NEW YORK (CBS 2) — A shocking murder on the Upper East Side has longtime residents wondering how it happened.

The ritzy apartment building on 85th Street near Park Avenue seemed an unlikely place for murder, but a son was accused of taking a knife and stabbing his mother to death, reports CBS 2’s Wendy Gillette.

Police said an unemployed 41-year-old killed his own mother inside their seventh-floor apartment during an argument.

The crime left residents in the neighborhood stunned.

“That’s obviously very shocking,” Tom Cirone said. “I’m really surprised it would happen anywhere, but yeah, it hits very close to home.”

Police said Jonathan Schwartz stabbed his 67-year-old mother, Barbara Schwartz, in the neck and torso. She was pronounced dead after EMS technicians arrived at the home.

It was a horrifying crime that made many uneasy after just hearing about it.

“That’s a sick person, and I just feel he needs to be locked up,” Jesus Rodriguez, who works in the neighborhood, said. “He needs some special treatment, and that’s just about it. Anybody who would kill their mother, or anything like that, is not worth living at all.”

Barbara Schwartz led a charitable family foundation from inside her apartment. Her son reportedly often hassled his mother for money.

Schwartz was arrested at the home and charged with murder and criminal possession of a weapon. He was scheduled to be arraigned Sunday night at criminal court in Lower Manhattan.

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