1 Dead, 4 Wounded After Brighton Beach Boardwalk Shooting

NYPD Says It Is In Search Of 2 Shooters; Some People Questioned

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) — Two gunmen opened fire Thursday afternoon on a crowded boardwalk in Brighton Beach, killing a teenage girl and wounding four other people, police said.

The shots were fired from the beach toward the boardwalk near Brighton 6th Street in what police said may have been a gang-related attack.

The girl who died was not immediately identified. She died at Coney Island Hospital, where a male 23-year-old victim is in critical condition. The other three victims, ages 21, 25 and 26, were taken to Lutheran Hospital.

The beach and the boardwalk were unusually packed with people because of Thursday’s hot weather.

All of the victims were shot in front of Tatiana’s, a popular outdoor restaurant.  Police spokesman Paul Browne said the shooting occurred during an altercation on the beach. He did not know if the wounded were intended targets or bystanders. He described the situation as “chaotic.”

Browne said police were questioning some people, but declined to say whether they were potential suspects.

“It was ‘boom, boom, boom, boom, boom.’  Everyone knew it was gunshots and there was bodies on the boardwalk. It was crazy,” one witness told 1010 WINS’ Carol D’Auria.

1010 WINS’ Carol D’Auria Speaks With Witnesses

After the shooting, people took off running for their lives in all directions.  One man described it as a “wave” of people and said that was almost as frightening as the bullets.

No arrests were immediately made. The shooting remains under investigation.

Were you there? If so, please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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One Comment

  1. George says:

    Solution: 1. Ban alcohol on the beach and by vendors
    2. no loud music, Or maybe no music at all
    3. no glass objects, smoking, dancing on the beach
    Or maybe apply this rules on certain days of the week. Give the public a choice to perhaps feel safer and less worried when planning a beach trip.

    Might bring out a nice change and feel to the beach experience.

  2. jayk says:

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    1. REASONABLE GUY says:

      Sorry but we don’t need any garbage that comes from FOX NEWS!!

      FOX NEWS = Propaganda and racism

      enough said.

      They have been caught plenty of times lying to the public. By using FOX NEWS as reference, you just lost all credibility. Sorry!!

      We are interested in facts! Not propaganda or garbage you heard from ignorant racist people such as GLEN BECK, BILL OREILLY, SEAN HANNITY, RUSH LIMBAUGH, LOU DOBBS, ANN COULTER, ELIZABETH HASSELBECK, JUAN WILLIAMS, SARAH PALIN, and many other cretins. These people are simply opportunists who are making millions by sprewing hatred and propaganda. while you their followers can’t even make the rent. They make money by creating fear and controversy. Any smart white person would agree with me.

  3. Question Diversity says:

    Segregation in the U.S. South (and Apartheid in South Africa) wasn’t set up to harm blacks; it existed to protect Whites.

    1. prettygood says:

      You are correct however in one case blacks had to deal with being brought over to a foreign country and ensalved and in the other case being colonized. in both cases whites looked to profit. Slaves were needed to work the land and the natural resources gold, diamonds, oil were taken from africa a land that whites had no business going to but made it their business to do so. So you are right but neither would have had to be established if whites had left africans in africa.

      1. ANGRYBLACKMAN says:


      2. Question Diversity says:

        Blacks invented slavery (and slavery still goes on in Africa today).

  4. easy solution says:


  5. downsouthbob says:

    Thank you guys for saving time and effort,the kkk and skineheads can now retire thanks to black on black crime


    Stop comparing apples and oranges you cretin. Japan is a developped country. Was not oppressed by other nations. Haiti ia an Undevelopped country where lazy white people travelved to Africa and kinapped the africans and enlaved them for hundreds of years. First occupied by the lazy French then the Americans whom in part are responsible for haiti destruction. All these white countries have raped Haiti of all its natural resources till it dried out. Their main goal is to keep the Hatiians down for the simple fact that they were the first blacks to forcefully oust their oppressors from their settlement.

    Learn some history before making idiotic comparisons. You are a royal idiot !


      Kidnapped??? Yes and yes!! I don’t care what you say or what you are trying to convince people with or where you studied your brainwashing fake history from. Perhaps from your racist grand parents racist history books. But the facts remain unchanged. At least that is what the white man wants to teach black kids, that their ancestors sold them to the white men. FALSE!

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  7. obama says:

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  8. obama says:

    nuff said,and dont blame racism,you have a black president who was voted in by majority of whites.

    1. Asian says:

      The exchanges are not recism. That is why a black was voted as President and dont forget, he is not 100 percent black. He is half Irish! Chinese were also slaves before the blacks in America. You can see the difference today. So, use this as a wake up call and do something about it.

  9. elvis says:

    Where did the gun come from? How much do you want to bet it was obtained legally? Stop the racist b.s., and start looking there.

    1. Jerry Lee says:

      thank you, now watch out for the gun nutz reply

      1. John says:

        Plenty of people across the country own guns legally, and they don’t go out on shooting sprees. The problem is not with the gun, it’s with the animal that uses it in this way.


    I bet Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, Bill Oreilly, Sarah Palin, Ann Coulter, Elizabeth Hassebeck, Lou Dobbs, etc…. They are all on here hiding behind screen names making racist comments too.

