Cops: Pedestrian Killed After Being Struck By SUV Backing Into Parking Spot On Upper West Side

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) — Police say a driver backing into a parking spot on the Upper West Side struck two women crossing the street Thursday, killing one.

Authorities said the 38-year-old driver was backing up his 2008 Ford Explorer into a spot on Amsterdam Avenue near West 98th Street when the accident occurred around 5 p.m.

Yolanda Casal, 78, who lived just a few blocks away, died from her injuries. The 41-year-old woman she was with is currently in stable condition. The driver was arrested and charges are pending.

1010 WINS’ Al Jones With More On The Deadly Accident

The impact was enough to dent the back of the driver’s vehicle, 1010 WINS’ Al Jones reported.

A clerk at a nearby laundromat told the New York Post there was a big crash and people yelling.

“She was laying down with blood coming out of her nose and ears,” he told the paper.

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One Comment

  1. DanTe says:

    Love how it’s the “suv” fault. Typical LIB T ARDS. It’s always the inanimate objects’ fault. Never yours. Right?

    And another note, I didn’t hear any of you complain about driving SUVs when my wife is one of the very few people who made it through to the hospital in bad snow storms. I would love to hear one of you two faced slime balls turn down medical care or fuel delivery. T ARDS.

  2. ham07 says:

    @ Mike, No one should be driving in a snow storm or we end up with the grid lock and unplowed streets from the last blizzard we had.

    One time my knuckle head in law was showing off with his SUV and zigged zagged in half an inch of snow thinking it was cool, our SUV lost traction and started skidding and we almost skid off an embankment down into a forest. So much for the impervious SUV. All it is good for is getting out of a parking space in deep snow with 4 wheel drive. It does not grip the terrain any better after that. Don’t believe the TV ads that is can climb boulders or cut through frozen siberia.

  3. Frank Rizzo says:

    This would have never happened if cars were banned in Manhattan!

    Support the Ban!!!!

    1. david goldman says:

      amen to that

  4. TSTER says:

    It has nothing to do with suv’s! Typical not smart pedestrians.

    1. david goldman says:

      another reason why SUV’s should be banned…..because TSTER says not to!

  5. TSTER says:

    If they were crossing by a car parking it means they were probably crossing in the middle of a street…. So typical dumb pedestrian not paying attention. How about the parent with kid in stroller crossing the street! Parent stands on corner and stroller in the street waiting to get hit. About 25% of pedestrians have no brain!

    1. david goldman says:

      and this is why you don’t live in Manhattan and probably live in an outer borough or NJ

  6. rodelu says:

    I have an SUV that happens to have a rear view camera. In more than one occasion I was doing exactly what this person was doing, backing up into a parking spot and people seeing me doing this, would still pass by the back of my car when crossing the street. Pedestrians also should be careful. Thanks God for rear view cameras otherwise the same thing would have happened to me.

  7. dumb people says:

    another reason why SUV’s should be banned, in addition to feeding the evil oil industry, they are impossible to see around or drive behind…….another classic stunt that our boys in washington were able to pull off due to the fact that the American public will eat whatever you spoon feed them in advertisements…..if you think thats nonsense, ask yourself “what effective purpose does an SUV serve within a 300 mile radius of NYC?”

    1. james says:

      i say draft SUV drivers to fight in Iraq, they’re one of many reasons we are there

    2. JMT says:

      People buy them solely to inflate their ego or for their insecurities (only concerned about what others think of them) .. The only thing worse are people who idle these land yachts at stores in the No Parking/Fire Lane in front usually with the engine running (and the driver chatting on the phone).

      1. Mike says:

        Stupid comment. Would you rather drive a grand Cherokee in a snow storm, or a Prius? People need to watch out.

      2. james says:

        oh yes Mike because we live in the Tundra…..there a plenty of compact cars that can handle snow reliably and safely……a false sense of safety is another brainwashing “feature” of SUV’s….people truly are dumb i swear

      3. be reasonable says:

        @ Mike……yeah lets buy a car based off the 5 or 6 rough snow storms we have each year, of which most roads are closed and nobody drives in anyway…..thats a real justification for year-round hazards that they pose

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