Rep. Weiner Losing Patience With Twitter Lewd Photo Saga

6-Term N.Y. Democratic Congressman Dodges Questions, Hires Attorney

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Congressman Anthony Weiner has hired an attorney in response to what some are calling “Weiner-gate” — the mystery of how a lewd photo that was sent from his Twitter account to a college student.

It is the story that has the political world, you should pardon the term, all a-twitter, reports CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer.

Congressman Weiner clearly did not want to discuss the issue anymore on Tuesday.

“You know, I’m not going to talk about this anymore. I know that if I was giving a speech to 45,000 people and someone stood up and heckled in the back I wouldn’t spend three days talking to him,” Weiner said.

The “picture” Congressman Weiner was being asked about – again — was of a man’s bulging underpants sent Friday from the six-term Democrat’s Twitter account to 21-year-old Seattle college coed Genette Nicole Cordova. Weiner claims his account was hacked and the incident was a prank done to humiliate him.

“This is a distraction and I’m not going to let it distract me,” Weiner said.

The congressman’s office said he has hired a lawyer to help him decide whether he should pursue criminal or civil actions against the “hacker.”

But there are questions he refuses to answer — like why he was following the 20-year-old coed on Twitter in the first place.

When asked just that, Weiner brushed it off.

“I appreciate the questions, but, um, I understand you’re doing your job, but this is now a couple of days later. I’ve got to get back to work,” the congressman said.

Some of Weiner’s constituents think it’s a dirty trick hatched by people who want to hurt his chances to become the city’s next mayor.

“I, personally, do think it’s a prank. I mean this guy’s in the limelight all the time. No one could be that stupid and put stuff on the Internet where everybody could see it,” Midwood resident Jeff Saunders said.

But then there is another viewpoint.

“I think there’s probably something to it. I think he’s trying to cover up something, because he hired an attorney. I mean if there’s nothing to hide why hire an attorney?” said Joseph Abrams of Midwood.

The coed in question categorically has categorically denied having an affair with Weiner and said her life has been “seriously impacted by speculation and faulty allegations.”

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  • Eliseo Sturk

    That was type of inspiring! Completely unanticipated. Now I do know what I am heading to complete tomorrow :)

  • Theodore Baar

    You stick to your guns Congressman.

    • Shaun

      FIRE! that perverted Jew.

      • perverted christian

        There is nothing perverted about being an exhibitionist. If you’re single and the person that you’re sending the pics to are wanting to see them.

  • Fugy Kupliq

    Anyone that Breitbart and his cronies have ever accused of anything has turned out to be innocent.

    The federal worker that he got canned last year? She got her job back and is suing Breitbart, and will probably win.

    Take a good hard look at who you are hitching your wagon to here.

    • Joe

      Suing for what? Breitbart said the NAACP speaker admits to racism against white farmer then feels bad about it. She admitted to a crime, treating a white person different while working as a federal employee. How can she sue for him telling the truth? She did admit it after all. I watched the whole 1/2 hour+ clip.

  • Fugy Kupliq

    What an ironically whiny post. Wiener isn’t going anywhere except in your ear some more.

  • KW

    I predict we’ll see a news story along these lines in the not too distant future….


    EX-Congressman Anthony Weiner started his new job today as spokesmodel
    for Fruit of the Loom. Since resigning from Congress, Weiner said
    today that “I’ve been a little worried about finding work, but my leaked
    Twitter photo proved to be a blessing in disguise. I guess good things
    do come in small packages!” Weiner has also been offered advertising
    contracts by Bar-S Meats to promote their line of “Little Smokies”, and
    the American mini-Dachshund Fanciers Association for their upcoming
    “Leash a Little Weiner” campaign to increase the ownership of these
    miniature dogs.

    • Fugy Kupliq

      His next job is Mayor of NYC. You may not like it but you should book on it.

  • Todd Dunning

    Breitbart has the second Weiner photo taken earlier in the year:

  • Carol Herbert


  • Yo Mama

    Weiner was PUNKED big time on CNN last night – love it! Time for Weiner the Whiner to go. He’s lost all the respect of his people here in NYC. What a sniveling little weenie. And he totally sent that photo of himself on Twitter, it’s so obvious he lied about being “hacked”. The people of NY should dump him, and so should his wife for that matter. It’s so clear that he’s been fooling around with all these young girls on Twitter & Facebook for years, and he thought he could get away with it – just like taking a page from the Bill Clinton playbook.

    • Fugy Kupliq

      Still hating on Clinton after all these years. Pathetic.

