Agree With Anthony Weiner’s Decision To Resign Over Sexting Scandal?

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) — It’s been nearly three weeks since news of Anthony Weiner’s infamous Twitter crotch shot broke, and today the embattled congressman announced his resignation in Brooklyn.

Weiner (D-NY) was embroiled in a lewd photo/sexting scandal that he first denied but then fessed up to during a news conference as more women came forward and an X-rated photo of the 46-year-old lawmaker surfaced online.

His confession triggered a tabloid-style frenzy in print and online, and pressure for Weiner to resign mounted. Weiner apparently made the decision Wednesday and telephoned House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Steve Israel of New York, the head of the party campaign committee, to tell them of his plans to quit.

However, Weiner still has plenty of supporters, especially among seniors in Brooklyn, 1010 WINS’ Carol D’Auria reported.

1010 WINS’ Carol D’Auria Reports From Brooklyn

How do you feel about Weiner quitting over the texting scandal? Do you think he should have resigned, or should he have stuck it out? Share your comments below

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One Comment

  1. Johanna Fredrics says:

    It was stupid and immature thing he did and he does need to get help. But resign?? NO! Lokk what we have lost, now. He had great committee assignments and he was a voice of progressives in a sea of spineless Democrats who won’t stand up to special interests becuse they are afraid the gravy train will pass them by if they speak out. What a stupid shame on all counts. I hope he runs for his seat when there is the special election. Let his constituents decide.

  2. gwen says:

    tony should have stuck it out? he had nothing at all to apologize for. it takes alot to deal with the silent enemy-bullying!

  3. RBrooks says:

    Seniors support him even now?? Really? I guess the old adage that age brings wisdom just flew out the window. Our older folks are more moral-less than our youngsters & these seniors complain about the teenagers? Where’s their morality? Disgusting.

  4. RBrooks says:

    Oh I don’t know…….let me see……….he’s a sexual PERVERT “and” HE LIED! NO, he shouldn’t stay. What a dumb question.

  5. M.A.D says:


    1. RBrooks says:

      Yeah, that’s right; all those women FORCED him to act perverse. Oh and they forced him to LIE too. OMG; don’t make me laugh.

  6. Dave Miller says:

    No, he shouldn’t have resigned. What he did was stupid and tasteless, but not illegal. He should have stood up for himself and stayed.

    1. Ellen says:

      Dave right on. It should have been up to the voters to determine if Weiner should stay or not. I feel the guy got railroaded on this one. What Weiner did was tasteless and stupid, but that was it. Still it was the news media and political parties that ruled the day here, and the voters had nothing to say about it.

  7. Robertlew says:

    Never, never lie ! You lie and get caught means you can never ever be trusted !You learn this as a child and it carries through life. Hooray the liar is gone !

  8. squash says:

    He should have stuck it out. What he did was no more offensive than the under wear isle at walmart. He was doing his job alot better than all the other Dems who pressured Weiner to resign

  9. Stephen Didovich says:

    he has nobody to blame but himself

  10. Charles Almon says:

    After all is said and done, pro and con, staying, leaving,
    Weiner created this situation himself.

  11. owlbeback says:

    weiner was ’embroiled” hehe

  12. mike steede says:

    Well we’d better arrest everyone that plays call 2 duty on X-Box cause how can he cheat with someone he never met a 1,000 miles away?how does it effect the voter, how does it effect u?

  13. Nick says:

    I agreee that he needed to step down BUT we have to look at ourselves We beat this man we attacked this man Yes what he did was wrong Wrong Before God and Before his wife and child to be.
    Enough is enough we are no better than he when we act the way some did when hee resigned. I Pray that he and his wife can work things out and that they can raise there child healthy.
    Its over for the news but he and his family are just starting

  14. Jimmy says:

    You have to draw the decency line somewhere.

  15. Gone Givelte Fishing says:

    By chance, can we get rid of Lowey an Schumer while we are at it?

    1. nathan says:

      By chance, can you STFU?

      1. We Need to end Zionosm says:

        Only, ONLY with the image of the end of Talmudic Zionism

  16. Stephen M. St. John says:

    Hey, Anthony!
    You never answered my email about the bogus 9/11 “Dulles Airport” surveillance video that was used to frame Arabs, fool the public, fool a jury, and start totally unjustified and illegal invasions of Afghanistan & Iraq. If you’re reading this, you can still go to my website at

  17. ROBERT says:


  18. nathan says:

    How is Marcia Kramer going to further her journalistic career now?

  19. Eduardo Rey says:

    Republican senator Davd Vitter cavorts with a prostitue (pretty much illegal in most jurisdictions) and not a peep out of the GOP. Republican Senator John Ensign cheats on his wife with an office employee’s wife and he’s still in the Senate. Democrat Anthony Weiner, while doing something a little bizarre for most Americans’ tastes, engages with other legal partners and it’s the end of the world. Just another example of Republican hypocrisy and the Democrats caving in.

  20. Rodin says:

    Can we get over it now?

  21. Glaggghhh says:

    The National Enquirer printed photos of Weiner in COLLEGE. This means that U.S. Senator Rand Paul should be held accountable for the Aqua Buddha scandal and an ethics panel should investigate. And imagine when Presidential candidate Giuliani’s cross-dressing photos (he was mayor, at the time) are republished. Too bad that the rest of CBS didn’t follow Scott Pelley’s lead on Weiner.

    1. Rude Rudy says:

      Julie Annie, yeah man, did he not look lewed in the woman’s dress?

  22. Peter Doyle says:

    Mr.Weiner exercised monumentally poor judgement in this affair. While the constant hounding of the press – like sharks after blood – was another kind of excess, it is beside the point.
    Do we really want a person with that poor sense of judgement and lack of impulse control making decisions for us?
    I don’t.
    There is, however, the idea that he was elected by a body of constituents and it is more their right to decide than anyone else’s.
    Pete D.

    1. Frank D says:

      You miss the other shoe dropping my friend. The school book political science and very naive in the real system.

      If he loses in the next election the Democrats lose.

      If he resigns, the Party gets to chose his replacement to run in his place election. Like Gov Mc Grivey and the the other poliican vermin.

      The Party does , what best suits the Party,. NOT his constiuency. That’s polyannish to belive that in today politics. And I don’t mean just one party either.


  23. Ellen says:

    Don’t know and by now don’t care. Could you just put this story to sleep and call it a day. Getting rather boring, tired, and old.

  24. Cheryl says:

    Given Rep Weiner’s many years of public service and support from his constituents, I feel that he should have been allowed to stay at least for an Ethics Committee investigation. There is no longer an independent and ethical media in the US. I found that the nonstop pillory of Rep Weiner troubling. Sensationalism and innuendo is not a substitute for journalism. Publishing pictures of someones naked genitalia was unnecessary and cruel. The Democrats even with a majority have a difficult time getting anything done. Does Rep Weiner’s resignation mean they will not be effective, no.

  25. Jack Newman says:

    No he should stay
    Clinton stayed and continued his job and he did a lot worst then Weiner

  26. jim masterson says:

    Unlike Clintgo, he didn’t LIE under oath.
    He should have finished out his 2 year term, and, then if his constituents forgave him, he should still be in the House.
    I call BS, and, I’m a Big C conservative.

  27. rick sine says:

    for every stinkin low down rat that gets caught there are at least a thousand pulling up thier underware.

  28. Paul says:

    YES…. toss this dummycrat out!!

  29. Peter says:

    I think he should stay and send more lewd photos so his wife can take him to the cleaners in divorce court.

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