Police: 85-Year-Old Woman Sexually Assaulted On Upper East Side

Cops On Hunt For Light-Skinned Hispanic Man In His Late 20s

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) — Horror rocked the Upper East Side over the Memorial Day weekend. An elderly woman was sexually assaulted and robbed.

The incident happened before dawn on 83rd Street between Madison and Fifth Avenues, just several blocks from the Guggenheim Museum. An 85-year-old woman was on her morning walk when she became a target.

“It happened so quickly and so briefly. Just a couple of seconds and that was it,” doorman Rolando Colombani told CBS 2’s Sean Hennessey.

WCBS 880’s Alex Silverman reports

When asked if the suspect was following the victim, Colombani said, “I believe so because she came from around the corner.”

Colombani said he heard what happened from the doorman who came to the woman’s aid after the attack.

“We don’t know if he had a weapon, really don’t know. Took her right there, did what he did real quick, cause it was like a few minutes,” he said.

The sex assault happened in the stoop of the building’s doorway, with the suspect also robbing his victim of a gold ring that she had for 50 years.

photo Police: 85 Year Old Woman Sexually Assaulted On Upper East Side

(credit: Alex Silverman/WCBS 880)

“It’s not something you want to wish on anyone, let alone actually see,” building employee Bill Albers told Hennessey.

“It’s devastating, it’s scary. It’s horrifying,” Upper East Side resident Erin Rossofa added.

Police spent much of Monday looking at surveillance video from a neighboring restaurant and apartment building. The suspect’s image was captured on video and the NYPD said it is looking for a 25-30-year-old light-skinned male Hispanic, around 5-foot-10 and wearing a white tank top. He’s also said to have tattoos on his arms.

The assault has unsettled what normally is a safe neighborhood.

“I would not let my wife go out by herself for a while,” resident Sam Semaya said.

“I think they ought to take those people when they catch them and you know what,” another resident said.

Monika Ziegler, a 65-year-old retired newspaper editor who lives near where the woman was attacked, said she was stunned by word of what happened.

“This, today, was a shocker,” she said. “In the light of the day, in this area, you would not even expect a mugging.”

She said police had been cruising the neighborhood broadcasting messages on their loudspeakers, asking for anyone with information to come forward.

“We’re all puzzled and a little bit shocked and traumatized,” she said.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477).


One Comment

  1. John J says:

    And they said Gun Control helps prevent crime now this guys evading the cop for a second day. God only knows whos his next target is it could b you or your

    makes one wish they had some sort of self protection.

    this lady should’ve had a gun permit that way this
    a hole wouldn’t have prevailed and shed save some lives and taxpayer dollars.

  2. The Facts says:

    This is why we need to bring back the death penalty. Any politicians out there with the guts? Doubt it.

  3. IMightBeAnImmigrantToo says:

    The only think they know about this attacker for sure is that he is a MALE. Whether he was Hispanic, Hillbilly, Liberal, Illegal, Immigrant, Ignorant, or ExCon is a matter of conjecture. What, exactly, does “Spanish” look like? The guy in the photo doesn’t look like a Spanish (sic) guy to me. Anybody hear him talk? Anybody know his name? Anyone know where he was born, and where he grew up? If you narrow your search to “spanish” men you may very well miss him. His name could be John Smith or Harry Schlempelstein or Ivan Ruskinsky for all we know. (<–fictionalized names!)

    1. The Facts says:

      Look at the photo.

  4. steve says:

    I agree with you – this guy should be “gutted” like the animal that he is, or maybe dumped into an incinerator.

  5. Big Nard says:

    I hope they catch this pervert. An 85 year old women??? There are lifers in the Pen. more attractive than her. Plus what the hell was she doing out at 5:30 in the morning?

  6. Carla Jen McCarthy says:

    I hope he goes to hell! Why is he alive?!, he shouldn’t even be alive. That piece of garbage!

  7. nathan says:

    This is my hood. Ill keep an eye out for him. Btw, does anybody moderate this site?

    1. nathan says:

      If you are gonna snark learn to spell first loser. Btw, they are interviewing doormen all over the nabe.

  8. Logan says:

    Illegal or not. One thing is for certain. 100% ghetto trash.

