Pundit: Promise Of A Job Might Expedite Rep. Weiner’s Resignation

New York Dems Want Nothing More Than To Not Talk About Weiner-Gate

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The official hint that Congressman Anthony Weiner may quit came on Tuesday.

And there were suggestions that there’s more President Barack Obama can do to help ease him out, reports CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer.

“It’s been what two weeks. It’s been a very long two weeks,” Rep. Carolyn McCarthy said.

To some, the steady trickle of Rep. Weiner’s steamy, sexually self-absorbed self portraits has seemed never ending, as has his inability to decide exactly what to do. But now there appears to be light at the end of this dark tunnel for the Democrats.

“Hopefully we are hearing he might resign in a couple of days,” McCarthy said.

No one wants the congressman to disappear more than President Obama.

“I can tell you that if it was me, I would resign,” Obama said on Monday.

However, pundits think there might be just a little bit more the president can do to make it happen.

“Maybe the White House helps him get a job, with no fingerprints, so he can go on making a living, which is what he needs to do as well,” political consultant Hank Sheinkopf said.

A job to help support pregnant wife Huma Abedin would certainly help with the decision to resign, something many of his house colleagues are anxiously awaiting.

“I think we should send a strong message to him that he should resign,” Michigan Rep. Sandy Levin said.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has said members should support his ouster due to, “our higher responsibility to our country to uphold a high ethical standard in the Congress of the United States.”

House Speaker John Boehner has also agreed that Rep. Weiner should step down.

But Weiner’s mentor, Sen. Charles Schumer, continued to duck the resignation question on Tuesday.

“It’s clear he needs professional help. That’s what he’s sought and that’s all I’m going to say about this subject,” Schumer said.

Ducking was contagious among New York lawmakers. Queens Congressman Joseph Crowley waved off questions claiming he was late for a meeting. Manhattan Rep. Jerrold Nadler just walked away. Brooklyn Rep. Nydia Velasquez said the “economy” and “other issues” were her topics of the day.

The process may speed up now that Weiner’s wife is due back early Wednesday morning from a State Department trip with her boss, Hillary Clinton. Interestingly, press coverage of the plane landing has been barred.

So there will be no questions to Clinton about the advice she offered on whether her aide should stay married to the randy congressman.

“The game now is really waiting for Huma, the wife of Anthony Weiner, to determine what’s going to happen,” Sheinkopf said.

Will Weiner resign? Should he? Sound off in our comments section below…

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One Comment

  1. PogoPago says:

    Ringo. That is exactly the problem. The Congress and the President never ask us what we think. They just ram things down our throat. The NYS Legislature is the same way. Hmm. Do I see a pattern here?

  2. Gunny G Alz says:

    Will Comrade Maobama RESIGN when the ATF scandal lands on HIS DOORSTEP and Holder runs for cover?

    The Anti Liberal Zone

  3. Lana says:

    Hey Obummer if “I” were “YOU” I would resign. So why don’t ya??

  4. Gregg says:

    Why should he be offered another job in order to resign ? Must be a joke ,right ? I know many great people who have lost there jobs for doing nothing wrong !This guy is a mental case.

  5. nathan says:

    Weiner can be towel-boy in my sauna, if he so wishes.

  6. Rod Anders says:

    Right. Millions of others can’t find a job to save their lives … but this filthy piece of human excrement trash should get premium help in finding one because he commits criminal malfeasance in office.

  7. paul mack says:

    I bet Barney Frank could get him a job.

  8. Cynical says:

    Wow!! I’m unemployed at the moment. Can the White House help *me* get a job too?? As an added bonus, I never tweeted or sexted any lewd photos of myself!

  9. Jack says:

    Could somebody explain why we are weening into this man’s private affairs. If he performs his job satisfactorily in the opinion of his constituents, he should not resign.

    1. paul mack says:

      Its called judgement Jack, comes in handy in positions of high responsibilty. And by the way, the votes he casts in the House do not only exclusively impact ‘his’ constituents, they tend to have national consequences.