    1. Triad Asian says:

      That is quite true! Even blacks dont want to live among blacks that are bad!


    There are no prisons in all white countries. I mean in countries where more than 95% of the population are whites. In countries such as Russia, Rumania, Sweden, Poland, etc… etc….. there are no prisons because whites do not commit crimes. LMAO….. Where are all these ignorant people on here come from. I bet that’s what their racist parents taught them. In the meantime. They are overcrowding all events in which blacks are in majority. Whether a basketball game, football, Hit Hop concert etc….. What a hypocrisy on the part of whites. All the racists on here are in part contributing to the problem rather than contributing to the solution. When “Maksim Gelman” , one of their own (white of course) recently went on a rampage killing several innocent people before he got stopped, didn’t seee any of the racist commentators on here. I guess they were too busy shooting drugs in their trailers or too busy preying on little kids. Bunch of hypocrites.

  12. BigBob says:

    Brighton Beach becomes a zoo during summer months, especially in the last few years it became worser.
    I dont know where the animals are coming from,,,,but with this rate….soon the civilized area will become a ruthless forest, full of danger and dangerous creatures, like hogs, so probably the only way to prevent it is to do the same as they do in Jersey when they fight the overpopulation of wild hogs ;))

    1. pm says:


  13. eyabana stephan tchassim says:

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    1. Honestly Realistic says:

      Um the president of the united states is half African. You should watch videos from the late Bill Cosby and Chris Rock, they explain and describe the debilitating mental affliction blacks face. It’s so simple that comedians explain it best. And to be frank The heaviest and main burden keeping the black race down is the Thug/Gangster Culture/Mentality. Imagine if that didn’t exist, do you think this would have happend today?

      1. nyc says:

        I agree with you 100%. This whole black Thug/Gangster Mentally in music etc. has made things worse. I thought by the country electing a black president would change attitudes, but it has not and it seems to be getting worse ! Sad

      2. eyabana stephan tchassim says:

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        people, blacks didn t event killing; mobb gansters had shootouts in public places for centuries, bars, hotels, street, casinos, theaters….think before you speak. inform yourselves; the thug/ ganster you guys refer to as the problem here, has been a business tool for blacks; like always, we were able to take that negative creation of the mobb, and translate it into our arts( hip hop) and make money out of it. even funnier is the fact that the whites are the largest clientele we have( the majority). that’s the thug life we publicized; the one you find in the lyrics of the cd you and your kids buy to enrich our pockets.that is called being a business man. the thug life you see in the world today associated with killings and gangs is a lasting remnant of the mobb life style you introduced in this country. that is your creation. own up to it.

      3. eyabana stephan tchassim says:

        it actually shows how simple minded you guys are by basing your source of intelligence upon words of TWO COMEDIANS/ACTORS, and believing the solution to the crisis we blacks been facing for centuries and continue to face till this very day is as easy as electing a mixed president after 300 years, since this country’s existence. bravo you geniuses!!! lol. some people do not deserve a platform for their opinions. so ignorant.

    2. WHITE PROFESSOR says:

      Your lazy ancestors went to Africa to kidnap the blacks to come do their hard and dirty work for them in the US while torturing and raping them. Let’s teach our kids some real history now!!! Enough with the B.S brainwashing fake ass history. Blacks were never sold by blacks! Stop the B.S! I beg you!

  14. emjayay says:

    Well I guess that Coney Island Beach, while not exactly a posh resort, is a lot better than Brighton, not having an express from the ghetto subway to it.

    I have no idea what the incident in question was about or who was involved. But germane to the discussion….no one ever talks about the real obvious elephant in the room social problem in nyc and many other places: housing projects. Subsidising prople to live in intergenerational dysfunction is a truly stupid social policy. All the taxpayers pay for this subsidy first with their tax money, then with more tax money for police and prisons and lower property values for blocks around etc. Calling them “houses” or whatever doesn’t change the reality. Most crime and most social dysfunction in general is no doubt bred in these places.

    Would you live there if you were low on funds? No, you would move into your brother in law’s basement or move to some cheap area or work two minimum wage jobs or anything else you could think of. All these places should be just torn down or sold off ASAP.

  15. Luiz says:

    The problem is the people who stubbornly (and ignorantly) believe that crime is a result of the society not providing for the poor. I bet you haven’t ever seen in your life poor Chinese or poor Indians, or poor [insert race/ethnicity/religion here] strive to become something more than what their parents gave them, and actually achieve it. Or you believe that rich, healthy societies are the result of God dropping money on their heads. Either way, you’re ignorant. Welfare doesn’t help people have a good life; it makes them dependent. Welfare is a tool of certain political parties to get those dependents to vote for them in the next election. Welfare is a parasite on the backs of those hard-working people who don’t have the attitude that society owes them anything, and strive to become something more than their parents or their society or their environment gave them. Success is a matter of attitude, not your racial/religious/economic status.

  16. logic minded says:

    STAN is the man,
    stan you make sense. you argue correctly. your logic is understood by us logical people.

