Weiner’s Constituents Speak: Congressman, Just Come Clean

Searching For Answers, CBS 2 Heads To Democrat's Laundromat

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Congressman Anthony Weiner abruptly cancelled a speech scheduled for Friday night in Wisconsin. According to the Washington Post, he’s heading to New York to spend the weekend with his wife, after a week of controversy surrounding a lewd photo sent from his Twitter account.

Weiner once again dodged questions on his way into Capitol Hill on Friday.

“I don’t have anything more. I spoke to a lot of press in the last few days. I don’t have anything really more for you,” Rep. Weiner said.

But CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer tracked down one man who might be able to shed some light on the Twitter scandal.

Voters in the six-term Democrat’s district are clamoring for answers. The first question is whether the bulging briefs photo sent from his Twitter account to a pretty co-ed is him. Weiner said he can’t say “with certitude” whether it is or it isn’t.

“He needs to come out and tell the truth,” Forest Hills resident Elizabeth Declet said.

Believe it or not, there is one man in New York City who can shed some light on Rep. Weiner’s dirty little secret, but he won’t come clean.

Kramer spoke to the man who does the congressman’s laundry at a Laundromat in Queens. She showed him a picture of the “unmentionables” in question.

Kramer: “Have you ever done a pair of underwear like that for him?”

Man: “I don’t know, too many things, so I don’t know.”

1010 WINS’ Mona Rivera Speaks With Weiner’s Constituents Outside His Kew Gardens Office

The laundry worker didn’t want to lose Weiner’s business by divulging details about his “privates,” but customers have strong feelings.

“The thought of my underwear spinning in the same machine as that creepy looking guy does rather creep me out,” Steve Katz said.

“I think he should just come clean and say I may have done something like this in my youth and, unfortunately, someone got a hold of the material and I’ve gone to the police,” Stewart Berland added.

Voter unrest comes on the heels of the congressman’s staff calling Capitol police after Kramer tried to interview him in Washington on Thursday.

Congress adjourned for the weekend, leaving another question: When will the congressman return to his Forest Hills neighborhood?

Please offer your thoughts in the comments section below.

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One Comment

  1. edward says:


    Your looks always reminded me of beady eyed NYC rat. The ones that run in the alleys from trash can to trash can..It is beyond cavil, you may have, convinced yourself that you look otherwise. You are a pompous, useless, pervert and because of your little congressman status…..which takes a parasitic like you to abuse in the first , somehow, have convinced yourself , any self respecting woman, would or could, possibly find you desirable …You have abused your former status and are nothing more than a common predator ..We can only hope, your wife, may come out of the ether and realize, she has compromised her own and any self respecting woman’s principles, only to become a groupie in your sick life.

    Remember, not unlike today, when you were that ugly, dweeb kid, in high school?

    Will you please do the following; step back!, now! take a look at a current picture of yourself, finally !, close your black eyes and picture a long rat tall on your back side.. You are indeed a street rat and a predator, Please stick with your craigslist girls and the tyranny’s, and stop preying on non prostitutes…

    As a father of a little girl ,very close in age, to ones you preyed upon, I will take great joy in watching you squirm, just as a rat caught in a glue trap does, only to find itself, further snared as he squirms around, in a feeble attempt to free himself..

  2. brooklyn james says:

    I used to have a high regard for Marcia Kramer.

    1. Rodin says:

      So, what happened, she went after the turkey and you didn’t like it? Great job she did putting herself on the line to expose this pretentious, self-righteous loser idiot?

    2. Mark says:

      I also liked Marcia Kramer at one time. I once met her in the theater and told her I was a fan.
      I have lost all respect at this time. Her obsession with this story only serves to propel a non-story.
      She epitomizes why local news reporters have become jokes. Imagine Walter Cronkite doing this.

  3. DDT says:

    Badman does not have to many Repuglicans on that list such
    as GW Bush & Company who started and unneeded invasion of Iraq for no reason
    which has helped us get more in debt and killed thousands of people.
    China must be laughing at us.

    1. Rodin says:

      “Badman does not have to many Repuglicans on that list.’

      “badman” is my friend, at least until we disagree here.

      There are just too many in the “family values” failure club to list in these comments. Besides, they’re all hiding in that Jesus house refuge they have in D.C.

