Pleasantville Cop Sues Liquor Store In Case Of Pace Student’s Death

PLEASANTVILLE, N.Y. (WCBS 880) – The Pleasantville police officer who shot and killed a Pace University student last October is placing the blame on a liquor store.

Officer Aaron Hess has filed a lawsuit against Briarcliff Wines and Liquors — the store where 20-year-old Danroy “DJ” Henry allegedly purchased alcohol the night he was shot and killed in Thornwood, N.Y.

“Police Officer Hess was doing his job and we believe that Mr. Henry would have responded differently had he been sober. However, he was not sober,” Hess’ attorney Mitch Baker first said in an interview with WCBS 880 reporter Catherine Cioffi. “The law, rightfully so, says if you sell liquor to an underaged person, you are responsible for what that underaged person did.”

Baker says they want to put blame where blame is due.

“We have liquor stores like this who sell to underage people, cater to the college crowd,” Baker said. “It’s against the law and they have to pay the consequences.”

WCBS 880’s Catherine Cioffi With Mitch Baker

Autopsy results found Henry was above the legal limit for alcohol, but his family says he wasn’t drunk.

Meanwhile, no one at the liquor store has been able to be reached for comment.

In February, a grand jury cleared officer Hess of any wrongdoing in the incident.

In a controversial move, the Police Benevolent Association of the Pleasantville Police Department named Hess officer of the year, in April.

Also in April, Henry’s family filed a lawsuit against Hess.

Henry, of Easton, Mass., was killed on Oct. 17 while apparently driving away from a disturbance that spilled outside a bar. Police have said Henry sped away and hit two officers, including Hess, after a policeman knocked on his window.

Hess said he was struck by Henry’s car and hurled onto the hood. He shot Henry through the windshield. Hess suffered leg injuries.

Some witnesses have disputed Hess’ account.

In their complaint, the Henrys said the car was moving at a reasonable speed and that Hess jumped in front of the car, “ascended” the hood and fired at their son for no good reason.  They also said he “steadied himself and fired four shots.”


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  1. Dekoy says:

    “We have liquor stores like this who sell to underage people, cater to the college crowd,” Baker said. “It’s against the law and they have to pay the consequences.”

    Are the consequences harsher for serving an underaged person alcohol or for shooting an underaged person?

  2. Watcher says:

    Cops are illiterate low-class criminal filth with guns who murder defenceless people. The only way to stop them is to mete out the same treatment to them..

  3. Jeff Rosen ret NYPD Sgt says:


  4. Jeff Rosen ret NYPD Sgt says:

    Why does the media keep calling him a Pace Student? The incident didn’t happen on campus during school hours. Are you trying to discredit the school? I graduated from Pace about 35 years ago (the Park Row Campus) and neither me nor any of my classmates ever thought of running over a cop. This perp is atypical for a Pace student.

  5. Ellen says:

    The kid wasn’t all that drunk, and the cop overreacted to this situation at hand. End of story.

  6. Rev Alheartbern says:

    Wow! I never this kid was drunk not from his own family speaking
    24/7 to our media against the police.

    1. Damon Brown says:


  7. Glenn Erdmann says:

    Sue the Henry family too for all the lies they are telling. Their son was DRUNK, get over it and accept that fact. Because you are black you cannot change the facts to suit your goals, and your goals are to sue any white person involved in your sons death. It is unfortunate that your son is dead, but it was his own fault.

    1. saint says:

      you guys are so racial what about the white guy who killed those people at the pharmacy! i guess don’t sue him either because he is white! white is not always right! stop judging people if you weren’t there save the comments!

      1. Glenn says:

        Saint…………kiss me where the sun does not shine. 🙂

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