Jets’ Eric Smith Slams Player-Run Workouts, Says Owners Are ‘Making Out’

NEW YORK (WFAN) — Jets running back Shonn Greene told WFAN on June 16 that “38 or 39″ players participated in Mark Sanchez’s player-run workouts at Fairleigh Dickinson University earlier this month.

Teammates have showered rave reviews on Sanchez for his handling of the team during the NFL lockout. Aside from the large contingent that took the field in New Jersey, Sanchez drew some top offensive members of Gang Green — including LaDainian Tomlinson and Braylon Edwards — to the practice field for his annual “Jets West” camp last month at Southern California’s Mission Viejo High School.

“He really was a coach up there,” Tomlinson told Boomer & Carton on Tuesday. “He led the whole show … and let’s remember he only played one year at USC, and so that’s special when a guy can do that in his third year.”

The Jets’ defense also got together for a workout in June, though one soon-to-be free agent is happy with his decision not to take part.

“I don’t understand why guys are doing this stuff. You’re risking injury,” safety Eric Smith told the Washington Post in a profile published on Sunday. “And you got the rookies who aren’t getting paid any money, flying in to do these workouts. So they’re putting themselves in a hole before they make any money.”

Smith, living with his parents in Columbus during the labor impasse, is instead working out close to home at Groveport Madison High School in Groveport, Ohio. He said the team drills are just too risky — and they benefit the owners.

“Basically, we’re giving the owners all these practices for free,” he told the paper. “They aren’t spending any money, but their players are still practicing. So they’re making out.”

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  1. Rick Taylor says:

    Get your facts straight, Smith went to the defensive workouts, so do your research before you shout out from the side of your mouth. If u lost your typing job you should keep up ypur typing speed the same way Smith is practicing and conditioning with a trainer. But if your employer locked you out of your building, you wouldnt show up and type for free. Besides all of this, typing is a gay job to have, if you type for a living you should be commenting on blogs about Dr Oz or what was said on the view today, not football. You’re never getting laid going to a bar and telling chicks your a speed typer for a living.

  2. Cory says:

    What an idiot you sound like noel. If u got hurt typing, ur career isnt over. Smith is 100% right, if you get hurt at one of these practices, no team owner will care and ur career is done with no coverage and no contract. Until ur in that situation of life wherr you have 1 shot and 1 injury and its all over maybe you would get it. Typing jobs are not hard to do, sustaining an nfl career for more then 3 yers is close to impossible

  3. Noel says:

    moron…why wouldn’t a TOP athlete want to participate in a real drill that’s beneficial to his future playing abilities?
    What next? I should’nt keep up my typing speed ’cause I’m unemployed and it only benefits my future employer?
    Or, I shouldn’t eat today ’cause I’m only going to be hungry again tomorrow?

    Say hello to mom and dad from the basement for me.

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