NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – At 4:37 p.m. Monday, police say Carl Lastorino, 45, walked into Peter’s Tire and Rim Shop on Linden Boulevard and started shooting.

Police say he shouted “Peter, this is for you,” before he started pulling the trigger.

Now police have released shocking video of the incident.

It shows what happened in chilling detail.

Video: Shooting At Tire Shop

It starts simply enough. The shop owner, 49-year-old Peter Argentina, is standing next to rows of tires, hands on his hips. There’s a minivan parked to his right. Lastorino, wearing a hat, hoodie, jeans and white sneakers, walks in. It takes him just three seconds to walk calmly across the lot, with both hands in his pockets. His right arm swings out, and he raises a pistol and squeezes off the first shot less than five feet away from Argentina. A large puff of grey smoke emerges from the gun, and Argentina scrambles away, sprinting to his right into a long row of tires.

Lastorino hustles forward, firing a second shot from the edge of the row. Argentina sprints down the aisle of tires as the gunman follows, squeezing off three more shots. Argentina is running so fast though that by the time Lastorino’s pistol is empty, Argentina had disappeared around a corner. It’s then that Lastorino abandons his shooting and heads out of the shop.

The shooting was over in seven seconds. Argentina was hit in the right shoulder and right hand and is in stable condition at Brookdale Hospital.

The video then cuts to a security camera inside a livery cab, which was parked four blocks away. The video shows Lastorino getting into the cab – but he’s unaware that his description has already gone out over the radio, and police have spotted him getting into the cab.

pic 2 Shocking Video Allegedly Shows Carl Lastorino Shooting Up Peters Tire And Rim Shop In Brooklyn

This .38 caliber handgun was recovered from the back seat of the livery cab, according to police. (credit: DCPI)

The video reveals more of what happened next.

Lastorino pulls his hat off, his hands underneath his hoodie, which he has also taken off. A police van crawls up behind the livery cab, which pulls over. Looking through the rear window of the cab, you can see two police officers approaching the cab. Lastorino did too – he pulls a gun out from beneath his hoodie, and opens the cab door. Police say he left another pistol in the back of the cab.

shooting 2 Shocking Video Allegedly Shows Carl Lastorino Shooting Up Peters Tire And Rim Shop In Brooklyn

(credit: NYPD)

Police described what happened next: the police sergeant on the scene shouted “Stop, police! Don’t move, drop your gun,” but Lastorino didn’t and pointed his gun at the police. The two officers fired one shot each.

Lastorino was pronounced dead on arrival at Brookdale Hospital. Police say he left a suicide note for his sister.

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