Diplomat’s Daughter Sues After Wrongful Arrest In Queens

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) — The daughter of an Indian diplomat was suing New York City for arresting her after someone else sent nasty e-mails to her high school teacher.

Krittika Biswas was subsequently cleared of any wrongdoing.

At a news conference Tuesday, the 18-year-old said she was removed from her Queens high school in handcuffs in February and held for more than 24 hours.

The lawsuit says another student was later found to have sent the obscene e-mails but was never arrested.

The district attorney said details of the case are sealed.

The city Law Department said it has not been formally served with the $1.5 million suit and declined to comment.

Biswas is the daughter of the vice consul at the Consulate General of India in Manhattan.

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One Comment

  1. chowmow says:

    @Cookie So you mean you want the other kid also to be treated like criminal.
    Ruin his life and career for a email .
    Wow you do need help

    1. Tryon says:

      Sh e needs justice, not help. If the suspicion warrants an arrest in one instance, why not in the other. You need some help with basic logic, pal.

    2. John says:

      I agree with you, we should be tolerant and forgiving.

    3. Momma says:


  2. Roy says:

    Sue Sue Sue, another ambulance chaser gets rich on the backs of the NYPD

  3. Sangram says:

    Ms. Biswas should definately ask for an apology from the concerned autorities. However the demand for the money doesnot seem to be propoer. Incase she does get the amount, she should donate the same to a worthy instituion working for underpriviledged kids in NYC area. Furthermore the NYC police should try to improve their policing methods and be more sensitive in the future in cases related to young adults.

  4. Steuben says:

    The commenters here looking for any excuse to blame the cops need to learn how the law works.

    If your wife comes home with a black eye, calls 911 and says you did it, whether you actually did it or not, when the cops get there, you are ARRESTED, on the spot, merely on the basis of her complaint. Thats how the criminal procedure law works. The responding cops are not going to swab your knuckles for your wife’s DNA or whatever CSI nonsense people think cops do. The case gets prepared by the arresting officer and sent to the District Attorneys office. They figure out what actually happened.

    The only issues I see here, and I’m sure they are only issues because news articles frequently omit details to make cops look bad, are her diplomatic immunity status and the reason the actual perpetrator was not apprehended.

    1. Steuben says:

      Thanks for the constructive comment. Stay classy.

    2. Steuben says:

      The truth hurts who? Me? What truth are you referring to? I’m sure your prayers could be aimed at more productive and positive things then wishing harm upon my unborn offspring. Besides, everyone in central booking is innocent, just ask them.

      I never said it wasn’t unfortunate that this young woman was arrested, but the person responsible and who should be being sued is the student who actually sent the emails, not the NYPD. Her arrest was not based on NYPD policy or the whim of the arresting officers; it is New York State criminal procedure law, which police officers are sworn to uphold. If you don’t like it, what are you doing to change it?

    3. Barney Fife says:


      The problem with your analogy of a wife accusing a husband of assault is that Biswas’s name was not on the emails. She was as randomly connected to this crime as you or me. A wife, a black eye, a husband – okay, they have a plausible connection. But what we have here is a nasty anonymous email and a random student from the crowd. It would be like a wife, a black eye – and the police arresting a random person at a Yankee game miles away.

      Oh, wait, I see, the nasty email contained a French word and the Indian girl knew some French words. Oh, okay, now I get it, the Indian girl is the one person in the world who know s a French word….. Huh?

      1. Steuben says:


        Thank you for your constructive argument. I usually don’t comment on these articles but I do become incensed when commenters want to blame the cops for everything bad that happens in this city. I made my previous analogy based on this very short and flimsy CBS article. The IB Times article has some more details, but is still hardly an objective piece of reporting. SOMETHING tied this girl to the emails initially, though neither article states it. Someone called the cops to this school and reported this incident. Imagine you are one of the responding cops. You respond to the school principals office and a teacher says, “I received these threatening emails. They have a French word in them and this one girl in my class knows some French so it must be her.” No cop in his or her right mind would make an arrest on that flimsy of an association. They would take a report for 2nd degree aggravated harassment and move on. I’m not sure if that’s how this incident played out, but the articles do not state. Bottom line, there’s more to this story. The kid who admitted to sending the emails should be arrested and prosecuted. If he said that he was this girl, then he should be charged with identity theft as well.

