Suspect Indicted For Attempted Murder In Burning Of New Square Man Aron Rottenberg

NEW SQUARE, NY (CBSNewYork/AP) — An 18-year-old student from a Hasidic enclave in Rockland County has been indicted on charges stemming from a fiery attack on a religious dissident.

The Rockland County district attorney says a grand jury brought charges of attempted murder, attempted arson and assault against Shaul Spitzer of New Square.

Police say on May 22, Aron Rottenberg was severely burned when Spitzer tried to burn down Rottenberg’s home.

Rottenberg’s family has alleged that the attack was directed by Grand Rebbe David Twersky.

Rottenberg is a dissident in the New Square Hasidic community that values conformity. Rottenberg says Twersky was angered by his decision to worship at a synagogue other than the main one in New Square.

Rottenburg said that’s when a campaign of harassment ensued that culminated with the arson attack.

Spitzer’s defense attorney has denied the charges. Twersky has decried the attack.

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  • Gerald Waldman

    @ IgnoranteElephante — As a Jew (conservative) I was taught to think for myself, not just blindly follow the Rabbi. I’ve left 2 congregations because I so strongly disagreed with the Rabbi. I can’t speak for the Hasidim, where the Grand Rebbe has more power (at least it seems that way) but tradition should be teaching that the Rebbe is correct only on RELIGIOUS matters, not on how you treat political issues which would include dissidents. If there is enough evidence and no reasonable doubt to convince a jury to convict then Shaul Spitzer should spend a long time in JAIL, if not life w/o parole.

  • ItCameFromTheMiddleEast

    Ground Zero Mosque vs. Ground Zero Dunkin’ Donuts

    • Moon Them

      I guess Shaul Spitzer, the suspect, has never heard of the Spitzer Space Telescope! Anyway, ship him off to SPACE CAMP for the summer, EVERY SUMMER!!

  • Sharon Toastedstein

    “hmm…sounds like muslims”

  • The Facts

    Religious fanatics have caused the world no end of misery. Secular fanatics, likewise. People should learn to think for themselves and not be led around like sheep.

  • golferboy

    over the Jews yet?

  • matty

    Way Too Funny!…

  • nathan

    And cue the anti-Semitic hate in 3…2..1…

    • IgnoranteElephante

      nathan, get over yourself and your religion. What the Rebbe says, goes. You know this just as well as I do. If the Rebbe says all dissidents must be torched, well, then, all dissidents must be set afire. No questions asked.

      Just thank your lucky stars, nathan, that the society we both choose to live in is much more tolerating of dissidents. Otherwise, someone like you with your extremist views would be in a world of trouble. Unfortunately, for Shaul, here, the same cannot be said.

      • nathan

        LOL. Im not a practicing Jew, never had a bar mitzvah and support Palestine’s right to equality. I don’t care about this story. I just call the a – holes here like I see em.

      • IgnoranteElephante

        No such thing as a non-practicing Jew, nathan much, like there’s non practicing thief. You are who you are. Shame on your anti-Israel stance. What would your Rabbi say? Can you imagine if you practiced Hasidim? The Grand Rebbi would be looking to get you for blasphemy.

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