Bay Shore Firefighters Rescue Dog Trapped On Roof For Hours

BAY SHORE, N.Y. (CBS 2)–It was quite a terrifying morning for a little puppy named Rosie. Apparently, she decided to go for a sky-high adventure on her dog-sitter’s roof.

Getting to her precarious perch was the easy part, but firefighters had the tough job of saving her life, reports CBS 2’s Hazel Sanchez.

We’ve all head of a cat on a hot tin roof, but what about a dog?

“Never in my life, ever, did we see anything like this,” neighbor Pat Baker said. “Who would expect that you would see a dog on a roof?”

That’s exactly what Baker and her husband spotted on top of their neighbors’ house.

“At first, like i said, I thought it was an owl or something,” Baker said.

It was Rosie, a tiny mixed breed that had been trapped on the roof for at least two hours. The neighbor’s son was watching Rosie for a friend when she escaped.

Bay Shore firefighters Michael Ippolito and Tom Komoroski came to the rescue.

“Our first concern was it was a very steep roof, so we didn’t want her to get scared and run down, possibly slip and fall,” Komoroski said.

Lieutenant Ippolito straddled the 30-foot roof and slowly inched his way toward Rosie.

“Saw the dog, seemed pretty terrified, shaking. I went up, calmed the dog down…I just kind of put my hand out and let the dog smell me, and with that I just grabbed the collar and pulled her in,” Ippolito said.

“I’m just glad the dog got down without anybody getting hurt, the dog getting hurt – just doing what we’re told,” Komoroski said.

So how did Rosie get up there? The dog-sitter said the answer was pretty simple – Rosie was on the second floor and jumped out a rear window onto the roof.

“It was a little nerve-wracking,” Baker said. “The firemen, they handled it great.”

After a few scary hours atop a roof, things are looking just rosy again for the adventurous pup.

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One Comment

  1. RalphInNY says:

    Good save, everyone.

    And Sensible? Shaddup

  2. sensible taxpayer please says:

    Honestly I think this is great. This is called public service why are those people there then? And what needs to happen? a bystander needs to go up and put themseleves or other in danger then its a “true emergency”? So I believe that its a good job by the fire department and also believe that there is no need to bring the story down with your negitive point of view on the gov’t. Its not like these two fire fighters are doing anything wrong. Like some of our local leaders so please……

    1. Sammie says:

      I agree completely…. GREAT STORY! and A HUGE thank you to the brave firemen who saved Rosie.

      You’re all HEROS.

  3. Sensible taxpayer says:

    This is a perfect example of why our govt expenses are incredibly out of control. This is a despicable waste of tax money; the firefighters should have refused to do this nonsense, or charged the stupid homeowners $1,000 for the service. Gimme a break!

    1. mikei says:

      The government waste part is true , but this is not the example. The paid firefighters who complain abput pay freezes and benefits cuts are the government waste. These are VOLUNTEER firefighters in long Island, NY.

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