS'd you all says:

      How do you know that the bible wasn’t WRITTEN by whackos? The same priests that quote Scripture are putting their special interests in the hindquarters of children, and you’re betting your life on this dribble? I pity the fools that fell for this nonsense! If there is a God, he/she/it/they is/are W A Y above talking to us, let alone ONE of us like Moses, or the pedophile Muhammed! Get a grip!!!

  21. Lee says:

    It’s not going to happen, Harold Camping said a massive earthquake would strike at 6pm in each time zone. The first time zone to hit 6pm was Christmas Island(It is now 4:43 am Sunday there) in the pacific Ocean and nothing happened. It is already past 6pm in Australia and New Zealand, and almost all of Asia. Actually it is Sunday in New Zealand and parts of Australia right now. So it looks like Mr. Camping is completely wrong there have been no earthquakes in any of these regions, no raptures nothing. I just feel very bad for the people who believed him who have no money or anything.

    1. Satan says:


  22. nyc says:

    I wonder if Strauss-Kahn will jump bail and be on his way back to France ?

  23. Dale Auburn says:

    Anybody will PRETEND to believe anything if there’s money to be made from it.

  24. annette huneault says:

    no one know the hour or the day nor even the angel of heaven but my father only.mathew 12;36 jJesus made it clear that no one no one except His father know the time . so these people are nothing but deceivers and the bible warn about that too.

  25. Ellen says:

    I’m now going to my hairdresser so if the end does come at least my hair will look good.

  26. DanTe says:

    Pass a law: If you predict doom, you better be off this planet when it’s suppose to happen. Or we’ll help you off with some high voltage electricity.

    This should weed out some stupid genes from the gene pool.

    1. Dale Auburn says:

      On Monday, Harold Camping’s followers should sue him for fraud.

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