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Rudy Giuliani May Be Considering 2012 Presidential Bid

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) — His 2008 presidential campaign went from frontrunner to a collapse and then withdrawal on the day of the Florida primary, but former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani‘s presidential aspirations may not be over after all.

Giuliani spoke about his chances of getting into the 2012 presidential race after giving the commencement speech at Cornell University in Ithaca on Saturday.

1010 WINS’ Glenn Schuck reports: Rudy Giuliani May Be Considering 2012 Presidential Bid

“I would have to make a decision about whether I think there is a republican who would be a really good opponent for President Obama that could win,” Giuliani told reporters. “If I thought there was, I’d support that person. If somehow I came to the conclusion it was me, then I’d probably do it.”

New York City’s former mayor then joked about leading in recent polls in the GOP field. “When you’re not a candidate, you’re always leading,” he said.

A CNN poll released Friday put Giuliani as a frontrunner for GOP candidates. Adding to the presidential speculation, Giuliani will be heading to New Hampshire on Thursday to be the keynote speaker at a state republican party fundraiser.

Do you think Giuliani should run in 2012? Sound off below in our comments section.


One Comment

  1. kikiboy44 says:

    lets go rudi we all need you to get us out of this mess if u could bring nyc back then u could get the us back on track rudi 2010

  2. liz says:


  3. Linda says:

    Yes, please! This is the first time I have felt excited by a possible Rep. candidate!

  4. Lorraine M. says:

    As 6-7 Republican -Tea party clowns run for Presidential nomination.

  5. M. B. Cleary says:

    Republicans will never be in the Whitehouse ,Obama’s fans did
    not go away we know when he has failed it was the fault of Republican’s
    not offering any help The part of Elephants are the party of whining and “No”.
    Can’t wait to vote again and celebrate Obama’s second term.

    The RePugs will batter each other as 6-7 clowns as in the last presidential race.

  6. J. Molitor says:

    I HOPE Rudi runs for POTUS and WINS! I’d vote for him immediately and even offer to raise campaign funds to defeat the present “Wicked Witch of the West”.
    Obama has demonstrated he’s not qualified to alleviate America;s most pressing problems – unemployment, healthcare, US debt, taxpayers’ bailouts of private Corporations, etc – and just uses the same “tired cronies” that get rich pontificating about the problems THEY helped cause.
    Voters with eyes must throw this guy and his cronies from GS… OUT!
    US needs a LEADER with the “testicular strength” and experience to resolve some of these problems… yesterday. ONLY Rudi “clanks when he walks”

  7. Primetime Editorials says:

    he should think about a therapy session with his shrink
    we dont want no rudy fruity toody in office
    visit my blog

  8. Shellfish789 says:

    This man is a total looser…his kids don;”t even like him….he is unfair to people that n ot in his circle…a cheater, poor Dad…he cheated on his wife and was criticizing Clinton…..he’s a nut case! once a cheater always a cheater…..he could even cheat the people out of their money

  9. Nelle says:

    That is not nice to talk about someone’s child, Why would you attack the child be he or she has down syndrome. You need to repent that is not nice

  10. dan kind says:

    the truth hurts, hey V.Joe?

  11. Vienna Joe says:

    Sufferin’ succotash … Will Rudy be able to get his right hand man Bernie ‘The Felon’ Kerik out of the slammer in time to be his running mate?

  12. Dale Auburn says:

    Rudy is taking a page from Donald’s playbook and floating the “possibility” of running just to drum up free (i.e. taxpayer-subsidized) publicity for his consulting firm.

  13. dan kind says:

    January 2012: The END Of AN ERROR

    1. dan kind says:

      sorry, make that November 2012

  14. dan kind says:

    absolutely, Rudy is smart, charismatic, a great debater, had the second toughest job as mayor of NYC, and ran a company; vs Obama -the community organizer- GO Rudy!!! save the country

  15. B. Agostino says:

    Rudy does not care about opinions,you got that right neither did Stalin.

  16. Deemee says:

    This is the only honorable person as a potential president. What I love about him is he doesn’t care about opinions from parties. A true leader

  17. DIVERSITY = DEATH says:

    FOR — ILLLEGAL INVADERS— (CRIMMINALS) (western voices world news)

  18. Sandi Citarelli says:

    After what we have been through the last two years, hmmm I saw a bumper sticker the other day…it said ANYBODY but OBAMA in 2012…maybe Rudy sawthat bumper sticker too…..

  19. D. Dukes says:

    Yes! Yes! Please, run Rudy! America needs you!! I would vote for Rudy Giuliani in a minute!!!

  20. M. B. Cleary says:

    Oh yes ,I forgot to add this abou”t Americas Mayor”,
    His law firm is representing the co-op tenants on West 25th street in NYC
    against the homeless shelter and clinic that will open up there.
    Nice charitable man .

  21. M. B. Cleary says:

    He is joking .
    1. He formerly married his own cousin.
    2. He is an adulterer leaving his kids Mom for Judy Rudy Tooty.
    3. He took communion at St.Pat’s when the Pope was here as a
    photo-op even though Cardinal Egan told him not to as he in the eyes
    of the Vatican is living in sin.
    4. His kids hate him.
    5.He made zillions of dollars after 9-11 for his law firm and lecture fees
    a huge profit from being “Americas Mayor” You need any more reasons
    about his character? Besides he makes up facts to suit his reasoning in
    almost all debates.

    1. dan kind says:

      VS the Annointed ONE:
      1. community organizer, who rarely voted other than Present during his short time in Senate
      2. THE most liberal senator
      3. Began in politics in the home of Bill Ayers, the unrepentant terrorist in the 60’s
      4. church member of Rev Jermiah Wright :Gog Damn America
      5. A wife who proclaimed after he won:First time I loved this country
      6. Has put the country into bankruptcy with the debt
      7. Unemployment over 9% for two years now
      8. ObamaCare that 2 out of 3 Courts have ruled unconstitutional
      9. Last week throws Israel under the bus
      10. The most polarizing pres in memory, and certainly not transparent
      11. ONLY 9% of his high-level staff has ever held a real, private corp job vs 25% at least on average during past 40 yrs
      12. Back to the obscene ObamaCare that was rammed down the country’s throats: corporations that supported this socialist have now received waivers, also including many unions like the incompetent teacher’s union, and more recently dozens of firms in Pelosi’s San Francisco district -what corruption
      13. Gasoline prices going up, housing down -oh of course this is Bush’s fault

      1. Vienna Joe says:

        Hmmm … Me thinks that ‘dan kind’ is really Sean “Money Bags’ Hannity. Same tired talking points.

    2. Nelle says:

      And the Bible says when you take communion unworthily that that’s why many are sickly among you and many sleep (graveyard dead). If you are living in sin, in adultery or fornication, why would you take communion. Read the Bible. Communion is a sacred ordinance.

  22. jean says:


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