High-Profile Egyptian Banker Arrested, Charged With Attacking Manhattan Hotel Maid

Mahmoud Abdel-Salam Omar Is Former Prez Of Bank Of Egypt

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A little more than two weeks after the arrest of the head of the International Monetary Fund, there has been another stunning accusation levied against a high-profile member of the world financial industry right here in New York City.

CBS 2 has learned Mahmoud Abdel-Salam Omar, the former chairman of Egypt’s Bank of Alexandria and CEO of salt company El-Mex Salines Co., was arrested Monday morning and charged with sexually assaulting a female worker at The Pierre Hotel at 2 East 61st St., in Manhattan.

Police said Omar, 74, attacked the 44-year-old worker at approximately 6 p.m. on Sunday. The woman went to room 1027 at the Pierre to drop off tissues that were requested by the guest. Once inside the room the victim was sexually abused, police said.

Police spokesman Paul Browne said detectives found the complainant to be credible.

The Pierre Hotel released the following statement on Monday night: “The Pierre’s priority is the safety of our guests and staff. We take all complaints very seriously and investigate thoroughly. This incident has been formally reported to the New York Police Department and is under investigation. We will fully comply with the investigation as requested.”

Omar was charged with sexual abuse, unlawful imprisonment, forcible touching and harassment. He was being held at the 19th Precinct.

On May 14, Dominique Strauss-Kahn was accused of attacking a maid at the Sofitel New York hotel. Strauss-Kahn was eventually granted $1 million bail and is currently being held under house arrest with electronic monitoring inside a lavish townhouse in Tribeca.

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  1. Morris Wise says:

    Getting money from rich old men was easy for the two maids who have become millionaires by filing rape charges. The biggest transfer of wealth in history will soon be taking place as millions of the poor will be charging wealthy men with rape.

    1. NotNarrowMinded says:

      Brilliant Morris , brilliant! Finally an intelligent man who sees the truth on this board. Good one! Imagine, the blatant exploitation of elderly geezers on prozac, and money hungry house wenches!

  2. Gregory says:

    What is it with these fuzzy foreigners? They come from countries with virtually unlimited prostitution, lesser legal rights for women, a readily available bevy of women just waiting to make a rich economic connection and yet these married, sad, warped old men have to assault low level female workers in a country that will prosecute such behavior. Why such self-destructive behavior?

  3. gerald woodard says:

    That old geezer should be charged with assault with a dead weapon! lol

  4. bobbynorwich says:

    And now here comes the parade of other women who have also been previously assaulted by Mahmoud Abdel-Salam Omar, better late than never.

  5. edlo says:

    a 74 years old accused of rape? please bear with me…?

  6. Stopsuingtherichgetyourownlife says:

    Leave the old geezer alone for cryin out loud. Shame on you American woman for reporting this old man. Like you were never hit on at a club or something. Were you an American woman or another foreigner dwelling on the luck of other housekeepers? Copycat!

  7. Stopsuingtherichgetyourownlife says:

    Another copycat stupid idiot looking for civil damages. Whats the matter? Jealous hotel maids that cant face the fact that the hotel clients are rich and they are not? Get a life housemaids!

  8. neomi says:

    It is time to make justice for the people that become victims of this kind of dirty,rich guys that feel untouchable..Wei need to show the world that in this country woman have rights .i

  9. Himmy Mariocone says:

    These dirty old men should hire a enterprising working female instead of the cleaning folks…

  10. cbs4game says:

    Our communist Mayor better get this city uinder control fast and expel these foreign degenerates. What say u Mayor Fidelberg?

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