NYPD Arrests 140 Suspects In Citywide Crackdown On Drug Rings

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — This was a bad week to a be drug dealer in New York City, according to Police Commissioner Ray Kelly.

The NYPD arrested 140 suspects since Monday in four of the five boroughs in a series of raids targeting drug rings.

In Manhattan, District Attorney Cy Vance is using the drug kingpin statute to prosecute a drug delivery ring in East Harlem which operated like a neighborhood dry cleaner or pizzeria and even had business cards and delivery cars.  Twenty two people were arrested.

The statute is also being used to prosecute the suspected Manhattan ringleader, Ceferino “Papo” Perez and his two accused lieutenants. Perez, 44, is being held without bail after pleading not guilty.

1010 WINS’ Stan Brooks reports: A Bad Week For Drug Dealers

“Instead of shirts and slices these criminals were moving cocaine and cash,” Kelly said.

The East Harlem group had delivery workers organized in two eight-hour shifts a day, equipped with cellphones, “company” cars and business cards coyly emblazoned with “General Electronics” and a phone number for customers to call, authorities said. During a 45-day stretch this spring, the group sold 4,200 bags of powder cocaine for a total of about $80,000, prosecutors said.

“This is one of those rare occasions where, from top to bottom, this organization is now gone,” said Vance, standing in front of a table strewn with some of the $550,000 in cash, $600,000 in jewelry, guns, drug-dealing paraphernalia and photos of some of the nine vehicles — including a Mercedes, a Land Rover and a custom-made motorcycle — seized during the investigation. Authorities also collected more than two kilograms of cocaine and six pounds of marijuana.

Authorities said Perez has been in the business for a quarter-century, but he was so wary — frequently replacing the organization’s cars to keep police from noticing them, for instance — that only in the last year did arrests and other breaks allow police to build the case through wiretaps and other means, authorities said.

Police found a “Scarface” photo on Perez’s nightstand when they searched his apartment in suburban Yonkers on Wednesday.

In Far Rockaway, detectives also confiscated 12 handguns, six kilograms of cocaine, heroin and marijuana, a kilo-press used to package cocaine, a bullet proof vest and $35,000 in cash from an alleged drug ring, Kelly announced.

The Queens bust yielded 56 arrests with crimes ranging from attempted murder to weapons possession. Of those, 30 — mostly customers — have pleaded guilty to various charges including drug possession and disorderly conduct. The bust also gutted a street crew called the Gang of Apes that terrorized the Far Rockaway neighborhood; 18 suspected members were arrested, officials said. The gang gained power after police dismantled its predecessor.

There were also 30 drug arrests on Staten Island. And in the Bronx, District Attorney Robert Johnson announced that 40 people were indicted after a two-year drug investigation.

drug arrests NYPD Arrests 140 Suspects In Citywide Crackdown On Drug Rings

Some of the suspects arrested in a citywide crackdown on drug rings (credit: Stan Brooks/1010 WINS)

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One Comment

  1. Wolf says:

    Bring back Bronson. Watch how fast crime stops in the city

  2. lydia says:

    Maybe the police can find out where all of these Illegal guns are coming from and stop the flow ! Tens of thousands of Illegal weapons on the streets of New York ! Maybe the NRA will help ?
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  3. Chris Catalano says:

    What a depressing array of comments! Is NYC really become this jaded?

  4. KPMc says:

    So… they will murder and beat people to run their drug trade. And that’s different from today’s drug gangs how?

    Oh that’s right.. they’re white. Glad to see you have your priorities straight.

  5. joe says:


    1. Moon Them says:

      Why can’t we just beam them up to the Moon to serve their sentences? Chain gang them and put them to work terraforming the Moon and Mars. Australia was built this way–by prisoners.

  6. Onslow says:

    war on drugs – what a joke! what a waste of money, time & effort.

    i guarantee every one of those NYPD officers thinks they are a hero now because of this bust. sorry boys, you’re not.

    NYPD = Jack Booted Thugs

    1. KPMc says:

      Actually… only highway patrol wears Jack Boots.

      Secondly.. are you condoning the sale of heroin and cocaine along with it’s black market economy and lack of tax revenue by effing gangs?

  7. dc l says:

    you see we can’t legalize drugs, because if we did, the enforcement racket ( jails, correction officers, dea agents) will have nothing to do.
    lets see what are the pros and cons of legalizing drugs ?
    Pros –
    take away the bread and butter from the gangs
    save billions by dismantling the dea
    put mexico out of business and bring sanity to the border
    jail population w dwindle to nothing, close some jails
    put the cartels out of business
    take away the drug money funneled to our government
    Janey will be able to buy her crack cheaper

  8. Jerome Livingston says:

    with the money that is going to be spent prosecuting, jailing and feeding these losers we could instead rebuild nyc school system. legalize drugs already, it is a WASTE why are we spending this money? so some prostitute in far rockaway can’t get high? who cares about the drug users, let them poison themselves, its no different the the stuff in your medicine cabinet. LEGALIZE IT

  9. elwood spencer says:

    well ya see, the cops can’t get these guns because these mutts have rights, ya can’t profile them and ya can’t search their apartments or dens.Only the law abiding gun owners need to be on their toes. And by the way the NRA is not in favor of ILLEGAL firearms.See the right to bear arms refers to the PEOPLE not the animals…..

  10. Wasted money says:

    What a waste of millions this is, all to keep some dirt bags from getting high. Who cares. It will fill the jails and keep the cos working.legalize drugs already, put all of the dealers out of business overnight. Prohibition didn’t work neither does criminalizing narcotics

  11. Gregg says:

    I wish there was follow up news on what happened to these arrested criminals ? Do they do jail time, how long etc. ?

  12. atrueamerican says:

    Interesting….no whites on the “perp” board. What a shock!!!!!

    1. white? says:

      Lol!!! The whites are actually the street vendors hun….
      i.e. the weakest link….

      1. come on says:

        tha last time there was a white person in far rockaway, kennedy was president

  13. nyc says:

    Maybe the police can find out where all of these Illegal guns are coming from and stop the flow ! Tens of thousands of Illegal weapons on the streets of New York ! Maybe the NRA will help ?

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