  10. Stan says:



    Weiner can get job giving out change at a peep show.

  12. Dave R says:

    Why should Weiner be rewarded with another job??? So he lies repeatedly, uses his taxpayer-funded office & the taxpayer funded congressional gym as photo studios for his lewd/obscene photos, calls a woman he tweeted “a jew who gives good head”, and uses his position as a congressman to prey on women half his age or younger. And now he should be rewarded for resigning with another job?? Are you kidding me??? Would you want him as an employee of YOUR business??? He has no one to blame but himself for the mess he’s in, and he should be required to live with the consequences. All of the “poor Anthony Weiner” nonsense from his remaining supporters is disgusting.

  13. IgnoranteElephante says:

    I love how this was just slipped into the article, “Interestingly, press coverage of the plane landing has been barred. So there will be no questions to Clinton about the advice she offered on whether her aide should stay married to the randy congressman.”

    What?!!! Last I checked this was a country with an ostensible freedom of the press. Why should they be barred from a public place where they could interview a public figure.

    The deprivation of rights in this country and over legislation and regulation of every aspect are alot more alarming than Weiner’s weiner.

  14. Xzaygsyughgsgy says:

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  15. Tomorrow's NY Post Headline says:


  16. Kevin Cusick says:

    Things are starting to get really hard for Rep. Anthony Weiner. See why in “A Day in the Life of Anthony Weiner” on The Loop Now.com. It’s mostly fiction, except for all of the REALLY embarrassing stuff.

  17. Nelle says:

    Or—we will get the report that he is suicidal for sympathy. Meanwhile, he is “somewhere’ seeking “treatment” on our tax dollar which means a paid vacation at our expense

  18. Nelle says:

    He will NOT resign bc he will threaten to expose others who have done the same or similar things. In other words–he will blackmail congress!

  19. Jay says:

    What one foes behind closed doors is their own business but when you are a public figure you should know that those closed doors are made of glass. In the electronic age that we live in he darn well should’ve known better and so he should pay the price. A fool and his career shall soon be parted

    1. G says:

      Weiner exposes his Weiner? Twitter is not behind closed doors. It is out in front. I heard but am not sure that one of the women was only 17. If it is fact and if it were me, I would most def be behind bars right now. Bad taste, bad decision making on his part. Not the kind of person we need in a position of leadership. He has a family and they need to be supported. His transgression is not so that the powers to be cannot find him a lesser position that is not of a leadership tract. He is human and apparently in need of pscho help. Were is you sympathy people?????

  20. Ellen says:

    I keep trying to tell everybody that I have been intimate with Anthony Weiner in every way imanginable. Let’s just say that I am very familiar with his Hebrew National.

  21. Tim says:

    Weiner to resign at a press conference on Thursday!

    1. Nelle says:

      I hope you are correct

  22. TrevorSayersisdaStaminaMan says:

    Why is the King of Crooks Charlie Rangel still in office?

    1. Tadeusz Po Polsku says:

      Because he’s black, and no one dares calling for a black politician’s resignation.

      1. Luther says:

        Sad but oh so true!

      2. Jack Black says:

        True dat mofo!!

  23. Aaron says:

    Yes, he will resign. Right now, he is just trying not to kill himself. He is in a very tough situation and as a human being I sympathize with him. As I speak he is likely sitting with some folks and they are telling him everything will be alright, that you didn’t kill anybody or do something so horrible that it is not forgivable. And he is hanging onto the words for dear life even though he knows his career is finished and his marriage is going to be very hard to save. Please watch your words as you comment because he does not deserve to die over this. Nobody does.

    1. IgnoranteElephante says:

      Does anyone remember R. Budd Dwyer? Reply if you do.

      1. Aaron says:

        Yes yes, I remember it very well. My son was born on the same day. I was a political science major in college and raised in Pittsburgh. So all these things make me remember this story like it was yesterday. It is exactly why I said what I said. To be easy on this man. Don’t be so cruel. He is just a person and we all make mistakes.

