David Ortiz’s Showy Bat Flip Irks Joe Girardi, Yankees

NEW YORK (WFAN/AP) — The Yankees understand the occasional loss is merely a part of baseball.

Just don’t show them up in Yankee Stadium.

Red Sox slugger David Ortiz got under the skin of manager Joe Girardi with his showy bat flip after hitting a two-run homer off Hector Noesi in the fifth inning of last night’s 6-4 loss.

Girardi was concerned that Ortiz would offend the 24-year-old rookie reliever.

“Yeah, I didn’t really care for it,” Girardi said. “I’ve never had a problem with David Ortiz. He’s been a clutch player for a long time. My reaction’s probably more protecting our young kid. And that’s what I’m going to do.”

Catcher Russell Martin had a good view of the blast — and wasn’t too pleased with Ortiz’s theatrics.

“He took a long time getting out of the box,” said Martin. “You never want it to happen to you, but I guess it’s up to us to do it back right to him.”

Ortiz dismissed any ill-intent on the flip.

“That’s Papi style. You’ve seen that before,” he said. “I just went deep. You want more emotion than that?”

“It’s not my first time. It’s not going to be my last time,” Ortiz added. “Big deal. I’m a home run hitter. … It’s not like I do it all the time. I’m humble.”

“It’s part of the game. Some guys do it, some guys don’t,” Martin. said “I’ve seen him do it before. I like it better when he’s doing it against other teams. I think it’s partly because we threw a ball way in, and it almost nicked him. And he kind of rubbed it in our face.”

What did you think of Big Papi’s flip? Fire away in the comments below…

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One Comment

  1. ken says:

    Real baseball……You show up my pitcher, you get drilled on your next at bat. And you take it like a man. No charging the mound. No flipping out. You transgress the rules and you pay up.

  2. Happy 4 Papi says:

    Oh boy where do we start here!!! well uh the 24 year old kid is a MAN
    Jeter should be ashamed of himself to take all that cash and not produce again!!
    Good for you big Poppy show the overpaid M’er- F’ers how to win!
    Bostons Manager should be manager of the decade because look at all the so-called SuperStars they DUMPED! He still had that team on top! seriously think about it!
    And yes like half of what you guys said, stop crying and just concentrate on winning the game!! JEESH!!!!!!!!!

  3. Paul D says:

    A comment like “Yankees Suck” has absolutely no validity in any social paradigm. The more appropriate vocal expulsion should me more along the lines of: “Yankees win most of the time- proportionally!” or “Yankees Buy!”

  4. Paul D. says:

    you have to give the Red Sox credit. I’m a long time Yankee fan and I know that this is sacrilige, but you have give it up to them at winning yet another psychological edge. They come in here pushing buttons and walking away unscathed. And that’s because Joe Girardi is about as mentally tough as a nebish kid that is relieved of his lunch money every day at school. He reminds me of that captain in The Cain Mutiny. What was his name… Queeg or something? He sits in that dugout while three German destroyers bear down on him and freezes like a possum when you hit your high beams on it. He doesn’t bark any evading commands and just watches ehis world crumble about him.

  5. Ellen says:

    What is it. Joe going through male menopause or something.

  6. dabooch says:

    Managa Mia, Boston isn’t that good. Their best player is Gonzoles, by far. Salt of the earth the catcher sucks. Pedroia the 5’9″, yeh with a 22 inch inseam is like playing against a all world little leaguer. Big Poppy is a big old lumbering body that should be teased with junk not tantalized with down the middle batting practice pitches. You Kill Us has fallen off as Drew Mystery in Right Field. Jacobi E. was almost out of baseball last year if I remember correctly. The Yankees were up against one of the best pitchers in baseball Lester last night. I would never say a bad word about Lester, God bless him for beating cancer.

    1. Central Jersey Sox Fan says:

      Glad to see you are better at creating nicknames than you are at realizing stats and reality ..

    2. Nrichard says:

      WoW – Not that good? You don’t sit in first place without being “that good” no matter who you are so please stop with idiocy.

  7. i hate the mutts says:

    this is why yankee fans hate met fans.
    hope you mutts wait another 100years for another world series appearance.

