Gang Of Young People Caught On Video Trashing NYC Dunkin Donuts

NYPD Asking The Public To Help Identify The Perpetrators

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The NYPD is searching for a group of young people caught on surveillance video trashing a West Village Dunkin Donuts.

According to police, the group walked into the store at 75 Christopher St., on May 16 at around 8:15 p.m. and almost immediately started making mischief.

The gang threw chairs, tables, napkins and condiments. Before making their way out, a couple of them went behind the counter and grabbed doughnuts.

No one was hurt and there has been no word yet on any arrests.

Anyone with information in regards to this incident is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477). The public can also submit their tips by logging onto the Crime Stoppers website at WWW.NYPDCRIMESTOPPERS.COM or by texting their tips to 274637 (CRIMES) then enter TIP577.

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  1. Richard C Hamilton says:

    BLACK, BLACK, BLACK. You seem to have missed that point in your headline and article.

  2. Mr. Right says:

    The urban gorilla on the rampage

  3. RichieT says:

    We need to go after the parents of those kids. I have a friend that’s a substitute teacher in NYC. One day, she’s filling in for a class of 5th graders. Most of the kids were out of control. A couple were actually there to try to learn something. One of them kids threw a book across the room. When they finally get the kids mother on the phone and started to explain what happened, she interrupted them. She asked one question. “WHICH ONE WAS IT THIS TIME”

  4. Jose Maricone says:

    These Afro-American were on Munching run. It is like planet of apes

  5. Bob says:

    This is what America got in exchange for Affirmative Action and 50 years of welfare and food stamps.

  6. I’m glad I don’t live in Manhattan! LoL

  7. Marie Whitfield says:

    When…??? I am a very proud Yankee from Minnesota (seventh generation Norwieigan). We helped build America with brains and brawn. Black American has taken credit where credit is not due. We have implemented programs (i.e. affirmitive action, etc.) to help them get into the economic mainstream and they do THIS?!!! Shame, shame, shame on the Black parents of these hoodlums. I now denounce affirmative action and any and all programs that help lift Black America. Also if the current president of the USA isn’t ousted next election then we can blame the liberal media with their lies and support of a Black man that had absolutely no business be President of the United States. The incredible downhill slide of our precious land comes back (to a very large degree) to Black Americans.

  8. Honest John says:

    A pathetic post. Am I surprised? Well no…

  9. Did they even mention the nationality of the gang?

  10. nyrker11 says:

    dem be confused on fadda’s day

  11. Judef says:

    I am curious, it seems so much drive by shooting, drug related deaths since Oboma opened our borders. But news media does not say if they are illegals or not..strange but normal for AP who dictate the news. I am not apposed to legal immigrants or law abiding citizens no matter what race. But there is too much of the is our country since not securing our borders and letting anyone and anything into our country. Time to take our country back in 2012..

  12. Lillie says:

    It’s difficult raising children in this day and time. “An old fashion ass kicking” would be sufficent but then ACS gets involved and as a result they PERHAPS run wild.
    Discipline starts at home, you can’t expect the teacher to raise your child, what you put into your child today is what you will get tomorrow. They have to be taught right from wrong, stay away from the negative elements and respect others as you would yourself. As a mother of three adult men it was challenging yet a learning experience, they now know that my stern discipline was loving and caring because itwas MY JOB. Once they are apprehended the police should go and pay a visit to each and every home and investigate the parents.
    It will shed some light on their behavior.

  13. Roy says:

    This is not about race,it’s about bad/illegal behavior…….If I was the shop owner,there would have been a lot of broken bones ,by the time this group of roudy hoodlums left the shop…………………….and they wouldn’t have been my bones

    1. Genka Blyat Sukha says:

      The police would arrest you, not the criminal delinquents because you can afford to pay a fine. The kids would just take up space in the tombs for a night. Next time, shut off the camera and use bat magic, results are imminent and education is permanent. Save our future, it takes a village to raise a child, so lets all pitch in and thrash these varmints within inches of their potentially worthless lives. God bless us all.