      2. IgnoranteElephante says:

        Finally, people that remember. I thought I was the only one. There used to be uncut footage of it online. The one where the cameraman does a zoom right on old R. Budd as his brains pour out of his nose. Some $H!T, but I hear you about this not being worth suicide, but, then again, if people’s ranting and raving push someone to make an attempt on his own life, then that someone has problems to begin with that go beyond crotch shot sending.

        This one’s for you, R Bud!

      3. badman says:

        video is right here

  24. Jennie on The Hill says:

    This is like Chinese Water Tourture…..drip by drip. Resign already, you loser! Weiner is just buying time, he knows he’s dead to just about every Democrat out there. I think he’s just waiting for his wife to come home, so she can stand stone-faced next to him when he announces his resignation in a few days.
    For some reason, he probably having a stoic wife standing next to him as a prop when he confesses his sins and resigns will garner him more sympathy. Note to Huma: Don’t let yourself be used by this pathetic two-timing pervert. Sleep on Bill & Hillary’s couch till he clears out of your home and town for that matter!

  25. brooklyn4ever says:

    Why doesn’t our illustrious President mind his business and attempt to run the country?

    1. Flynn says:

      Um, the President was asked a question. He gave an answer.

      Meanwhile, no one asked you for your opinion. What’s your excuse?

      1. nathan says:

        The fact that Akbars comment is still up tells you how well this site is moderated. Its a JOKE.

      2. Ringo says:

        Um., who asked your opinion Flynn?

        Obama is not a Natural Born Citizen and was born a British Subject, his opinion means sqaut.
        Why does Obama not give Weiner some of the proceeds from dreams of My Father that Billl Ayers wrote to help out poor liberal pervert Weiner?

    2. Flynn says:

      Akbar, shouldn’t you be trying to attack the death star or something?

  26. nyc says:

    I would have had more respect for him ,if he actually had an affair instead of sending lewd pictures of himself to so many women ! Sick, just sick and nasty.

  27. Rick says:

    While he might not have violated any ethics laws his actions show terribly poor judgement and one has to wonder what else this guy is capable of? He needs to resign. I’m a NYC resident and there is no way I would ever vote for him.

  28. nathan says:

    Why don’t you whiners go out and get a job and contribute to this great country you love so much. Or you can always lie to us and yourselves ( a daily occurrence in your pathetic empty lives) and tell us you have one already.

  29. BF says:

    This is the new world we have created. Clinton did it and so have many other political leaders. This news is a waste, lets get on with it already.

  30. GiveMeABreak says:

    Give me a freakin break!!!!! Can’t anyone see that it is OBAMA that should resign…….this wacky-doodle buffoon of a president has so calculatingly castred our Nation that hardly ANYBODY is left with a weiner intact!!!!!!!!!

    1. rocky says:


      1. Flynn says:

        Right…because Mr. “If you disagree with us, you’re not a real American” from a few years back wasn’t jerking our country’s junk with spending all our country’s money on fabricated wars and placating the rich with sickening tax breaks.

  31. Brett Rinker says:

    Some people have the vocabulary to sum up things in a way you can understand them. This quote came from the Czech Republic . Someone over there has it figured out.
    “The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting an inexperienced man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America . Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama. It is less likely to survive a multitude of Idiots such as those who made him their president.”

    1. GiveMeABreak says:

      FANTASTIC QUOTE!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Cribblyd says:

      I totally agree. You cannot fix a stupid electorate who will fall for anything. Hence the reason this country cannot pull out of the recesssion. The bones are broken in this country and no one seems to want or to know how to mend them. What do you expect when a large percentage of your country uses drugs, refuses to get educated and basically cannot follow simple rules of law.

    3. Noah Nehm says:

      There was a scene in “I, Claudius” in which a member of Roman society complained that the problem with Rome is Caligula. Claudius replied that Rome was sick and Caligula was merely the symptom.

      Pretty much the same sentiments…

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