        Again, its truly unfortunate that she had to go through the system and spend time in central booking, but sue the kid who got her into this mess, not the city and the cops who were trying to do a job based on the information they were given at the time.

  5. Dale Auburn says:

    As a diplomat’s daughter, she’s fully coverd by her father’s diplomatic immunity and thus EXEMPT FROM ALL LAWS.

    1. Tracy Upton says:

      scary that is a law that needs to be changed/

    2. ROBBOB says:

      As she is not making the case, she is not likely covered, most likely due to her age. She might have also been born in the US which would make her not covered in the US.

    3. justice says:

      oh yeah? try f…king with me and my loved ones and see how exempt you are…

      1. TT45 says:

        Really @justice don’t u have no shame for Raymond Davis ?

  6. xniper says:

    1,5 million is less with dollar losing value in the international market, I would have sued em for atleast 4 million , demand resignation of the Principal and the police officer without validating the evidences.. Looks like NYPD were doing their routine job off arresting with no proof , they were sticking with a institutionalized attitude.

  7. Aviv Rosenthal says:

    The police was just doing their job and keeping the city safe from terrorism.

    1. xniper says:

      I like your post of sarcasm, The stupid NYPD got caught this time

    2. Harry says:

      She is Indian!! How is she a terrorist? Indians are not Muslims!! Her religion is Hinduism!! Google it. Aviv Rosenthal, you are a idiot, and weak in Geography!!

      1. Checkmoot says:

        You’re saying that if she was a Muslim it would be okay to arrest her ? What is your religion ?

    3. Akanksha says:

      Honestly, this is not only about the girl but it also about international relations with India, Firstly being a diplomat’s daughter she must have come on diplomatic visa which gets immunity

      Also one the reasons of her being arrested was use of French words and she was the only one with French as a second language

      Have they heard about ”GOOGLE”
      Additionaly the question of terrosim does not even come in

  8. Mr. Morality says:

    Why are these people always trying to play free lotto?

  9. angelriv says:

    they arrested her for something that she did not do but the real culprit was left free after putting her through hell… then ignoring the fact that she is related to a diplomat and has diplomatic immunity… 1.5 million will remind them not to be incompetent…

  10. The Truth says:

    She is lookingfor a nice lottery payout…..it will help her poor relatives in India.

    1. sahayarm says:

      Yes, but relatives who accepts and apologizes their own mistakes.

    2. TT45 says:

      Yes @The Truth

      thanks u for ur dollares sir. Another Indian getting rich at the expense of the tax payer who is taking it in the ass sir.

  11. jose maricone says:

    Review NYPD police o involve in case review if they deserve the high salary.

    1. xniper says:

      I concur, the NYPD probably are overpaid . A review of entire NYPD salaries is pretty much the right way

  12. Frank Rizzo says:

    I wonder if she had priors?

  13. Victor says:

    The NYPD Morons did it again. I would be interested to know what action does the 2 faced US government takes. 1 rule for Rest of the world and another for US. Shame Shame. A US Diplomat can kill 4 guys and get away whereas a daughter of Indian diplomat is treated like season criminal and NYPD cared a F**** about her diplomatic dependency. Way to go the great OBAMA.

    1. ROBBOB says:

      She made no claim of immunity when the cops arrived. Just a claim would have produced a call to the Indian Counsulte verify immunity status. This would happen BEFORE ARREST. Being that she was infact arrested indicates she made no claim of immunity, or that her claim was denied by the Indian Consulate. As he father is the head of the Consulate I doubt a claim would have been denied if she was covered by it. Conclusion, she was not covered likely due to her age.

  14. Jason says:

    People on this post are real mature. Is it really necessary to calll the posters on this site names they probably don’t even know the meaning of just because they don’t like what they write. Kids at my high school are arrested all the time and taken out of the school in handcuffs. Who knows what they did. Frankly, where are they suppose to be arrested? The kids are picked up whereever they can be found.

    1. rankee says:

      Oh! They arrest you when someone does a crime????