  14. Roy says:

    A pot of hot coffee to their faces seems to have been in order…….

  15. Truth says:

    These are the same type of students that say the law protects me and teachers can not do anything about it. The parents don’t do anything. When a parent or a teacher does try to do something, what happens? Lawsuits and the public saying how can our innocent kids be treated this way. Nothing beats a good old ass beating.

    You can tell something happened in this DD previously with these youngsters. That doesn’t excuse them for their behavior.

    1. gene s says:

      The ass beating is the perfect answer but make sure the camera is off

  16. Lillie says:

    Peer pressure is like a drug. It will suck you in, have you do just about anything to justify why it’s right and not wrong. Yes, these kids should have been at home doing homework,dinner,shower and bed. There is no reason for this type of vandalism. I would recommend prison but why. It just grabs taxpayer dollars to house them and they won’t learn from the mistake. They apparently have a great deal of inner anger and need to be counseled on the danger they are facing.
    Perhaps they should have went in and requested an application, apparently they’re not aware that school will be out,summer will be here and they need to do extra-curricular activities that won’t end them in prison or an early grave.
    They need to be caught, so they can be taught a lesson, put them out on the highways and streets to clean for about 2months. They’ll get it then.

  17. Parenting says:

    On a Monday night, at this hour, these kids should be home studying for finals or doing some sort of school work. When this city starts holding parents accountable for the terrible things under age kids do, you won’t see things like this and other things happening as much. If my kids decided to do anything like this they would be sorry like you can’t even believe. This is an issue of parenting or lack of parenting and that is the issue. Nothing else.

    1. Genka Blyat Sukha says:

      Good luck locating the parent(s)? These are street urchins, they only take and plunder. It is the way of the welfare families and their offspring. Take heed my brothers and sisters of NYC, take heed.

  18. Bob says:

    About every tenth comment or so, someone scolds the other commenters for the racist tone of the remarks here. Unfortunately, Americans of all races in America are being treated WEEKLY and sometimes every day to viral video of this particular demographic destroying restaurants, attacking people on buses, assaulting combat veterans and their wives outside of movie theaters etc. etc, etc.

  19. shaka Zulu says:

    Doing what monkeys do….HMMMM….(DAN TE)…Is that the best u can do…..Come up with something new!!!!!!!!…..

    1. Bob says:


    2. shaka Zulu says:

      Why ask Why…..Why even make a comment like that….The monkey jokes went out with the white sheets……(D.A.B.)

    3. DanTe says:

      But Monkey Facts are here to stay.

      Here’s what you tried to censor:

      People??? The title reads “Young People” But the pic shows monkeys doing what comes naturally to monkeys.

  20. Bob says:

    Monkey see, monkey do?

    1. Bernie Sanders says:


  21. mak says:

    Yeah, like those African leaders who kill their own people right? It’s still going on today. Are you saying that is the white man’s fault?

    Be responsible for yourselves. Believe in yourself enough to know that the only person holding you back is yourself. I, and most other people, give full support of anybody who helps themselves. It’s the boorish behavior such as in the article and the cry-me-a-river-excuse-making that drives us all insane. Act like humans instead of animals.

  22. whraglyn says:

    Oh Yeah! ‘Blame Whitey For Everything’ is the meme you learned in school so you would grow up thinking the world, especially ‘Whitey’, owes you whatever you want.
    And, Yes, Sonya, you do behave that way because you BELIEVE the world owes you something.
    That’s why any who claim such behavior is due to your skin color are wrong: your behavior is not innate, but is taught to you and your peers as ‘justified’ by the past sins of ‘Whitey’. Who taught you so?
    The public schools and colleges across this great nation.

  23. NRPS says:

    Earlier I read what I thought hit the nail right on the head. The woman said “Its sad to see our children act like this, but all these racist comments are posted by adults”. Yes, sad and true. Two kinds of people here, the helping kind, and the hurting kind. Easy to distinguish just by looking at these posts. OBJ, thank god for spellcheck huh? Perfect example, Big D/ walnut brain..get help son.