    Truthful Thoughts?
    you my fine representation dont have the capability to understand Stan. And because of your upbringing and rolemodels, you would do anything in your power to avoid knowing the truth because it doesnt fit in with your reasons for your own failures. i bet you have on several occassions thought to yourself ‘the black man is holding me down’ lol. its funny. 98% of crime in new york committed by blacks? well why do we see other races in court? or prison.
    research and understand these simple facts. (though you really dont want to know them.)
    1. most crime is committed by the racial majority (currently whites)
    2. most people on welfare are white (easy to look up, wish i had a link)
    3. the ghetto was originally jewish (its a jewish word)
    4. the ghetto is a state of mind not a place. shared by enough people in a small area and vacated by all other ways of thinking creates a ghetto neighborhood.
    5. the ghetto mentality in a predominantly white area is not allowed to concentrate itself into a small area, and gets flooded with persons of other ways of thinking as soon as its discovered. (I.E. crack comes to white new jersey “oh my god its an epidemic” “something must be done immediately”)
    5. perceived lack of opportunity leads to crime. (there is always opportunity, but you may not believe it is worth the effort or like stan suggested we would all run fortune 500 companies)

    Conclusion: robbed of their ties to their culture, without an equal percentage of wealth in their families to provide the hope of resources, coupled with negative stereotypical statistics blown out of proportion and repeated to them as minors and throughout their life, its easy to see how a higher percentage of any group in this category would have a perceived lack of opportunity greater than another group. leave race out and make all statistics equal and all races perform pretty much the same. on the other hand each race is different like a doberman is different than a bloodhound. other than size differences we are closer to the similarity of ways between a black pigeon a brown pigeon and a white pigeon.

    if you agree please type ‘I AGREE’ if you dont agree to most of this LOOK IT UP!

    1. Per Capita says:

      Stan lets go down your list, and i’ll make some corrections.

      1. Per Capita Blacks commit crime 10 times more then whites.
      2. Per Capita Blacks receive welfare at a much higher rate.
      3. Look at your local jail demographics
      4. Use common sense.
      5.Look at every black community here and abroad.

      1. logic minded says:

        did you read the conclusion?

      2. hateisevil says:

        No No look at the the Black community in the white house, oh no we are even there, the world will end. Get off your big white horse and I will ask your white women to get of my bigger black D*&K!

    2. VoteSharpton says:

      What is with all this racism on here? The African American has contributed an enormous amount to this country over many many years. And we get thrown in jail when about 98% of those of us arrested are truly innocent? Pleeeease people.

      1. logic minded says:

        whats with the 98% again?
        98% arent anything

    3. BlackcollegeGradthathasaJob says:

      Hey has anyone noticed that there are blacks on this board that are writing in complete sentences and making sense? Are the racists on this board not stooping down to the level of the most ignorent race on earth by engaging in such debate? If we are so bad why even comment? Let us stew in our uneducated filthy world of drakness!

      1. BlackCollegeGradThatOwnsACompany says:

        illustriously piognant quip.

      2. obama says:

        what are you the 2% that has a job???how do you feel everyday seeing your people kill each other and act like animals,since you have a job why dont you try and help your people

    4. Luiz says:

      Please stop insulting the concept of true logic by your words; change your name.

      You are the perfect example of a dumb black (or whatever you are) who flunked school and can’t tell the difference between total amount and percentage of population.

      If you had any understanding of what “logic” is, you’d know that it’s not how many white or black people are on welfare, it’s what percentage of the population of white people or black people (as a percent of their racial group) there are on welfare.

      There might be more white people on welfare overall, but that’s only because there are more white people overall in this country, and you’re too ignorant to understand the distinction between “total amount” and “per capita”.

      Once again, stop insulting truly “logic-minded” people and change your name, poser.

    5. obama says:

      well per capita to population there is million more whites than blacks in usa so your argument doesnt stand up,if they were same amount of population.239 million whites compared to 38 million blacks in the usa,thats a bifg difference,check your facts logic minded,now you quiet eeehh

    6. obama says:

      well per capita to population there is million more whites than blacks in usa so your argument doesnt stand up,if they were same amount of population.239 million whites compared to 38 million blacks in the usa,thats a bifg difference,check your facts logic minded,now you quiet eeehh

      look that up idiot

  17. Brighton girl says:

    Look everyone, lets not fight about thi and all be adults. We can have discussions like normal human beings and not put each other down. We all have opinions and no one is right or wrong here. Lets resect each other’s opinion. I myself is a white russian jew who came here as a child from a very poor russian family. I dont agree that crime comes from low income families or uneducated families or anything in the low category. These things happen among blacks, whites, yellow, orange.. Any color people. I’ve seen blacks kill blacks, white kill white, etc. We cant judge and we dont know what went on there today.
    As far as brighton being a good area. As far as i remember, to me, brighton has never been a good area. U wanna live in a good area where its quiet, move to north corolina. Brighton has always been filled with different culture, its dirty, its everything u can imagine. I personally would never take my child there. If i wanna go to the beach, i take a drive out to long island or jersey and i enjoy my quiet beach there. Brighton is brighton. Maybe back in the day it was nice, but back in the day, most things were nicer. U cant compare back in the day and now. Neighborhoods change and if udont like it, move. I am starting to hate bk, thats why i am leaving ny and moving. Everyone has a choice.