    2. Jason says:

      You are opposed to having high school kids handcuffed and hauled out of school. However, you are not opposed to calling a high school kid schumuckj. Just shows you have the mentality level of a pre schooler. Seriously is that all you got? You are obviously not mentally stable. Of course you will come back with schmucky, schmuckola whatever. Please take your medication. You are the only idiot on this site calling other posters names.

  15. Peter says:

    Deport her for doing nothing wrong!!!

    1. jacku says:

      freedom means honest , Mr.Peter.

    2. Sath says:

      Yeah and you to the trash heap of Europe where you and the rest of your clan came from…

  16. Sam says:

    The whole story is not being said here. I don’t really think teachers being threatened is trivial. Its serious and should have consequences. The threats must have been serious enough to warrant the teacher to go to the police. Now I am not sure how they came to arrest this girl. Something must have led them to her. As far as the person who really did the threat. How does anyone know what happened if the record is sealed

  17. Praveen says:

    Someone explain to me why the cops couldn’t wait a freaking day or two until they confirmed who sent the emails for sure? You arrest a high schooler for such a trivial crime without enough proof????? And then to make things worse, you are not consistent in the punishment? Principal needs to be fired.

  18. john d'costa says:

    There might be an undercurrent of racist bias in arresting her…do note they have not arrested the identified sender of the email.

    Of course other goofs up include breach of diplomatic immunity and over reaction on the part of nypd and the shameful action of the school authorities.

  19. John Jacobi says:

    I have a feeling that the school had prior bad experiences with her. They wanted to scare her straight. No teacher would put their children in jail for one bad act. Also what were the parents doing for 24 hours. The school must have notified them of the arrest immediately and surely they had the clout to get her out in minutes.

  20. J says:

    Some more details about this news – really makes you wonder how law officers treat other people:
    “Biswas said that a cop told her that if she didn’t confess, she would have to spend time in prison with prostitutes and persons with HIV. “I was sitting there (school) with handcuffs on,” she said.

    The handcuffs, Batra added, were so tight that “they were like a torture device.” “

  21. Rob says:

    why is the police arresting someone over an e-mail, that’s a problem arrest first and think later. If an e-mail is not a direct threat to harm its just words. You are allowed not to like someone. Its called freedom of speech. You can call someone a jerk an idiot and whatever as long as you do not say you are going to harm them

    1. Steuben says:


      From the NYS Penal Law:

      Sec. 240.30: A person is guilty of aggravated harassment the second degree when, with intent to harass, annoy, threaten or alarm another person, he or she:

      Paragraph 1 subsection b.: causes a communication to be initiated by mechanical or electronic means or otherwise with a person, anonymously or otherwise, by telephone, by telegraph or by mail, or by transmitting or delivering any other form of written communication, in a manner likely to cause annoyance or alarm.

      Aggravated harassment in the second degree is a class A misdemeanor.

      Its the cops fault though.

  22. Cookie says:

    I am tired of people trying to make a payday off of an unfortunate incident. They found cause to arrest her initially. However, she was cleared in 24 hours. I don’t think that is worth 1.5 million dollars.

    1. ZZZ says:

      Tell us that when it’s your turn.

      1. gdp says:

        Yeah cookie stay in jail for 24 hours for something you have not done…and then see the real culprit being let off…

        and dont do anytihing, act as if nothing happended…

    2. chris says:

      Look for the definiton of “diplomacy immune”

    3. To the Fool that responded to Cookie says:

      No I am not a schmuck fool. Yes they should have come to her school to cuff her if they had cause, which they may have had at the time of her arrest.

    4. Cookie says:

      @gdp, where in my post did I say that I would do nothing and act as if nothing happened. I wrote and mean that its not worth 1.5 million dollars. First off I would make sure the real culprit was charged appropriately and parade their name through the press.

      1. John says:

        Maybe you are too harsh,don’t you think?

  23. chico wilson says:

    point a finger.

  24. chico wilson says:

    Always so ready to poing the finger first without investigating. The need to blame someone.

  25. Ronny says:

    Another instance where the police didn’t do a thorough investigation before jumping to arrest an inocent person. Also strange that this young lady is publicly arrested and in only 24 hours she is cleared, the person who sent the E-Mails is found and not arrested and the records are sealed.

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