SI Players’ Poll: A-Rod, Joba Chamberlain, Derek Jeter MLB’s Most Overrated

NEW YORK (WFAN) — 185 major leaguers have spoken: The Yankees are overrated.

Alex Rodriguez (18%), Joba Chamberlain (12%) and Derek Jeter (7%) were voted No. 1, 2 and 3 in this year’s “Most Overrated Player” poll by Sports Illustrated.

Nationals outfielder Jayson Werth and Red Sox closer Jonathan Papelbon closed out the top five with four percent. Yankees outfielder Nick Swisher didn’t fare so well among his peers either, also receiving four percent.

But Jeter and A-Rod may have the last laugh. This year, they both made Forbes’ annual “Celebrity 100″ compilation of the most powerful people or groups in the entertainment business.

Rodriguez barely cracked the top 50 at No. 49 and Jeter ranked slightly below his teammate at No. 69, tying him with actress Julia Roberts.

Jeter also owns MLB’s best-selling jersey and a Siena poll released in March named No. 2 as New York’s No. 1 all-time favorite athlete.

A-Rod and Chamberlain took the top two spots in last year’s SI players poll, but in reverse order.

Who do you think is MLB’s most overrated player? Sound off below…


One Comment

  1. Loserville says:

    somebody needs to change your diaper, its obviously all smearing around in there..

  2. Frank D says:

    I guess you like to READ about grown men playing with balls?

  3. Frank D says:

    A lot of player are over-hyped as being “the next big thing.”

    A-Rods backs it up with 600 home runs but is quite the prima dona.

    Jeter is a lifetime .300 hitting shortstop in his 3rd decade that does not cry in the press(except for this years contract).

    Joba? Well let’s just say the “Joba experiment” failed along with Wong being the next “big thing.” Wong is gone.

    While Joba can make a blow out interesting again when he pitches. So Joba WAS overrated and had trade value(when he was actually over-rated).

    But nNow Joba’s just that fat guy in the bullpen with hat pulledover his ears.

    And YES, I am a lifelong Yankee fan.

    1. Frank D says:

      Albeit it flattering, I don’t date guys. I’m sure you’ll find fill your “needs”

    2. Frank D says:

      Wondering? Who got hit on the chin with more balls? You or Jorge Posada?

  4. dabooch says:

    Good night, overrated maybe, over paid you betcha! Who cares, the Yankees pay these guys, they just transfer the money they make from Yankee fans and give it to two rich dudes who get richer by the day.

  5. Marty says:

    Well, let’s see…Jeter has a .317 career batting avg, over 2,400 hits, nearly 200 homers, 300 stolen bases AND 4 World Series rings. Yep, he’s a slouch all right!

    1. Hector says:

      correction, Jeter has 5 rings and 2980 hits with seven (7) 200 or more hits a season, most by a shortstop in baseball history and on his way to Cooperstown Hall of Fame.

  6. brooklyn4ever says:

    Not only are they overrated but it looks like they were all in the same line when the ugly train came thru. If awards were given for the ugliest baseball team, they win, hands down.

    1. TishTash says:

      That’s right, when you can’t win an argument, you go for the “You’re ugly” shot.

      Was it just yesterday when you graduated kindergarten?

    2. timone4 says:

      Wow, now as a female fan and a woman, I have to react to this. Ugly? Are you serious? Have you seen A-Rod and Jeter lately? Hubbaa!!!

    3. Vinnie from the bronx says:

      As a Mets fan, brooklyn4ever, knows a lot about overated players, just look at the Mets, and talk about an ugly train, Reyes looks like Predator.

  7. mike says:

    This is baloney. Forget Joba because he’s not rated high enough to be overrated. As for ARod and Jeter, ARod has the highest WAR of any player in baseball and Jeter is fifth. Don’t like that stat? Pick another that measures overall value and you’ll find the same thing. What people don’t realize is that a SS or 3B (or 2B or C) who hits anywhere near what an OF or 1B hits is actually much more valuable because of the difficulty of finding players who can field the tough positions and still hit. ARod and Jeter are above average fielders at the tough positions and have been way above average hitters (until now in the case of Jeter but this overrated talk didn’t just start). They are in the top echelons of today’s players period.

  8. Master Shake says:

    I think the whole team is overrated!

  9. Veronica Corningstone says:

    I agree with Mr. Burgundy. If Jeter wasn’t a Yankee, he would just be a guy who made a lot of All-Star teams. Like, a Rafael Palmiero (less the cheating). The guy won nothing but put up good numbers his whole career. Was considered a very good player, but not an all-time great. Jeter is only considered an “all-time great” because he’s played for the ultra high payroll Yankees, who made the playoffs, what, 15 years in a row? Of course, Jeter has a lot of highlights of him being “clutch”. What does he have, 1000 playoff at bats??

    1. TishTash says:

      What people should understand is that both Veronica Corningstone and Ronald Burgundy are the same person. It takes a lot of guts to agree with yourself.

      Jeter may not be Babe Ruth, but one can obviously see that he is not just a mediocre player. Jealousy is the term that comes to mind, but hey, anyone who’s the object of jealousy obviously has a lot for others to be envious of.

    2. Charles says:

      that’s ridiculous on what you wrote. When you’re great, you’re great, does not matter the uniform you wear. Because you don’t see the sun come up in China does not mean it does not come up.

      Also, the Yankees teams that won in the late ’90’s did not have baseball hiighest payroll, but being that you’re stupid & a know it all, look it up in the web, the information will knock you out of your grandma draws.

      Stick to something you know, because you know jack of the Yankees & Jeter

  10. ryan nicholas says:

    clearly, the first two commenters on the article don’t understand what a Player’s Poll is. i may hate the Yankees, but i disagree on Chamberlain. he’s got unseen potential.

  11. Plasgash Morgavian says:

    SI is the number one most overrated magazine in the country.

  12. Ronald Burgundy says:

    Derek Jeter is without question #1, by a landslide. Most overrated player in MLB history, without any hesitation whatsoever. If Jeter didn’t play his entire career on the $200,000,000 Yankees, he’d be a “nice” player, with about 1/50th of the highlight reel he currently has.

  13. Timone says:

    This is one reasonwhy I don’t buy Sports Illistrated. They constantly amaze me at the type of things they have in it. What am I supposed to take away from this? I think the fact that the top three are Yankees says more about the people who took the poll than about A-Rod, Jeter or Chamberlain. It just sounds like a lot of jealousy more than anything else.

  14. No 2 says:

    They shouldn’t even have a poll like this. It’s disrespectful and in very poor taste. So what do I think, I think the folk’s at Sports Illustrated should come up with something with a little more class if they want to stay in business, ha speaking of over-rated !

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