    1. flip daskrip says:

      see the comment under brooklyn girl

  18. Brad Roberts says:

    I was there less then 20 minutes after it happened. One woman who told a reporter for 1010 wins news..said she thought people had entered the restaurant. Thank you tube for helping to set the record straight…Two videos have already surfaced from the incident… In this case, based on what I saw from the crowd on the beach,plus the video….it seems like a random shooting….

    There was some concern that it was gang related..TheYoutube videos (which look like they were shot within seconds of the shooting, don’t bear that out)…..

    Some comments here have expressed concerns of seeing more gang members on the boardwalk by brighton beach then before….

    I was there last night… I did see some gang members right by the Brighton Beach Y,but they weren’t bothering anyone so I didn’t think it was a problem.

    One problem I see in the immediate future…..

    The Coney Island dancers give free dance concerts near Nathans on the boardwalk on the Coney Island Side….They go out of their way to help entertain the crowd..and at the same time..insure a safe environment…The problem is that the gangs do sometimes hang around the area there, but they don’t bother people…I hope no one tries to provoke a confrontation….

  19. -_- says:

    REALLY honestly REALLY???you REALLY want to go there about who created a gangsta mentality in this country????created?from as far back as history has been recorded, europeans have had superior weaponry compared to most other society in order to “ensure their wealth and survival by means of violence and force.there was the black plague- they had to flee europe to look for healthier and richer environments.But instead of living side by side with others they murdered people. natives will tell you in the north south and central americas.too lazy to take care of land they stole so they got africans to bud this nation.down the line u have all sort of italians, russian mafias coming up.the original gangs of NY weren’t black.lmao.there were european immigrants.o don forget about hitler too.the irish tortured the scottish and you talking about black created what????and of all places CREATED GANGSTAs IN AMERICA????rap music got its gangsta influence from european mafias. next time you want to make a general statement of a people, read a book first.

    1. -_- says:

      And with that being said i love all people whites blacks asian i don’t care. I do. Im NOT being racist. This is for the ‘Conservative’ bigots and the idiot who said that black created th.e ‘gangsta mentality’.

      Like i said, READ a book. stop listening to Rush limbaugh all the time

    2. percapita says:

      What scares me is that you are reading the wrong books. Not to mention your whole argument is full of falsities. Your ignorance is astounding.

      1. Me says:

        And what’s the right book “percapita”? I guess anything that puts the black race down! Right? From your comments on here, I already know you are one of those Rush Limbaugh conservatice racists,

        Get your facts straight and learn some math when you want to sprew your racial hatred on here. Don’t just post garbage and expect to be convincing enough for dumb racist whites such as yourself to agree with you. There are also smart people on here. Not just trashy blacks and trashy whites.

  20. plain and simple says:

    my heart goes out to the victims things are getting out of hands and i agree we should charge to go to the beach stop arguing and worrying about th racism and worry about those that got shot that couldve been your family member

  21. confused says:

    I don’t get it. For the longest time still till this day evil white America hang, Beat,and everything to one another and others but when black people do it, black people destroying America. When your family came on the mayflower didn’t they get kicked out? Landed here killed the most people,enslave some then gave the rest two square of nothing. went to the next land did the same thing moved them around and treated them like property not humans …this last for years on end … Now blacks are “killing one another its a problem? You think black are ruining America then leave! Why does everything has to have a color? You can name the bad thing blacks do , but name the things black do right…. Bet you didn’t know a black invented the stop light! Yes stop with the gangster music its not helpful… Especially when white kids go to school and shoot everyone after listen to rock music! Make you think

    1. dk says:

      You are confused because you are an idiot. Having to explain the obvious to dung like yourself is useless at best. Your agenda will always blind reality.

  22. Alejandro says:

    I saw incident once around Brighton Beach, when group of 30 black youths ran and walked fast, disregarded traffic light and jumped on the hood of the car standing at traffic lights….This is the “culture” of the black youths…Too late to change them…Only one advice to Obama: give federal money for infrastructure projects, and I mean to build more prisons to accomodate the growing population….

    1. no more prisons says:

      you idiot! 30 white youths got drunk and let the cows loose and jumped on top of tractors too. you just dont see it on the news, you see the stuff in the city where there is no concentration of poor white people. dont you think the youth of england, germany,ireland, vietnam, and hawaii do the same type thing? well maybe not hawaii, they are pretty happy there.

  23. Brooklyn Girl says:

    I was there , all i have to say is insted of police worring who drinks and smokes at the beach they should worry more about these things happening and these crazy ppl with guns at a place where we all use to feel safe with our children and not now have to worry about some crazy person with a gun shooting at ppl…even my 4 yr old asked me scared mommy what happened ?? what am i sopose to tell him in a place where he feels safe where we all feel safe ……all i have to say in the end is STOOOOPPPPP bringing GUNSSSS at the beach full of Children

    1. flip daskrip says:

      stop bringing children to a beach full of guns!!!
      I mean why would you go to that beach anyway?
      everyone knows its full of the craziest people! forget race. its full of all races of the craziest people that want to be so overcrowded that something has to happen. all we heard about was the shooting. 500 other things happenned there too!

  24. MSA says:


  25. Bkzprmami says:

    @ iggy fyi BA is bachelors an MA is masters.. An some of you sound so ignorant its wrong.. The only person that can judge us is god.. Im a hispanic woman that was born an raised in brooklyn an grew up around african americans.. You cannot judge someone for there skin color its stupid.. An also white ppl are crazy all the craziest stuff like kidnapping an raping children an holding ppl ransom wat u think they are WHITE.. so before u judge another race look at ur own .. We are all equal the only difference is the color of our skin..

