Residents, Others Rally In Queens To Protest Firehouse Closures

QUEENS, NY (WCBS 880) — The latest rally involving the proposed closure of a city firehouse took place in Woodhaven, Queens on Sunday.

More than 200 residents and merchants rallied in front of Engine 294 chanting, “don’t close the doors of 294.” This is one of 20 fire companies slated for closing.

Raymond Harley owns a used bookstore four blocks from here.

“Books and fire don’t mix and the faster the guys get there, the better it is for guys like me and the buildings surrounding me,” said Harley.

WCBS 880’s Peter Haskell reports: Protestors Rally In Support Of Firehouse

Edward Wendell is president of the Woodhaven Residents Block Association.

“Every night when we go to bed, we go to bed with the safety knowing that should our house go on fire or the house next door goes on fire these guys will run in without hesitation to save our loves,” said Wendell.

This is the latest rally to try to convince Mayor Michael Bloomberg to keep these fire companies open.

On Friday, hundreds of firefighters marched over the Brooklyn Bridge and held a protest in front of City Hall.

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One Comment

  1. Joseph Aslaender says:

    A fire on the top-floor of an apartment house on 111th St. and 91st Ave was just put out qauickly by NY’s Bravest, including our own Engine 294.
    I’m sure Bloomberg’s statistics would tell him that they were overstaffed for the job.

  2. Betty Ann (Bates) Gorecki says:

    God Bless and watch over our NYFD. This firehouse came to our house fire back in the early 60’s and again in the late 80’s. When we were growing up in Richmond Hill, we help keep this house from closing. May they not close, and keep working to keep the area safe.

  3. p says:

    Fragile:,,,, & posts)

  4. Fritz Von says:

    CLOSE ALL FIREHOUSES: If they really cared about public safety they would insist on being out on patrol to find fires and put them out quickly. The minute it takes them to get out of the firehouse KILLS innocent people.

    1. efd499 says:

      Your idea comes from someone who has no idea.

  5. I AM MAYOR MIKE says:


  6. Kelly O says:

    I just left the market there are 4 fire truck idling and about 15 firefighters walking around shopping and having a good time. I know you guys need to eat but this is ridiculous

    1. Erin says:

      They have the truck there in case a call comes in while they shop for the meal that they pay for out of their own pockets. If you notice they are carrying their radios.It’s a shame that they are laughing or smiling while they do this. How dare they. They all have to stay together because if a call comes in they need a full rig. Cant’ send one or two guys out and chance being shorthanded. Believe me my DH has dropped everything in the store when they get a call. Speak when you know what you are talking about.

      1. Pete says:

        Your DH is a loser just like you

      2. Kelly O says:

        Erin my dad spent 35 years on the FDNY so I do get it. But every day there are same 20 firefighters walking around Pathmark on our dime. They need to make some changes. As for your DH I’m sure he put some meat in his boots and maybe some makeup for your butter face as he went to his job,and I’m also sure that he couldn’t shine my dads boots.

        Best Reguards

        Kelly O

      3. Peter says:

        In NJ they stand in front of the supermarkets and in the middle of the road with hats in hand looking for donations. People believe this is for funds to maintain equipment – in reality this is their entertainment money. Let them buy their food and “drinks:” on their own time. They should not be at the supermarket OR SLEEPING at the firehouse on my dime.

      4. Erin says:

        Since your Dad was a FF he can tell you that very often one guy will bring in the meal. Bought on his own time and then collects the money from the other guys. DH does it often. Your nasty comments were completely unnecessary. I’m sure your Father was a fine FF in his day and God Bless him. I was just trying to clear things up for those who have no clue about the FD. It seems people have a lot of opinions about things they don’t have first hand knowledge of. And maybe from the outside they don’t understand the reasoning for the way things are done. As your Dad will tell you every meal is treated as their “last meal” because it very well could be.

      5. efd499 says:

        Peter the firemen you describe are volunteers in need of funds to maintain and purchase equipment. Not these paid FDNY personnel. Bro you are uneducated….LOL

  7. Mr T says:

    The city should not lay off firefighters but they should shut down some of these fire houses that are slow.

    1. Erin says:

      I see your point but Bloombergs list includes one of the busiest trucks in Queens. And the house that houses the foam rigs brought in on 9/11. They are used for jet fuel, for those who don’t know. His list makes no sense.

      1. Mr t says:

        I get you. But in staten island they can close or consolidate some fire houses

  8. Marina Ios says:

    on my opinion, the LAST to be laid off, closed, reduced, fired- you name it- in this city are FIREFIGHTERS AND COPS
    whoever wants to reduce the number of these 2 categories of workers, has a mental problem
    seriously now, we need cops and firefighters in queens, manhattan, brooklyn, as many as possible
    cut the spending with the idiotical tables and chairs in the middle of broadway in manhattan , and the stupid pianos, no one is in the mood of playing the piano, anyway

  9. Hank says:

    The Fire Department needs to do a better job explaining how their services are still vital to the city. How many are needed for people to be protected from fire? 250? 150? 500?

    1. efd499 says:

      I can’t believe you just said that!

  10. Dale Auburn says:

    I’m still waiting for the fire union to let its members live WITHIN the city limits. If they want to “serve and protect” us, they should be willing to live among us.

    1. Emily says:

      Why? Just wondering what your reasoning is.

    2. Fritz Von says:

      Live in the city? On what the city pays?

  11. efd499 says:

    Waiting for the idiots to post their nonsense!

    1. Walter says:

      Ed is a hero.Well At least he thinks he is

    2. efd499 says:

      2nd isn’t bad also….YOU

  12. jon allen says:

    bloombergs a piece of trash and will have blood on his hands if someone dies in a fire or not getting quick medical attention from a house that closes. There is a place for him in hell

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