At one point during the show, a caller alerted Boomer & Craig to a situation that arose in Saturday’s Mets-Rangers game that the guys had not seen. Jonathon Niese struck out Nelson Cruz in an at-bat in which Niese threw Cruz 4 balls…… wait, what?

That’s right. Despite taking a pitch called a ball on a 3-2 count, Cruz did not take his base, and no one corrected his mistake. Niese then came back to strike out Cruz.

Well with Kenny Albert already on his way to the ballpark to participate in the Bombers-Boomer-Broadway Charity Softball game, he called in and gave his first-hand account of the events as he saw them from his FOX broadcast booth.

From there the conversation shifts to the softball game itself, including a revelation about Kenny’s game wardrobe. And does it bother Kenny that Craig regularly impersonates his father Marv when he’s around? Listen here and find out…

LISTEN: Kenny Albert Clears Up Some Confusion

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