Pipe Bomb Loaded With Nails Explodes In Fair Lawn, N.J.

Bergen County Prosecutor Says Attack Was Not Random

FAIR LAWN, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — An investigation is ongoing following a terrifying explosion rocked a small town in Bergen County on Sunday night.

A pipe bomb that went off on Hunter Place in Fair Lawn sent shrapnel flying into yards and homes.  The bomb itself was filled with black powder and nails, according to police.

“I heard and saw the boom, the explosion like fireworks, kind of like those big M80 fireworks, like things like those drive force kind of fireworks,” said neighbor Faruk Chaudary, who was only a few houses away at the time of the incident. “Like ‘boom,’ I saw yellow — the flash.”

Bergen County Prosecutor John Molinelli told WCBS 880’s Alex Silverman  the attack was not random.

“I’m not at liberty to explain that right now, but the people of Fair Lawn should not be concerned that there is some random bomber out there,” Molinelli said.

Pipe Bomb Rocks Quiet New Jersey Neighborhood.  WCBS 880’s Alex Silverman Reports

There was a crime scene several blocks long and rattled frightened neighbors.

“I heard the explosion. Dogs got scared. I came outside and cops were already here,” neighbor Bonnie Wagner told CBS 2’s Christine Sloan.

The couple in the targeted home has a small child. They chose not to speak to the media.

The explosive device damaged the truck in the driveway, leaving a deep dent in the asphalt, and sent shrapnel through the front of another house across the street, shattering a mirror and damaging the roof. No one was hurt.

“I had a neighbor call me and tell me a car drove by very quickly and then she heard the boom,” neighbor Deb Koval said.

Koval lives a couple of homes down. She said her 11-year-old daughter was so terrified she stayed home from school Monday.

“I am really scared. I mean such things don’t happen in this quiet neighborhood,” Bethany Koval said.

Another neighbor said he “heard a car with a slightly modified exhaust system” accelerate away from the scene.

While investigations are focusing on the targeted house, there was damage to other homes on the street, including a hole in the siding of a house.

“Why would someone do that? What’s the point?” Bethany Koval said.

That’s what investigators are trying to find out. They were looking under vehicles and collecting any object they could find on the ground, hoping every piece will lead them to the suspect or suspects responsible.

If you have information on this case you can call the Bergen County prosecutor’s office or the Fair Lawn Police Department. Investigators wouldn’t say how much of the bomb was recovered or if they were able to get any other evidence, including fingerprints.

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One Comment

  1. mike says:

    To the earlier poster saying the area is going down hill…where do you live? You conviently left that out. How do you figure that glen rock is also somehow going downhill? Tell me one major crime that has occured in glen rock?

    Bottom line let the facts come out. Thank godness no one was harmed. And for the love of God don’t go fanning the flames with moronic rhetoric like “move” and also clustering in nearby towns such as Glen Rock which is so misguided it makes me ill.

  2. Linda says:

    I’d say its time for the people to band together and take their neighborhood back, moving away doesn’t solve anything or make the neighborhood better. In fact, moving may put you in a worse situation.

  3. Bob Borzotta says:

    The attack was not random, the county prosecutor said. He wouldn’t say that unless he knew why that home in particular was targeted, and in my line of work, giving how violent these disputes are getting, I’m betting it stems from a neighbor dispute. Since the car that sped away had a modified exhaust system (i.e. boomcar), I’d even gamble, not knowing anything beyond what’s in Sloan’s report, that the residents there complained about noise from a particular neighbor, maybe to police, and this was the noisy neighbor’s response.

    A lot of assuming, I know. But trust me, I’m seeing this stuff (and I don’t mean “stuff”) all the time. Complain about your neighbor’s backyard beer-be-cue enhanced by DJs and ampfified music, and you’re crossing a line for the noise-acculurated, who take affront to being told to shut the hell up. And they retaliate.

  4. Too close to garbage! says:

    That part of New Jersey is going downhill faster than a Bobsled at Lake Placid. Better get out before your real estate values plummet. And, yes, that includes Glen Rock. Look at all the major crimes that have occurred in that area and yo can not honestly deny it. The little oasis between the large desserts is dwindling into nothingness. Get out before it is too late.

    1. bergen county resident says:

      ehhh if you can’t handling living here, move. Go live where there is nothing and it takes 30 mins to get to a store. There is crime everywhere.

    2. George says:

      So many words to express an opinion. I have four words for you, “You are an ass!”

    3. Fair Lawn Rules! says:

      So, “Too close to garbage!”, where would you suggest moving to? Warren County or somewhere it takes 20 minutes to drive to the nearest store? Why don’t YOU move then let us know where it is safe.

  5. Penny McGee Kopf says:

    The explosion happened at 11:04 last evening………I live one block over in Glen Rock…………..heard the response sirens at 11:08………… It was a huge, house shaking blast……Surprised to hear it was a bomb….this is a quiet, unassuming neighborhood !

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