  26. Swill says:

    Seems like you are exhibiting the same behavior as those you condemn.

  27. Laynee says:

    I was actually there… my friends and I were in the water and one of them had to pull me out. We thought they were firecrackers at first because the sound wasnt sharp enough to sound like a gunshot…. but when we saw people running and choppers flying around thats when we decided to leave.

  28. Alejandro says:

    Blame police of NYC , they are not doing the work, blame the system with not enough prizons to keep them inside forever. I think, if government can’t protect its citizens, they should form their own police and hunt culprits down and clean the area from “undersireble elements”

  29. Daniel says:

    People from the sticks will lack a well rounded perception of the black community because they do not meet enough black people. Living in the city, a person realizes that black people are peers to whites.

  30. Anychka says:

    Brighton Beach used to be a safe, welcoming neighborhood, I’ve lived here for 10 years, and have watched it slowly decline from the primarily white neighborhood made up of Jews and post-Soviet immigrants to the mess it’s become today. The situation today was a terrible one – I wasn’t at Brighton Beach (I’ve personally stopped going since it’s become over-run by animals who constantly harass me and my friends at the beach), but at Manhattan Beach, and I just can’t understand why people have to flood in from far-off neighborhoods (i.e., Flatbush – just off the Q and B so, unfortunately, easy access) and wreak havoc on our previously safe pocket. They need to start charging for beach access and increase police presence ten fold to effectively take care of this situation. I didn’t get a bachelor’s and master’s degree as a second generation immigrant and work my as*s off to pay rent in the Sheepshead Bay and Brighton Beach area to have it over-run by hooligans with nothing better to do than pull guns out on innocent people. And I’m also sick of all the excuses made on this page to forgive this behavior – I’m also from a low income, single parent family and rather than fall into the category of “trash”, I worked to better my socioecnomic status – there is no excuse for criminals as to why they are criminals. I personally don’t care where they’re from or what the color of their skin is – just keep them out of my neighborhood. I blame the city for not cleaning the area up – if you don’t want trash blowing into and overtaking otherwise good neighborhoods, focus on increasing security and making sure they’re discouraged from visiting.

    1. jim says:

      I guess the beach is kept free to make general public to have access to the beach but it proves again that those who want it for free are not capable of enjoying it in a peaceful way. I would pay $5 every time I go there not to see this lawless trash.

      1. heres my five says:

        i agree

    2. Lyagushka says:

      agree with you, they need to start charging for beach access. This is so terrible. I can’t believe I was there yesterday with my 3 year old daughter. We were passing by Tatiana’s around the same time. Sad to say but our neighborhood is not safe anymore… and we are not safe anymore. It’s so sad, my heart goes out to the families of the victims…

    3. jim says:

      I bet each of the youngsters has a pack of cigarettes for $10 and a dose of pot for $20 shared with his buddy. Each also has $20 to buy McDonald’s . Could pay for the access to the beach easily.

  31. jim says:

    well I read comments about racism left to right. I tell you this. I am not a racist. I am white(russian) I have many black/white/indian/chinese friends and so on. I have nothing against any nationality/color. I myself was a witness of what’s going on on brighton beach in hot weather. I go there every weekend with my 5 yo son. When most of the people peacefully enjoy the beach and surrounding environment there often are huge groups of black people marching on the streets to/from the beach. Ranging from 40 to 100 people in a group. Not that it scared me, but I didn’t feel comfortable to see it. They walk in the center of the street making it hard for cars to pass by, getting into the aggravation with anyone on their way. I am sure everyone understands what I mean. Again it didn’t look peaceful at all. Mostly young people they looked at other people on a street like “Try to say something and we kill you!” White people don’t do it. Chinese people don’t do it too. My natural instinct was to grab my son and leave the area. I can not be sure, but what happened today was just a logical result… I believe some people try to pretend mafia games and they get too far. I read many comments from intelligent black people which I always respect and hope they won’t feel any offense from my comment.

  32. INJUN says:


  33. jim says:


  34. Ironykills 2.0 says:

    Its absolutely hilarious how conservatives bigots such as you all have the nerve to rant on the internet about how terrible black people are. Yet you make yourselves look pathetic by being racist and not contributing a thing towards society. Ask yourselves “when is the last time i attempted to help out a youth?” and im pretty sure most if not all of you bigots cant even think of one time. In all honesty its ignorant people like you who hold america back from being what it is capable of becoming. You all minds are as about open as a locked chamber in hell. If you look at it, your superioty complex’s are nothing more then delusional. Its hilarious all you guys do is rant about how bad blacks are well your entire way of life is a contridiction at best. lmao P.S. im a black 18 yr old haha

    1. Honestly Realistic says:

      The only way to help a youth, is to help all youths. And that is to eliminate the thug culture that is going to infect they’re mentality later on in life, regardless of you’re mentoring.

    2. Alex says:

      Why do I have to help you? You mature enough to take full responsibility for your actions. Why do we have to help aggressive black youngsters? You have your mother and (maybe) father. They have to teach you. Stop collecting welfare at public housing. Go to work, pay taxes, and then you would have right to say something about America.