  24. salvo says:

    A “MAJORITY” of the time you will find black or africanamerican in trouble or causing troubles……these are facts in life…I watch the children in my neighborhood coming and going from school and 8 out of ten that walk by are are the black kids loud, troublemakers, while all other just walk along. they curse loud, throw garbage, jump fences, climb street lights, they’re animals and this people is the only reason we have racism agains blacks in our nation. I agree it should not be a general thing, but, when you see it every day and blacks are the majority, it is hard not to critisize in general…grow your kida right!

  25. smith john says:

    this is nothing, just wait til the fod stamps,welfare,HEAP, rent assistence ect is unfunded because the dollar has collapsed

  26. shark news says:

    i don”t see any white person making those black kids doing this to the store? the fact remains the blacks don”t have the morals, the education! or the brains to do something with there life but crime? our jails are full with these people! send them back…………….

    1. shaka Zulu says:

      Back where…Those kids was born in America…Where u going to send them to…Back to the hospital…Now who need the EDUCATION!!!!!!!!…..(D.A.B) LTMS

      1. bob says:

        I am very sorry but after decades of being provided economic support, acedemic advantage and preferential treatment, this demographic has become world famous for being the bottom of the gene pool. I might have some sympathy but they have chosen to admire pimps like sharpton and mock as porch n****rs people like Condaliza Rice. Ever heard of “ebonics”?

      2. gmp3157 says:

        They never should of left the Hospital.

  27. NRPS says:

    Looks to me like it’s a harmonal thing. the passive boys are obviously being led by the aggressive girls. The girls want to show their boys what balls they have. And Im sure at one time the boys will flex their muscles for their girls. The problem here is the level of impression, who is gonna take it up a notch. All you can hope for is one of these kids will impress the others to be a little smarter next time you’re out together. Does not matter what color you are. It’s how you treat the people around you. It’s called UPBRINGING…You really make your parents looks like 8hit. Are they?

  28. wildthing says:

    should have left them in Africa

    1. shark news says:

      amen brother!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. SDM says:

      Send us back now and there would be a missle aimed back here! We are not as dumb as you think.

      1. whraglyn says:

        Well, SDM, those missiles sure wouldn’t be pointed by someone dumb enough to say such a thing:
        If ‘Whitey’ had never taken you from ‘Africa’, why would you now be pointing missiles at us?
        How about some racial bigotry to go with that?…

      2. al says:

        I wouldn’t worry about us. If you were sent back, more than likely you would be killed by the leader of your chosen African country. Nice guys, those dictators.

      3. shaka Zulu says:

        Why people keep saying send us back…..People would have never got here without us………..Wait they was lost & crashed onto land…..This is just crazy…….When some kid goes and shoot up a school that means they should have stayed on the ship…Or over in that other country ……

    3. HOW DARE YOU says:

      @ wildthing, should have left them in Africa ???



    4. HOW DARE YOU.. says:

      @ wildthing, Need I remind YOU it was African Americans that paved the way for you to be here, And YOU make such a comment ?


      Have a good day !

  29. stephen says:

    this is so tired… black people calling everyone racist or closet racists when they themselves are the most racist… im a korean store owner in baltimore city. not a day goes by im not called something derogatory or racist. when i get into an argument they are so quick to pull the race card. im like you just shoplifted something from my store and i caught you but somehow i am a racist. i am well aware that there are civilized honorable african americans but you catch bad rep from idiots like these on the video.

    1. Honest John says:

      Stephen, you’re NOT supposed to notice the obvious. You racist you!

  30. Curious George says:

    So much for Black History Month.

  31. george georgy says:

    they are just getting ready for adulthood. lovely site, isn’t it…?