  • Steve

    Poor guy – I actually believe Rep Wiener. Sounds like someone trying to pull a fast one on him.

    Admittedly, for a guy who is so dorky-looking, his wife is totally HOT!

  • JD NYC

    Weiner as mayor? Please, he won’t even get the Democratic party nod. Remember that Christine Quinn is owed payback from Bloomberg for letting him have a third term. So, Quinn will have all the money in the world to beat Weiner. Only Weiner thinks he’s going to be mayor and the lame stream media but who counts them.

  • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Pack yu bags Weiner you are going back to Brooklyn alone

  • Buster

    Porn star Ginger Lee has stated publicly she has had an ongoing conversation with Weiner for months. I guess everybody’s lying when it come to a demorat.
    Also, when an account is hacked the password is changed. Weiner had no trouble jumping back into his account to make a retraction. Don’t play us for fools Weiner. Dana Bash made hash out of you yesterday. Punk.

  • Morris Wise

    Centuries of female pent up emotions are now exploding, and it is payback time. Rape-hate persecutions are tearing into the bankbooks and testicles of innocent men; order has to be restored. A temporary refusal by the police to accept complaints of sexual assault will cool off the anger of feminist nazi`s that have gone mad. Men must be protected against the new witch hunt.

    • J

      Excuse me? Try having a vagina pal, then we can talk about witch hunts. Women have been repressed and abused for thousands of years not to mention getting biblical blame for original sin. It’s very easy for men to brush this off and call women witches, as they will NEVER have to deal with what we deal with. Stop your whining, the sins of the fathers are ALWAYS visited upon the sons. We’ve been dealing with misogyny for millennia, I think men should try being in our position for the same amount of time and see how much they like it. What? you wouldn’t? Oh right, which explains the rapes, abuses and injustices forced upon women on a daily basis.

  • Rolly Higginbotham

    “Mayor Weiner”?! Nope, that would never work, never happen. Way to chucklesome a name.

    • Fugy Kupliq

      At least it isn’t Rolly Higginbotham. Now there’s a ridiculous name!

  • Obama Bin Bozo

    Maybe this episode will shut his fat sanctimonious mouth once and for all. I am so sick of listening to his whiny self important posturing. Hey, Is it me, or does this guy really look like a rodent?

    • Fugy Kupliq

      Dream on. The only losers here are the people who are falling for Breitbart’s nonsense.

      • jeff

        man dont you look stupid

  • Lucky Lou

    Funny how the photo above has the same pursed lips and humiliated, bewildered, shamed expression as Elliot Spitzer did on his day of resignation. History repeats?

  • billy h

    Garden variety pervert, lets call a spade a spade and get Weiner out now.

  • Missy A

    Your time is up Weiner! You are a disgrace.

    • Fugy Kupliq

      Not a chance. This guy is the next mayor of NYC, guaranteed.

    • Anthony Weiner

      Then why did you sext me a pic of your cooch?

  • scott

    somewhere, hillary must be saying “it’s a vast right wing conspiracy.” When you get caught, blame the hackers and the republicans.

  • Louis Champagne

    Every single person saying it is Weiner himself doing this used the word “maybe” and “I bet you will see” …not a single one can show any proof it is him. And then when he gets a lawyer to defend himself against crazy right wing accusations they say “that is proof positive he must be guilty”
    REALLY PEOPLE, is this what you have stooped to, lies and inuendo in place of facts….just like Andrew Brietbart.

    • jeff

      so would you like to retract this statment?

  • Cracking Up

    He better get lawyered up. That he has not sought an FBI investigation does not bode well for his lack of involvement in this affair. Power hungry egotists like Anthony’s Wiener think that they are above accountability. An accomplished liar like Wiener defaults to lying. He can’t even conceive of taking another route. Unfortunately, NY will continue to be represented by this reprehensible individual for the time being. Having Chuck Schumer serve as a character reference says it all.



  • Mrs. E.M.

    Sounds like The People want you out Weiner. Maybe you should go now, before all the sordid details emerge about your secret sexual pervisions persued on social media.

  • Benneee

    GUILTY AS SIN. This is blowing up in your face Weenie. Sounds like another disgrace is ready to roll down the turnpike – this could be a sheep in Sptizer’s clothes??????

  • Molly T.

    Something VERY shady going on here………..I will bet that Weiner the Weasel set this whole thing up himself and it’s now backfiring. There is also possible marital infidelity involved here – he would not lawyer up if he didn’t feel the heat coming from this. To blame the political conservatives is a very desperate tactic. Yep, something stinks to high hell here. I think it’s time for Weiner the Weasel to go!!!!!!!!!!

