HACKENSACK, NJ (WCBS 880) – For police, e-tickets are efficient and easy.

During a traffic stop, an officer scans your license and instantly zaps the information to the state court system.

Hackensack will soon do away with hand written summonses.

Obviously, no one relishes a ticket, but at least you’ll be able to dispense with it quickly.

Police Captain Tomas Padilla says, “He could hand you a ticket. You could basically go on your iPhone and probably pay it before you pull away if need be.”

There would be no more illegible handwriting and no more delay waiting for paper ticket data to be transferred into a computer.

WCBS 880’s Sean Adams In Bergen County

“What happens with paper tickets [is] you throw it your glove compartment. Two months later, you get a notice [that] you never paid it and you may have wanted to pay it. You were wrong. You know you were wrong. And this way, you can basically just go right there, like I said, from your phone, go back to your office, log on to the system, and pay it right away,” says Padilla.

Officials say it’s safer for police because they can keep their eyes on the car and not their ticket book.

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