    1. Keeper of the Inn says:

      Ha! Made you mad! 🙂

  8. Keeper of the Inn says:

    What a bunch of babies. Grow a back bone for God’s sake.

  9. LG says:

    Oh boo hoo…

  10. Chris says:

    All loser Met fans on here responding like losers do. You have nothing to root for so lets get satisfaction out of anything bad that happens to the Yanks. When you finally play a meaningful game next century then you can respond. Bottom line Pappi was showbaoting but its our responsibility to stop it now!!! We should be more concerned with two more yanks getting HBP. For you illiterate Mets fans that means hit by pitch.They have been hitting us for years, 147 – 51 over the last 5 years and that needs to stop today. Pappi should gets drilled square in the back over the next two games. BTW Met fans aren’tyour A Rod rants getting old??? Can you find something else to complain about. You are so damn jealous of our success.

    1. Ah.. the sweet smell of Yankee farts says:

      Maybe these corporate Yankee wimps need to grow a set instead of counting money all day long. Maybe when Jeter hits a ball out of the infield.

    2. Master Shake says:

      Oooo… Somebody’s mad that this little team got beat. I hope you have loved ones near by who can dry your little tears and cuddle you in their arms while you fall asleep dreaming about Babe Ruth, and Lou Gehrig, and who ever else you morons dream about.

      1. yankees suck says:

        its funny how yankee fans are so quick to bash the mets but anytime the yankees lose they are ready to trade the whole team

  11. Paul D. says:

    I can’t believe that the Yankees continue to put up with this nonsense with the Red Sox. They come into the stadium and take out their best player and they do squat! I was sitting there screaming for a fastball to be directed at any one of Gozales’ joints. I’m sick of watching this! Pedro hits Jeter and Soriano in succession- in SUCCESSIO!!! sends them both to the hospital and nothing is ever done! The two Joes are exactly the same. They sit there like catatonic mental patients while their players are thrown at like clay pigeons. I better see someone in a red cap go down!

    1. JON DEROSIER says:

      WAH WAH WAH ..WE ARE YOUR DADDY NOW !!!!!!!!!!

  12. Stop Whining says:

    who cares? What a buncha primadonna crybabies. Ewwww we can’t beat the Red Sox, ewwww, he hit a homerun. Ewwww he’s batting me ninth, ewwww, waaaahhh!!.
    Play better baseball.

  13. Ralph Anthony Rags Morales says:

    The Yankees do more than their share of showboating. It’s ironic how acceptable it is when you lead in championships.

    And seriously Girardi, cut the umbilical cord. He’s a 24 year old man. He’s seen theatrics before. Tell the truth. You got blasted by an opponent and you didn’t like it one bit, so don’t come up with lame excuses as to why you have to justify being irate.

  14. JM says:

    Hey, payback is a b—–. Lester hits to Yankees in the legs with his cutters, including Tex. Let’s see if the Yankee pitchers will protect their own and do the same to Big Sloppy and Adrian Gonzales tonite…

  15. L.Lyons says:

    Don’t U worry Boston & the Yanks won’t make the playoffs.
    Go Met’s .

  16. Mark Nolan says:

    I think Girardi should be more concerned with winning games than he is with players who showboat.

  17. Bostondye says:

    Papi too fat gonna have a heart attack, lay off the Monteca.

  18. Tom M says:

    Waaaaaa Waaaaaaaaaa its ok for A-Roid to showboat , Jabbbbaaa Daba Dooo to showboat , Nick Swisheroooo to showboat and what do you know Robbie Canoooooooe to showboat, but when its done to them Waaaaaa Waaaa Waaaaa!!! You know how you get back Joe score some runs in the clutch!!!!!

  19. You No Big Papi! says:

    At least he didn’t blow him a kiss when crossing home plate.

  20. Sheridan Tortorello says:

    That’s theway the redsox react most of the time they do not have the class the newyork yankees have

    1. Keeper of the Inn says:

      The yankees haven’t had “class” since 19… um… well there was that one year… no wait, that wasn’t them…hmmm…

  21. baseball fan says:

    What a bunch of whiners!. If they have a problem with theatrics, go out and win the game.

  22. Kevin McGrath says:

    Maybe he should tell A-roid to stop his continual styling when he’s at bat before whining about an other team’s players. Sour grapes Joe!

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