  9. me says:

    nice place to visit but not to live in

  10. Bruce Goldensteinberg says:

    Thank you mayor bloomberg for making NYC a sanctuary city! because of you, illegal alien criminals can wreak mayhem on residents. thank you also to the aclu who defends illegals and lets them take advantage of our society. they don’t all come here to work!

  11. Space Gulags says:

    Yadira Torres was arrested at Norwalk Hospital on Saturday and faces charges including second degree manslaughter and driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, after allegedly causing a fiery crash on Interstate 95 in Darien that killed a truck driver and a female passenger.

  12. John J says:

    I say regardless of this man’s ethnicity, this man commited a crime and is getting away with it each day he evades law enforcement.

    I hope this lady gets a gun permit so the next perv she encounters gets one in the private.
    im a guy and i encourage every women young and old to get a CCW permit.

    1. Deb Conner says:

      But I thought it was illegal for law abiding citizens to protect themselves with a gun in NYC. In Indiana, the thug would have run a real possibility of being shot and killed…even by an old lady.

      1. Logan says:

        You have to be ghetto trash or an ex-con to own a gun in New York.

      2. The Facts says:

        Licenses and permits for home protection are easy to get. Licenses to carry concealed outside the home or business are very hard to get by the average person. They keep electing gun control liberals anyway. Go figure.

      3. John J says:

        yeah it sucks. a lady can’t defend herself from some sick psycho in heat.

        thats count about 3 well known(not counting the unknown) sex offences in 1 month. each woman had no means of self defence.

  13. Juan Haole says:


  14. Fred says:


  15. PLEASEexplain says:

    Again… what exactly does this have to do anything with illegal immigrants?

  16. mbaHISPANICgirl says:

    What an ignorant comment. Figures….BRONXgirl.

    1. DIVERSITY = DEATH says:

      a mestizo is no more hispanic, latin or spanish than
      Caesar was a f#cking mexcrement !
      wvwnews.net (WESTERN VOICES WORLD NEWS)

  17. Aqif says:

    Why do all hillbillies blame everything on illegal aliens.
    Hey fantastic we found somebody that we can blame for all our peversion and inaptidute at anything it’s called “ILLEGAL ALIENS”.
    If you loose your place in the american society to somebody that can’t even speak english than maybe you are inpet to live in this country.

  18. bronxman says:

    I hope that what happened unfortunately does not encourage discrimination but in fact most Hispanic immigrants come to this beautiful country to work but unfortunately missing grabbing junk bad things and pay all .. I hope in God and recover soon and catch that guy


  19. Ignorance is not an excuse says:

    This isnt a racial crime, there are rapists of all nationalities, dont be so ignorant and dumb, and you wonder why we could never get it right.

  20. bronxman says:

    I hope and catch that guy and the lady recovers

  21. Gregory says:

    One really has to question the sanity of allowing the mentally ill, the illegal aliens, the criminals unhindered access within NYC. Perverted sexual crimes are usually done by the dangerously imentally ill. The attitude that we don’t have enough money to keep them locked-up only begs the question: should the citizens provide their own protection. And why not; it’s done routinely in certain sections of Brooklyn and the Bronx.

    1. PleaseExplain says:

      what exactly does this story have to do with Illegal aliens?

  22. kendra says:

    thats really really horrible why would they even think about doin that to an old llady that is so disgusting and horrible but don,t worry cause when they go to prison they are going to get it real good why they are in the shower goes no1 likes prevs and rapist in proison no respect for the people in know way shape or form.

  23. RICHIE says:


  24. lizzy says:

    Could someone please point out where in the artical it says the man was illegal? I missed that part

  25. sam says:

    and you know this perp is an illegal immigrant how?

    1. Wow says:

      Please provide the statitics for your finding. I’d love to read up on them.

    2. steve says:

      Holy bananas –
      you are an imbecile.

      Does no one monitor the half-wits that seem to write whatever confrontational racist garbage that comes to their mind?

      And by the way, the proper conjugation is “dwindled” not “dwindles”

  26. Big M says:

    Well it sounds like you’re a Racist..how do you know that the person was illegal? Just because he was suspected to be Hispanic..doesn’t mean he was illegal. Wow…what a shallow person…sue Bloomberg..what a dumb ass! I live in California….I don’t care for Bloomberg or Villarogosa…but I think even less of you! I hope this poor woman gets better and recovers and they catch this piece of garbage…

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