By Ed Coleman
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Who makes this stuff up anyway? David Wright’s doing better, yet his timetable got longer. The Mets’ comedy of errors with medical mumbo-jumbo continued Friday night when it was announced that Wright would have to remain inactive for 3 more weeks – no baseball activities, just limited core exercises. It seems that only Met injuries can get worse with further treatment and rest.
After the consultation with Dr. Patrick O’Leary, Wright described the injury.

Wright’s injury probably happened back on April 19 at CitiField when Wright, trying to chase down and tag the Astros’ Carlos Lee who was moving from second to third base, landed hard and awkwardly on his back. Wright was not placed on the Disabled List until May 16. The discrepancy in time stems from that. Six weeks from when the injury occurred (April 19) puts you at the end of May or June 1. Six weeks from when the injury was diagnosed (May 16) brings you to June 27 – a bit of a difference.

So rather than possibly seeing Wright return sometime during the upcoming road trip, probably by the end in Atlanta, it will end up being a full 6 weeks from his last activity.

Oh boy. And then you naturally have to tack on more time to get back into baseball shape, rehab games, etc., so you’re looking at just before the All-Star break – or taking the additional time at the break and coming back after it. The process is a steady one – but also a slow one.

Wright had high hopes that he would soon be heading to Florida to play some games and begin to take the steps to returning as he entered yesterday’s meeting – but they were quickly crushed.

There were no new X-Rays taken – no new diagnostic tests done – so what exactly did the doctors do on Friday?

So from this point forward – which in Mets-world always seems like a step back – is Wright still optimistic this will heal and he’ll return to the field in a month or so?

All this on a night when the Mets – trying to capitalize on momentum generated from a dramatic come-from-behind win over the Pirates – blew another game with a late-inning meltdown to the Braves. Why is Springsteen’s “One Step Up – Two Steps Back” always in my head when I’m around this team?

Go figure.

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Eddie C.

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