4 Dead After Small Plane Crash In Westchester County

ARMONK, N.Y. (CBS 2) — Four people were killed after a plane crashed in Armonk in Westchester County.

Emergency crews raced in and out of the wilderness beyond Runway 16 of Westchester County Airport, reports CBS 2’s Dave Carlin.

armonk plane crash 4 Dead After Small Plane Crash In Westchester County

Emergency crews respond to a small plane crash in Armonk in Westchester County, NY. At least three died in the crash. (Credit: CBS 2)

The responders’ first challenge was finding the crashed Cessna in the wooded area. When they came upon the wreckage, they also found the dead.

The Federal Aviation Administration confirmed that four people were dead.

The crash came soon after takeoff for the Cessna 210’s afternoon flight that originated at Panorama Flight Service. The plane was a single-engine aircraft that seats six.

The flight was supposed to last less than an hour from the Westchester County Airport to Montauk, at the far end of Long Island.

The pilot declared an emergency, returning to the airport to try to land, but was unable to make it.

Emergency crews were joined by crisis counselors with the American Red Cross.

“We also have mental health workers here, to speak to emergency workers on the scene and any family members, that can help to talk and to listen,” Holly McShary, of the Greenwich, Connecticut Red Cross, said.

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One Comment

  1. Invest 1 says:

    As a pilot for well over a decade flying Panorama rental planes, I find myself wondering what the negative comments above are about. Their planes are new and very well maintained, and their flight school is about as good as they come, especially over the last few years. Maybe these are some disgruntled ex staffers commenting above? I just flew there on Sunday…they had nothing to do with the plane that crashed other than storage. Sad story all the way around.

  2. Summer says:

    Based on the recording, the Air Traffic Control emergency operator sounds like a real piece of work…. He was impatient, cranky and rude to the poor pilot who perished moments after the call was placed. Very, very sad.

    1. Barbara says:

      You’re right Summer. You must have just heard it like I did on the news moniutes ago. I thought the same thing. The guy has the worst minute of his life and the operator’s being a crank ass. I don’t get it.

  3. Nancy Marquardt says:

    It was a wonderful family and they will be missed greatly. I can’t say enough about them other thatn they were great people. We will all miss them and I can’t say anymore.

  4. Penny Carlson says:

    I knew this family, and I’m so sorry. They were lovely people.

  5. RP says:

    This aircraft was tied down on the Panorama ramp, it was not a Panorama aircraft or crew. If you listen to the ATC recordings the pilot (who apparently was a flight instructor) sounded calm and professional as he worked the emergency, Something must have gone horribly wrong and very quickly.

    1. BANANARAMA says:

      Maintained by Panorama’s mechanics, flown by Panorama’s instructor, sounds like Panorama to me.

      1. really??? says:

        where does it say it is maintained by panorama??? the owner is actually quoted saying they do not do the maintenance on the plane….. just wondering where you got your info from..

  6. 4 PEOPLE DEAD says:

    Plane falls from the sky?

    sucks ass

  7. ANOTHER mishap There? says:

    Haven’t they had runway overruns where the planes tip over?

    Someone told me rthey just fire the person/ instructor and sweep their trash under the rug, so to speak


    I’ve heard similar complaints from pilots and students at Panorama, sounds like they might be true?


    They have several violations, and have several complaints with regard to lax flight training and improper maintenance violations. The FAA has violated them several times and now, may have grounds to shut them down.

    1. Jofras says:

      That couldn’t be further from the truth. That company is as squeeky clean as they come in aviation. Regardless, this wasn’t one of their planes, the owner just stored it there. Go vent elsewhere.

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