  4. badman says:

    this is “political Darwinism” at work. There should be a “Political Darwin Award” list – these guys think with their d1ccks and self-select themselves right out of the politial evolutionary process.

    Weiner, add your name to an ever-growing list. meet Eliot Spitzer, Chris Lee, Larry Craig, Mark Sanford, John Ensign, Barney Frank, Newt “Family Values” Gingrich – and too many more to count

    What are these guys THINKING?!

  5. badman says:

    God bless the cable TV men out there fixing the reception problems! they do it even when it’s raining. God bless them and keep them safe.

  6. K.Y.Jelly says:

    He lost my vote when he backed down for a true public option
    on a health insurance scheme for us all, I don’t care what he does
    with his underwear, he is a P RIICK for backing down on universal
    health care. Adios .

  7. Ed's Crotch says:

    Another ‘erected’ official now bites the dust……

    1. Rodin says:

      Not very original, not your comment, not your moniker.

  8. Ed's Crotch says:

    Weiner just bought 12 pairs of new underwear with all the colors of the rainbow. Guess he wants to go Hollywood now!

  9. Weiner's weiner..... says:

    Barney asked for a magnifying glass to check out Weiner’s tweeter…..

  10. Weiner's weiner..... says:

    I called the police…….Weiner stole my underwear!!

  11. Nan Barcan says:

    I think CBSny hit an all time low by sending one oftheir top reporters, Marcia Kramer, to interview the man who launders Congressman Weiner’s underpants. What Journalism! Aren’t there enough significant issues to report on?

  12. STOP THE BULLS#$% says:

    i quote “Weiner said he can’t say “with certitude” whether it is or it isn’t.”
    what guy doesn’t know which underwear are his or aren’t his?

  13. Ziggy says:

    He is a Chuck Schumer wannabe without the smarts.

    1. Rodin says:

      Without WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  14. simon goldfarb says:

    Weiner is a disgrace to all the Jews. I am ashamed of him. He should resign immediately and spare us all any further embarassment.

    1. Rodin says:


      Who cares about Jews? Are Jews his only constituents? How about “Weiner is a disgrace to all HIS CONSTITUENTS”?

      Oh, I forgot, the “Chosen People.” Should anyone else matter? Nahhhhhhhhh!

      1. caleb goldfarb says:


    2. Rodin says:

      You related to simon goldfart above or are you the same f a r t?

      No. Not that it’s any of your business but what I am is a devout and pious ATHEIST who is fed up your “specialness” and ” chosenness” and your victimhood and your holocaustness and all your special demands on non-Jews as well as Christians and Islamists and all the other mythologists pushing their agendas.

      In any case, I’d just as well be a “POT SMOKING MUSLIM RADICAL” as a Fascist Zionist Jew.

      Halacha = Sharia, as far as I’m concerned, and you can add all other “divine law” into that equation.

      Good without gods!

      1. caleb goldfarb says:

        Obviously this Rodin pig is a psychopathic Satanic Muslim Dog masquerading as an aetheist. He is foul smellling and must burn with his false god Allah on judgement day.

      2. badman says:

        rodin, simon/caleb ain’t jewsish and you’re playing right into his hands. don’t feed the trolls. you’re in the right ballpark with atheism and you’re a good man bc you always stand up for the underdogs. don’t blow it with hate/racism.

      3. Rodin says:

        Thanks. I appreciate your comments and your advice. But they also play into mine giving me the opportunity to shine the light on them. I couldn’t just come out with some of these comments if I didn’t have a bouncing board.

        I’m not racist. Very democratic and equal opportunity. I will bash ANYONE imposing their beliefs, biases and prejudices regardless of creed creed race or nationality.

        As to hate,I’m too old to die young, just waiting my turn and having fun with what time I may have left. The ‘Golden Years,’ when you turn yellow with age, are great to let go.

      4. Rodin says:

        Caleb, I love pork! It’e my favourite meat, raised on it. Thanks for the compliment!

      5. Rodin says:

        Hey, badman, see how they can’t address issues? That’s the light shining on them…, blinding them into confusion, indecision and goubt.

      6. Bill Fold says:

        Jesus loves you….but the devil is gonna have a blast with ya!!