    3. dk says:

      You are a coward. There is nothing worse than that.

  35. IronyKills says:

    Its absolutely hilarious how conservatives bigots such as you all have the nerve to rant on the internet about how terrible black people are. Yet you make yourselves look pathetic by being racist and not contributing a thing towards society. Ask yourselves “when is the last time i attempted to help out a youth?” and im pretty sure most if not all of you bigots can even think of one time. In all honesty its ignorant people like you who hold america back from being what it is capable of becoming. You all minds are as about open as a locked chamber in hell. If you look at it, your superioty complex’s are nothing more then delusional. Its hilarious all you guys do is rant about how bad blacks are well your entire way of life is a contridiction at best. lmao P.S. im a black 18 yr old haha

    1. truthful thoughts says:

      have you yourself contributed anything to the youth?? begin a black 18 yr old? i mean you are of legal age so i say if you are so intelligent then you could mentor a troubled youth to not be troubled…so, questions is, have you?

      1. ironykills 2.0 says:

        yea, actually i have i participated in a school community service campain to mentor elementary school students and also tutor them in the process. i’ve completed 48 hours of community service that will show on my college records. while maintaining a part time job as a cashier ar a local grocery store. so to answer your question. yea. its fairly simple

  36. Honestly Realistic says:

    Like i orginally posted, it is about the ghetto mentality/gangster mentality, The blacks created it. When i was listening to the radio the other day, i passed by hot 97, and some dj talks saying someone is fiah, then a song comes on with a man rapping and the first words i hear are. “I LIKE TAH SEE NIGGUHS GET SHOT” , now what comes to my mind is remembering those tapes that people used to listen to all day and even when they slept, so they can learn a new language, well if you’re listening to that music all day, even if you live in a mansion in a nice neighborhood, then i wonder what you’re mentality is going to be like. The solution to all the problems is to destroy the THUG CULTURE.

    P.S Al Sharpton makes things worse, not better, also he was a criminal gangster from harlem in the 1970’s

    1. qd2of4 says:

      @ Honestly Realistic – are you sure about the ethnic group that created the “ghetto mentality/gangster mentality”? If you are trying to rewrite history and point fingers, please note that in your comments.

      P.S. Jesus hung around prostitutes……and? Believe it or not, people change. LOL Folks are funny.

      1. Very conservative says:

        Liberalism is a mental disorder….

      2. Honestly Realistic says:

        People Change, and that is what i’m trying to incite. “CHANGE, YES WE CAN!”

  37. concerned citizen says:

    Violence doesn’t know COLOR, it only knows IGNORANCE.

  38. Richard says:

    How did someone get shot in New York City, I thought they had one of the toughest gun laws in the Nation. When guns are outlawed, only outlaws have guns.

  39. patrick says:

    Wow some of the things said on this post are just laughable. I am a 28 year old black man born and raised here in NYC. BA from Fordham, MA Rutgers, make over 120k, never been to jail, home in Rockland that I share with a legal wife who is also a college grad and an exucutive. Do some of you really think that all blacks are criminals?

    If so you need to hang out with me and I will show you another side of us that you wouldnt believe. Dont live check to check, have real savings, own stock, never in debt. A vacation for me is Europe, Asia, not the jersey shore.

    Lets stop generlizing.

    1. truthful thoughts says:

      thank god people like you are out there.. perfect role model for all colors

    2. Very conservative says:

      Patrick, you seem like a very respectable human being. Much more respectable than many white people I know. But if you are as intelligent as you are making yourself out to be, then you will realize that a much higher percentage of blacks have overall worse qualities than whites, for whatever the reason. Just look at crime and poverty rates. And that can’t all be blamed on the white man. And harping on the long removed slavery issue does not make tensions any easier. Wish there was some way to abolish that from everyone’s memory.

      1. Katy says:

        Considering African Americans make up 13% of the country’s population, your statement is mathematically impossible, willfully ignorant, hateful and racist. You’re an idiot.

      2. Luiz says:

        SMH. Katy, seeing how you don’t understand the difference between what percent of population a race is, and what percent of all crime is committed by a certain race, you need to stop calling people willfully ignorant and try to fix your own ignorance.

    3. iggy says:

      BA? MA? it’s executive. it’s generalizing. i’d go back and check the degrees. i went to bushwick HS

    4. SOCHRMD says:

      Thank you for posting this. This is so true, I come from a family where we are all educated, don’t live off the government, and have no criminal records. by we I am talking about me and my siblings and parents. all families have the troubled ones, may it be a black family, a white family and so on. it’s sad to see people stereotype blacks.

    5. HK says:

      “Generalizing”???? Well if you have had such an illustrious career than I am wondering how it is you cannot understand the difference between generalization and pointing out the obvious? The problem is that you won’t even admit there is a problem, you just gaff it off as “generalizing”.

      There is no generalization here, I don’t need a successful black man who does in no way represent the black community to tell me about generalizing. Because that is exactly what you are doing, however you have no grounds. The facts are the facts. Or do you think there is some worldwide, 8000 year conspiracy against the black race?

