Genaro Morales, Owner Of Tribeca Restaurant Sazon, Files Discrimination Lawsuit Against City

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A fight between the owner of a trendy Tribeca eatery and neighbors is heating up.

Genaro Morales, owner of Sazon on Reade Street, says he is the victim of racism.

Morales has filed a lawsuit in federal court charging that the city, the State Liquor Authority and Community Board 1 are discriminating against his restaurant because it serves Puerto Rican food and attracts Latino customers from outside the neighborhood.

Morales claims he has been treated unfairly ever since he opened the restaurant.

1010 WINS’ Stan Brooks reports: Sazon Restaurant Owner Files Discrimination Lawsuit 

“I did everything I possibly could, I’ve hired security to make sure that patrons keep the noise level down, I have signs that state please be courteous to our neighbors, do not double park your cars,” Morales said. “Still to no avail the community is not content.”

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Morales was recently denied requests to open a bar in his downstairs lounge and to stay open until 4 a.m. on weekends.

“To have nothing but heartache for the two years that we’ve been open it’s just amazing that discrimination still exists,” Morales said.

A Community Board member said the restaurant has been a “bad neighbor,” is “irresponsible to the community” and has violated agreed upon conditions.

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One Comment

  1. BelleValen says:

    Shame on all who use “type”, “kind” to describe people. PuertoRicans are Americans by birth.Get with the program… America is multicultural. Unlesss you are a Native American, your family came from another country. NYC benefits financially from establishments like Sazon. I had the pleasure to eat there and loved the food and service. Instead of pulling towards different directions, let’s work together to find a positive solution. Let’s embrace diversity. Amen!

    1. Carlos says:

      Native Americans came from Asia,Libya and France.C

  2. El Sid says:

    I live next door. Sazon allows it”s patrons to mill about outside in crowds of 20 to 60 people. You have to cross the street to walk on your own block. Patrons refuse to move for people walking. They sit on the stoop of neighbor buildings drinking and singing Happy Birthday. Sazon is not a good neighbor he is just some guy trying to rake in the cash and doesn’t care how he does it. It’s either a club or fancy ass eatery. It’s a club in family neighborhood

  3. Dale Auburn says:

    A Community Board member said the restaurant has been a “bad neighbor,” is “irresponsible to the community” and has violated agreed upon conditions.

    Which SPECIFIC Community Board member said this? How exactly was Morales “irresponsible to the community”? What SPECIFIC “agreed-upon conditions” were violated? There seems to be a lot of info missing here.

  4. VF says:

    I am 55 years old and went there with my wife, we do not use drugs and we did not see any. We parked over 10 blocks away and walked to the restaurant.
    It was quiet on the way there and quiet on the way back. I did not see Prostitution (I don’t see that anywhere in NY anymore). I did not see guns, It’s a restaurant, people go eat and leave, there is heavy security there and everyone was behaving nicely. You know it’s hard for hispanics everywhere. They are dong the same thing as in Arizona. People don’t realize that Puerto Ricans are Americans. We are not FOREIGNERS! Let the people live.

    1. WHITE IS ALRIGHT says:


      1. Brucie says:

        The fact that you use the term “your kind” indicates you are a racist.

  5. Paula says:

    Hmmm Lets seeee Im sure that if it was, lets say, an “up-scale” restaurant catering to yuppy Manhattan snobs who only use powder cocaine instead of crack like the Puerto Ricans from outside of the “neighborhood” no one would complain right??? ITS BS!! Learn to embrace other cultures you Plymouth Rock licking WASPS….Just sayin

    1. RealNYer says:


  6. RealNYer says:

    Fcuk TriBeCa. This whole city caters to yuppies, hipsters and elitists. This is happening all over Brooklyn. I wish these people would just go away so we could have our neighborhoods back.

    NYC is a joke right now. Our freedom’s, cultures and interests are disappearing at the requests of these people.

  7. Jason says:

    I don’t see where racism is involved here. The residents of the block have the right to complain to the board about the patrons who are disturbing the peace. If the restaurant is attracting a rowdy crowd then the board should not approve extended weekend hours. if the owner is hiring security, posting signs it is obviously not enough if the patrons are not courteous to the people who actually live on the block.

  8. Sam says:

    Golly, who would have guessed that lowlifes would be attracted to a place like this!

  9. Junior says:

    To the owner….Close it down, let it become a crack and rat infested slummy prostitute hole, and then see them complain, and laugh at them. They will be begging for you to come back.

  10. MR KNOW IT ALL says:


  11. Vik says:

    RACISM! Hope Mr. Morales prevails in his suit. Community Board 1 is a joke. And not a funny joke.

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