      7. Rodin says:

        “Jesus may love you, but I think you’re garbage wrapped in skin.”
        American writer and performer
        (1940 – 1994)


  15. deane says:

    Why don’t you report on the political games being played by the republicans in Congress who are risking the American economy with a debt limit vote, or the wars which are still ongoing.
    I hope that when this all leads back to Breitbart, you are as vitriolic.

  16. Talks Alot But Say's Nothing says:

    I wouldn’t stay off this guy if I was the press until he comes clean. Then we can let it go. It isn’t that big a deal. What is the big deal is that he thinks everyone else is so dumb that he can just clearly lie. Just come clean or invest the time needed to prove you are innocent. He is not doing anything to help in congress anyway so clear this up. The more smug you are the more people hate you. Be a man.

  17. shirley says:

    i’d be more impressed if he showed me his full wallet !

  18. Jim says:

    Based on interviews I have seen of him in the past tells me he is guilty..This narcissistic arrogant pencil neck geek , who just reeks of the “I was beat up as a kid every day and now I will show all of you” syndrome has changed his story so many times it just says “guilty”. what is even funnier is he got married even a year ago..but then again his wife was Hillarys aide..so i guess birds of a feather flock together…

  19. M.A.D says:


    1. Ellen says:

      M.A.D I’m with you all the way.

    2. walt says:

      M.A.D the bleeding heart….loves taking other peoples money and subsidizing health care for those that contribute nothing into our society…boo hoo…poor anthony weiner…this bully is getting everythign he is getting…of course he will keep his job because fo the big fat “D” after his name…

    3. Rodin says:

      That’s the problem. Excuses, excuses, excuses….

  20. beruval says:

    What’s the matter with you voyeurs? Though he has acted guilty and said some ridiculous things, it IS possible that his account was hacked and a picture, old though it may be – from some idiot time at college or similar – was also pilfered from his computer and used to send to this young woman in order to embarrass and/or humiliate him. Only an unbiased investigation by a reliable authority NOT connected to the congressman will do for such an investigation – such as the FBI. Especially since this is a congressman and hacking involves national security.

    I am not a fan of this idiot – he is to me an idiot for much else that has nothing to do with being a potential pervert. But even idiots deserve to be treated fairly.

    So, the only questions that the pervert media should be asking now is about the nature of the investigation. Not the same worn out questions that he HAS answered, though foolishly. To carry on asking the same questions – did you do it, and is it a picture of you, is irresponsible and harassment. If the people need to know, then let a responsible agency investigate and tell us – NOT the voyeuristic and ultra-biased press.

  21. jagua says:

    When Marcia Kramer asks a question of Congressman Anthony Weiner, or any celebrity ‘with a “problem-of-the-month”, she insists “people want to know”, when it’s obvious that Marcia is the only nagging “pain-in-the-a–” out there who wants to know. She’s like a pit-bull with no real news to offer to just her high salary, so she goes after Congressman Anthony Weiner day after day to justify an existence. I used to like Marcia Kramer pre-botox and face distortion (I hope CBS didn’t have to pay for that bad cut-and-paste. One could help respect the old Marcia Kramer — why doesn’t CBS know when to put these old-timers out to pasture — make room for some new young blood. I love CBS, but am tired of alarmists and pit-bulls like Marcia. Lets focus on giving us the news, not creating it. It’s really getting boring. Oh, and when the man says he does want to talk about in palain english, why don’t newspeople like Marcia understand what they mean.

  22. Rita says:

    The picture doesn’t show anything that bad. Enough is enough. I believe him.

    1. Rodin says:

      Where’d you see “the picture”? Didn’t know it’s been published…yet. Did he Tweet you too???

      1. bill fold says:

        its all over the place moron….but you walk around with your eyes closed as it is…no surprize you have not a clue…

      2. Rodin says:

        But I’m not delusional, Billy boy. There have been no images posted anywhere of the actual “Weiner” photo, only facsimiles, mostly a Calvin Klein ad.

        So…, who’s the moron?

        PS –
        Delusional. There ain’t no devil ‘xcept either in yo head.


      3. Rodin says:

        PS –

        You see what you want to see without inquiry or explanation.

  23. kevin stout says:

    weiner needs to resign! Anyone close to hin knows hes a perv., now he has crossed the line and needs to go…….

  24. Chris Kaye says:

    He’s an arrogant, smug hypocrite.

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