      If the problem was simply in the USA I could give some credence to some of the nonsense-packed enlightenment liberals gorge on. But of course this is a world-wide problem everywhere there are multitudes of blacks. And yes the average black person is far more aggressive, self-righteous & violent than ANY OTHER racial group on the planet.

      1. eyabana stephan tchassim says:

        HK, seems like patrick just want to “belong”. one of those negros that defines his life according to the white man code and brainwashed to despise his own race and heritage. transparent folk.” my vacation is in europe????” lol. bet you’ve never tough about a simple trip to africa. shame on u

    6. newyorker says:

      Patrick, I afraid that projects next to the Coney Island where all this animals come from does not have a single person with BA. Not to mention when I walking every morning to a train and if there are a crowd of five or more black kids going to school they usually spit on your back….no body trying to generalize here but it is very tough to find good black guy around Brighton beach area.

  40. Stan says:

    You are painfully wrong my friend.
    For one, look up UCR databases for accurate statistics on crime, please don’t pull out these numbers out of your behind, it is people like you that fuel the problems and not fix them.

    Another point I would like to bring up is that ignorant people as yourself (and I am not ridiculing you, I am just pointing out a fact I have proven in my first point) fail to realize that crime knows no color, it only knows poverty, if you head out to the southern states you will realize that most crime is done by whites, does that mean we are degenerates of society? No it only proves a scientific fact that where there is poverty there is crime. Granted the majority (yet no where close to 99%) of crime in NYC is done by minorities, but this is simply due to our society not providing for the lower class,

    Now the racists here will rant about how they should go out and find a job, yet they fail to realize that our ancestors, whoever lived in New York city in the beginning of the 1900s were motly poor white immigrants that mostly turned to some types of crime. We need to face it, society is not equal, growing up in a torn down neighborhood will do this to you (Broken Windows Theory).

    Please, just breath and think logically

    1. Mike says:

      Society not providing for the lower class? Who is this “lower class”? Do we have a caste system like the Middle East or India? What exactly should we be providing them? Free housing, welfare….not enough? Oh, and free medical too. I guess American automobile manufacturers are not doing so well so maybe we should give them all a car…..with free gas coupons and insurance of course. Why should those of us working have to pay for those that will not. It is not as if they can’t work, they just don’t want to……

    2. BLACKSTRAY says:

      If you feed a stray cat, more stray cats come, and you keep feeding them all, and then they keep reproducing, and there kids come to you for food, and they all come to you for food, and depend on you.

      1. Stan says:

        Please let us not confuse my arguments, and make “assumptions” Assumptions only make you look bad and prove my point further of ignorance consuming you.

        1. Very conservative says:

          Liberalism is a mental disorder…

          1. Stan says:

            I honestly can’t comprehend why you think you make sense ? I guess it’s like arguing with a ward patient. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to.

    3. Stan says:

      OOOO, Great one, I love answering this one.

      How much do you make per year?
      How many times did you get a ticket?
      Why are you not driving a ferrari or a Maybach?
      Can’t you think of a successful business?
      Come on, Trump has a helicopter, what is wrong with you, you are just a lazy no good cracker (for the sake of the argument, don’t worry I’m white too)
      Now take these comments as a template for your concern of why are the minorities not working and finding jobs. Just as you cant think of a Fortune 500 business, You weren’t bread to. You didn’t grow up in a country club or a yacht club. So were not the poor population of our society, some get lucky and find a way out, most get eaten y it. And please use your brain to understand my example

    4. truthful thoughts says:

      my friend, crime may have no color, but it is clearly shown by these peoples actions (HERE IN NEW YORK, not in alabama, not in ohio, but in NY) that black youth is the reason for 98% of crime in NYC.

    5. truthful thoughts says:

      and lets not get all psychological here..

      so please, just breath and be a psychologist to someone who needs it.. like you

    6. Seen too much too long says:

      You said that our white answers mostly turned to crime at the beginning of the 20th century? Where are your statistics? We also have to “provide” for the lower class in order to reduce crime? That claptrap was thrown out in the 60s and 70s. Go to Rockaway and look at the projects that were built. Go to what used to be Cabrini Green in Chicago. The projects which were supposed to change people by changiing their environment, simply concentrated the poverty and bred crime. Rockaway was nearly destroyed by Arverne, etc.

    7. INJUN says:


      1. -_- says:

        wrong more savage.had to kill and steal to live.too lazy to take care of what they stole had- to use africans.there.stfu.and read a book.

    8. Luiz says:

      The problem with people like you, Stan, is that you stubbornly believe that crime is a result of the society not providing for the poor. I bet you haven’t ever seen in your life poor Chinese or poor Indians, or poor [insert race/ethnicity/religion here] strive to become something more than what their parents gave them, and actually achieve it. Or you believe that rich, healthy societies are the result of God dropping money on their heads. Either way, you’re ignorant, just like most liberals when it comes to economic policy. Welfare doesn’t help people have a good life; it makes them dependent. Welfare is a tool of certain political parties to get those dependents to vote for them in the next election. Welfare is a parasite on the backs of those hard-working people who don’t have the attitude that society owes them anything, and strive to become something more than their parents or their society or their environment gave them. Success is a matter of attitude, not your racial/religious/economic status.

      1. TheTruthHurtsTheIgnorant says:

        Best comment i’ve read so far.