  32. Gerald Waldman says:

    In the long run, it doesn’t matter if THESE teens were white, black, latino or asian. as too many teens use whatever as an excuse for their actions. What matters is catching the criminals and bringing before a judge and/or jury. I think it seems so much worse today because we get to see nationwide what used to be stories in the LOCAL news. Similar things happened back in the 1950s and 60s, but weren’t splashed all over the yet to be invented internet or caught on video and splashed all over the 24 hour a day TV news channels.

    1. Honest John says:

      Really? What planet were you on in the 50’s and 60’s? I was here and saw NOTHING like what you so desparately wish to have seen. We seem to have a very difficult time accepting the obvious these days.

  33. mc says:

    we are already in a cage, and so are you, it’s called America

  34. SO MANY FOOLS says:


  35. mc says:

    I can’t imagine white (oops i meant why)

  36. Herman Munster says:

    Wasn’t VT an Asian guy?

  37. Nathan Harris says:

    african tribal leaders that sold black slaves. doesnt take the racism out . they [african tribal leaders ]didnt pass laws to keep negroes from becoming a self-determining people, did they ? the slave trade is only one aspect of the negroe holocaust .

  38. Nathan Harris says:


  39. myra cheah says:

    Did you mean they

  40. john smith says:

    coward i bet you wouldn’t say this to a black person’s face. blogs are therapeutic for cowards like you that hide behind computers and lack the courage to express your true feelings in public.

    1. Mike Hawk says:

      lol coming from someone whose name is john smith. obviously thats not your real name. im just saying!

  41. jointz says:

    who is the monster the slave or the slave owner

  42. joe for mayor says:

    where is al sharpton to educate his people and be a true leader and take blame for blacks not knowing how to talk correct english and dress not like the rappers then white people would think of you differently. dont blame white people if you dont have education lebron makes good money and all the black athletes who cant talk correct english parents get off welfare and work and stop having 10 kids

    1. john smith says:

      how about speaking correct English your self

      1. Honest John says:

        You are right on the grammar bit, but hey the general thought was valid if ill phrased and thus ironically humorous. OK, the whole situation is sad, but should not be easily dismissed as simply “racism” at play.

    2. Banghouse says:

      I think you should reserve criticism considering your awful display of grammar.

    3. cm says:

      It’s really funny the rapper’s make more sense than you do, and make more money, stop haten fool

      The last time I checked, white people are more dependant upon welfare.

      1. KPMc says:

        Do you have some numbers to back up your claim since you last “checked”? And please separate immigrant white people from those of us that have been here a generation or two. Once you take out the eastern Europeans who exactly are these white people on welfare you claim to know so much about?

  43. Greencow says:

    I wonder why they are so angry. Is it because there black?

    1. MC says:


  44. David Brier says:

    At least they got to live. Just sixty years ago 6 million Jews were slaughtered. Do you see them acting like its planet of the apes????

    1. doc says:

      A Lie. Jews are using the same excuse as blacks. The war combines, including the atomic bombing of Japans, killed less then 3 millions.

      1. Honest John says:

        Earth to “doc”… Are you still breathing? I do believe you may be brain-dead.

    2. Gerald Waldman says:

      Wrong Doc — about 10 million were murdered by the Nazi’s, 5 to 6 million of them because they were Jewish. Battle casualties exceed 10 million, for a total of 20 million or more. Read and learn about recent history.

    3. Grateful Child says:

      I see the Jews occupying and enslaving a population of people in the West Bank. …and not to take away from the holocost, but Russia’s people suffered far more, …20 million dead, mostly civilians.
      But hey, how about saying some nice things toward each other, …that might actually help.
      Like, …I wish you all Love and light, a home, and a future filled with Love and laughter. I don’t care what color or ethnicity you are.

  45. White Woman says:

    It’s sad… The racist white people on this post with their “filthy rage-filled attitudes” are just as bad as the ill behaved black kids in this video! Hate is hate… no matter what you look like. The only difference I see, is that the video features teenage children, and the hateful disgusting things people say on the posts comes from full grown ADULTS! Very sad indeed!

    -White Woman!