    • Fugy Kupliq

      Well, you certainly have an active imagination.

  • J

    Maybe it was him and he’s looking to protect himself. Politicians are all $umbags!

  • stephi

    I guess he has other things on his mind and might not have time to plead for the rabbi who was convicted of stealing millions from the tax payers. Oh well

  • BreitbartForPresident

    So Breitbart accidently posted it to Weiner’s site. I’m sure that he didn’t intend to do so.

  • MYOP

    How quickly it’s been forgotten how Andrew Breitbart’s video posting of a statement that was false and atributed to Shirley Sherrod, caused her to lose her job with the Agriculture department.
    Even Fox News host Bill O’Reilly offered a rare mea culpa apologizing for airing the controversial tape of a speech given by Ms. Sherrod.

    Lesson that should have been learned: Take what Andrew Breitbart posts on his web site with a grain of salt.

    • carolherbert

      Not to go off on a tangent but:
      I was never convinced that Shirley Sherrod redeemed herself in that speech, so whether or not O’Reilly & Breitbart played all of the tape didn’t make any difference to me. Sherrod exposed her chip on her shoulder against the white farmer.She seemed to relish her power over him, like a slave owner over his slave… If she had carried on in the vein she started with in the speech, she could have redeemed herself by addressing the more important issue of ending the sanctioned animosity in the black community against whites. Instead, she tried to make out she was such a saint… . In the same respect, Eric Holder is another “chippy” who only cares about “my people” as seen in the Black Panther incident at a Philadelphia voting station .He didn’t do anything to punish the threatening behavior at the polling station which is a place that I always remember to have a degree of reverence towards all mens’ right to vote freely.. He is the country’s no. 1 attorney who is meant to protect all Americans. Did he not learn anything from the civil rights movement? All men should be treated equally under the law. What do you think?

  • Amazed/amused by the morons

    With all the silly issues Weiner attacks to get publicity, do you really think he needs to send porn to someone he doesn’t know who lives 4,000 miles outside his district? LOL

  • Garden Weisel

    Very clever move on Weiners part to act as if he didn’t do it. About the only clever thing he has ever done. This guy is a Garden Weisel.

  • Jimmy

    You know, it’s simple. He’s just not too bright.

  • Robert Mack

    What do you expect from someone who talks a lot and no substance! An empty vessel that makes a lot of noises. If it is not from him, who else?

    • Fugy Kupliq

      Dan Wolfe, aka patriotusa76. The guy who was crowing about the bombshell that was about to engulf AW for months before this incident.

      Who also coincidentally was one of the only people to see the picture actually show up on AW’s twitter account.

      Who also coincidentally was the guy who went immediately to Breitbart and was very eager to know if there was “any news” about the article.

      I’m sure it doesn’t matter that yfrog, the application that was actually used to post the picture, contained a feature which made it possible to post pictures to twitter without a password. Starting to get the picture?



    • Fugy Kupliq

      This right here is the crux of people’s problem with AW, and why they are so eager to believe he would do this, despite all evidence to the contrary.

  • jerry mander

    He did it!!!! MORON

  • Johnny

    What do you mean “no comments.” I just commented, saying that Weiner is not stupid, and that this is obviously a right-wing hit job.

    You obviously just need to PRINT the comments after they are written.

    • Ann Marie Kellett

      A right wing hit job? You mean like the tires being slashed on the vans in Wisconsin as part of the Republican get out the vote drive or Sarah Palin’s e-mail being hacked. When will the right wing stop?!

      • Fugy Kupliq

        Quick! Change the subject!

    • JD NYC

      Look at the FACTS. He did it. His account wasn’t hacked. That was just his lame excuse for lame people to believe. I guess it worked on you, huh?

      • Fugy Kupliq

        Hacking wasn’t even necessary. Yfrog, the application that was actually used to post the picture, allows pictures to be posted to twitter without a password. Literally anyone could have posted the picture.

        Yfrog’s creators have since removed the feature.

  • chico

    All this nonsense about hiring a lawyer is a distraction from the fact that the last thing he will ever do is file a criminal complaint. A criminal investigation will result in a finding that Weiner was the one who sent the lewd photo. What an idiot!

    • Fugy Kupliq

      He won’t file a criminal complaint because there was no “hacking” involved. However, don’t be surprised if Breitbart and this Wolfe fellow end up on the wrong end of a civil suit. How many civil suits is that for Breitbart? Why does anyone believe anything that guy says?

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