    9. KPMc says:

      “whoever lived in New York city in the beginning of the 1900s were motly poor white immigrants that mostly turned to some types of crime”

      Umm… nooo.. I dont think so. While of course there was crime if you think the majority of Italian, Irish, Scandinavian and German immigrants turned to crime your just as clueless as the racists that rant nonsense and the apologists that won’t see the truth.

      Most of those immigrants assimilated to American culture without resorting to crime and violence. They made their kids speak and even teach them English to better get along. They worked several jobs to provide for their families and even more when parochial schools started charging tuition.

      They sent their kids to little league and scouts and to college and became party of the community, not something separate.

      Do you think the same things are happening with today’s immigrants (white or otherwise)? With the A-A community whose ancestors were here long before mine? Because I’m not seeing it. Take a deep breath and open your eyes, Stan.

  41. Honestly Realism says:

    You hit the nail on the head

  42. truthful thoughts says:

    i agree, this is why i NEVER go to brighton 5th beach. all the animals get off the Q train on brighton beach and walk straight down. the only time i go on brighton 5th boardwalk is @ nighttime in the summer during fireworks, to have dinner. i know by that time most if not all of them are gone. they do not know how to behave in public (not all, but most) ill tell you, the most calm black people are carribean people from islands such as barbados etc. althought they do not consider themselves black but carribean because upon coming to the USA they see that black people hear dont know how to behave. on the other hand real africans from africa (i have met a few in my university) are also very calm and smart and absolutly show no signs at all of the behavior that african americans show. the black ppl born and raised in the US are racist, wild and always looking for a conflict,, personally they discust me. black people born and raised in the US need to get TAMED and stop acting like wild loud mouthed fried chicken on the train eating animals and more like human beings. and al sharpton is the most racist bigot on the planet. he cheats his own blacks out of everything and keeps it all to himself. black and proud my ass.. when you learn how to ACT like a human than you can be proud.. spread the message

    1. metel says:

      Very conservative, lets proof read before posting please less we will assume Haitians and Jamaicans are more intelligent than you.

    2. ILOVENY says:

      Lol very true, analyze the mind of a DOMINICAN BLACK, they are haitian after all, and you will witness true sneakiness.

  43. johnny boy says:

    ‘s gonna be a hot summer in the city – back of my neck’s gettin gritty

  44. SuperRacist says:

    Guys, I’d say hold off on the racism until we know who did the shooting.

    I will not deny that Brighton Beach has many black people visiting during the summer (especially on school holidays) and it may be a result of that, but all the facts are not in yet.

    1. truthful thoughts says:

      okay the shootting was a “turf war” incident. it was an altercations between two black rivals. i believe it was gang rivals… something along the lines of bloods && crips. the victims where ALL black.. im guessing the shooter had to be black

  45. Stan says:

    Guys, as a white man I gotta say I’m a bit ashamed of these comments. I do however understand the anger from both sides of this imaginary “race tension”. It’s just that both sides need to understand a simple fact. As long as we have this attitude to one another, we as a species will not evolve, Be humble, and try to think of ways to fix an issue and not feed the fire with worthless degrading words. I know everyone here hates Glenn Beck, yet the majority of you act like him.

    1. BlahBlah says:

      Liberalism is as much a mental disorder as much as conservatism is.

      I’m a moderate (socially slightly liberal, conservative when it comes to money, but I don’t really go very far either way) and I find it really dumb when conservatives and liberals fight. There’s nothing terribly wrong with either one, everyone has their faults.

    2. Robert says:

      Well said

    3. SOCHRMD says:

      @stan, well said

    4. HK says:

      “Race tension”????? The only tension arises from the never ending flow of violent and unruly black youth that dart the streets endlessly. How dare you act like you are so above reproach? Are you such a coward that even behind the silk screen you must hide and clammer with the destructive devices? Liberals do not have the balls to tell the wrongdoers they are wrong. How does it feel to be a coward Stan?

  46. fu2 says:

    The logo is what the nypd uses when its a white boy!!

  47. VoteSharpton says:

    “Black” gangsters? Please stop giving colored people a bad name. We are the most peaceful, loving, intelligent, motivated, innovative, hard-working, intelligent ethnicity.

    1. jack says:

      lolololol,,,yeah when your behind bars

    2. Honestly Realistic says:

      Peaceful, Loving?! blacks are the most racist people in NYC i’ve ever encountered!, tell the Indian man who got his 3 teeth knocked out by a black man on the A train calling him a taliban 4 days ago, look it up its in the daily news. His son was also stabbed in the eye while travelling through east new york for wearing a turban. Until blacks realize the culture that they created, the THUG CULTURE is poison and destroying them, then they will never evolve ethically and morally

    3. Stan says:

      I’m always against racism, but your comment is a contradiction in itself. And If you are (YOU personally, not the black community) “intelligent” then you would not claim your race as being above everyone else as you did on your comment, that just sets you on the bar of the racists. Sharpton is a racist and a crook in my opinion, he feeds on the emotions and dreams of the black community while doing nothing but bettering his own image for his own good.

  48. kojack t says:

    100 bucks its an illegal russian on a sponsor or a black from the coney projects involved…

  49. kendra says:

    that is a damn shame now people can,t even go to the beach to have fun like there suppose to.

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