    1. Gratefl Child says:

      Thanks white woman, …or black, …whatever. A little poem for children on my website:
      White man, black man,
      Indian, Asian, Arab, or Jew,
      Goodness comes in all colors,
      It’s all inside you

      So how about some of that instead of all this cruelty toward each other.
      (from a reverse oreo, white on the outside, colored on the inside)

      1. Bob says:

        “Colored on the Inside”? You’d best get busy then splainin’ to your bro’s and sistas that ignorant thuggery and generational welfare parasitism doesn’t impress the rest of us.

    2. Arminius says:

      In your OPINION they’re racist.
      You’re just saying that because they’re white.
      Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

    3. Honest John says:

      You are so very naive. Ok, am I surprised? Well no…

  46. JasonS says:

    Actually Pat there is. The Africans were enslaving THEIR OWN people for 2000 years before the white man ever set foot on Africa and bought a slave. What’s more, the males were frequently castrated before they were shipped away to the Middle East. Before Americans became involved in buying slaves, the African slave trade ran the whole spectrum from indentured servitude through hard labor through child sacrifice. The white man was involved in slavery for the shortest period of anyone, and it took them a relatively short time to figure that it was wrong, at which point they undertook the biggest effort in world history to end the worldwide slave trade, with great success. The biggest opponents to the end of the slave trade were the Africans and Arabs, who even raided the free colonies which Britain and America set up in order to capture freed slaves and re-enslave them.

    Yet not once have I ever heard a black person admit that what African slavers did to their own people was every bit as bad, and far more prolonged, than what the white man did. Even if they admit it happened, they brush it off with some BS about it being nothing more than “indentured servitude” and that the African traders “treated them well.” Well, that’s nonsense – slaves sold to Arabs and Africans weren’t even allowed to raise families, like American slaves were. And they certainly weren’t subsequently given democratic rights, and offered the most incredible opportunities that any black people in history have ever been given, like African Americans.

    It’s time people like you stopped lying to yourselves about slavery only having happened “for the last 400 years” and admit that the biggest instigators of the slave trade were Africans, and it went on for thousands of years before America was even founded.

    1. SHIARRA says:

      it was islam that instigated the transatlantic slave trade

      1. Honest John says:

        You are very substantially correct. Of course there is no one simple answer to any issue, BUT indeed the Muslims were (and still are) very active players in the slave trade all over the world. Whoops… not supposed to notice that!

    2. shaka Zulu says:

      i CANT EVEN COMMENT ON THIS………YOU KNOW YOUR HISTORY..(HANDS CLAPPPING)…….(The white man was involved in slavery for the shortest period of anyone, and it took them a relatively short time to figure that it was wrong, at which point they undertook the biggest effort in world history to end the worldwide slave trade, with great success. )(BS)…..What did it take to end it….Because it wasnt all white ..It took the death of a great man…..And really with the way people talk on blogs like this…Sh$#@… Its still going on…….

  47. Mmmmm doughnuts I could grab a few myself!

  48. Very conservative says:

    Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  49. Mike says:

    Really, Dante? Do you really need another anonymous commenter here to explain to you that racism is ignorant and ridiculous? And that when too many people believe these ridiculous things (that other humans are “less than human”) it leads to things like genocide? Come on. This is New York, not the American South, not certain parts of the Middle East. We should be a little further ahead of the curve. You can do better.

    1. Very conservative says:

      Liberalism is a mental disorder. And Mike, if you had the $$, would you open a donut shop in Harlem or East New York? No need to reply as I know your answer already.

      1. badman says:

        you’re confusing “conservative” with “racist.” or maybe try “@sshole.” don’t insult true conservatives with your self-hating rage. What’s wrong with your life that you hate it so much? D1ck too little? Wife too fat? Make pitiful $$?

    2. Nathan Harris says:

      Some of your bestfriends weree black, huh ? thats just to blanket your racist comment.

    3. mc says:

      Iam sure GOD does not share your feelings

  50. Enough already!! says:


    1. Nathan Harris says:

      oh, and should they be takin; down a peg or two ? pathetic. conservative or closet racist ?

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