Parks Department: No Toilet Paper Rationing At Coney Island Women’s Bathrooms

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – It looks like New York City’s cutbacks haven’t reached the Parks Department restrooms at Coney Island after all.

Restroom attendants at Coney Island were apparently doling out just a few squares per patron at women’s rooms and some men’s rooms had no toilet paper at all.

But Brooklyn Parks Commissioner Kevin Jeffrey says there is plenty of toilet paper to go around.

“It is not our policy to have parks employees distribute supplies at our bathrooms,” said Jeffrey. “All bathrooms are regularly cleaned and stocked, as they have always been. There are plenty of supplies. In addition, at Coney Island we stocked the beach with an additional amount this holiday weekend because we anticipated large crowds.” 

WCBS 880’s Ginny Kosola reports: Not A Square To Spare

Jeffrey says attendants shouldn’t be rationing toilet paper adding, “We will address the issue with the staff on site to determine why they did what they did.”

But Geoffrey Croft, a parks advocate, said the problem has been going on for a while.

Some Coney Island merchants say they’ve paid fees this summer to keep restrooms open longer and they believe facilities should be better maintained.

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    • MeAgain

      what is a CENTERTPEE?

  • MeAgain

    just go in the ocean – its quite liberating

    • Clark A.

      Yeah, maybe a snapping turtle can help you wipe yourself.

      • MeAgain

        ain’t no snapping turtles in the ocean dummy

  • MeAgain

    what if they just sharted? You need more than a few sheets to clean out sharted pantaleones

    • RMyres

      I just learned a new word, and face it folks, we’ve all do ne it!! Made me smile MeAgain!! Thanks!

  • Bill Steele

    When I was in Brasil during the late 80’s… I never had a problem using the public rest rooms in the Airports or “Bus Terminals which is something I would dread doing in NYC even though I am born and raised in NY. The Parkies” should get rid of the freak denizens who hang out in the bathrooms of the public parks and the tennis stadiums.

  • Yeah, right.

    If they’re stocked like they’ve always been, that means there’s no toilet paper.

  • Greta

    Why not cut Congress’s salaries? and cut their healthcare too? Why do they get 6 figures and free healthcare for life while they take everything away from us?

    • Bill Steele

      Most of the politicos of both parties are multi millionaires such as Pelosi, Genghis Ketchup Kerry, the late Tubby Teddy Kennedy, Jumping John McCain et al…There are too many to list…Why are they collecting paychecks and benefits instead of working pro bono during this time of fiscal problems???

  • nathan

    You can always use Mr Goebbels/Dr Mengle’s tongue if you run out. He’s used to it.


      just like toilet can roll on..insect…your a true hemorrhoid…but maybe just a bowel movement at that

  • David Heath

    They should just stock the stalls with the New York Post.



  • Bob Fowler

    Oh look!!! Another shiny thing to distract us from the rel issues. To quote the great Wizard of Oz, pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

    Today is Independence Day!!! (Ok, many don’t know what that means, but who cares? Scream it louder!!!)
    Today is Nathan’s Hot Dog eating contest!!! (Ok, many don’t have enough for one hot dog, but Joey Chestnut will eat 60 for a trophy.)
    Today is Macy’s July 4th fireworks celebration!!! (Ok, even the homeless can see the show, so long as it is from out of our sight.)

    I think our next President should be adept at playing a fiddle. Maybe his name should be something like Nero? He can play as we burn away. Of course, the fire will be started with toilet paper.

  • RichieT

    Of all the stupid thing to ration. People should start wearing diapers like they did when they were babies. It’d take about 30 seconds for the idiots in the government that decide where to cut the budgets would get it.

  • Darius

    Blame the bathroom users who stole toilet papers. hard times make some do crazy things.

    • Bill Steele

      It’s not so much the ones who steal t.paper, and they do, but it’s the nut jobs who fill the toilet with paper and then flush until it clogs up and flows all over the floor.
      Today is the day when the lames flush “ash cans” into the pipes for a real laugh riot as the system blows up.

  • Angry and not proud

    I am surprised there is an available. bathroom. Usually I do what I need to do on the sidewalk due to desperation.

    Any third world country Ive been to had paid toilets. You pay roughly 35/50 cents and the attendant gives you enough toilet paper.

    Why cant we even reach 3rd world status in NYC ? Did the deal fall through?

    And why is it that guys don’t get any toilet paper at times ? Does US law dictate that guys should do without TP because we are tough enough to handle it?

    USA is a nothing culture….totally uncivilized. Go ask the illegals who USE toilet paper.

    • Bill Steele

      Why cant we even reach 3rd world status in NYC ? Did the deal fall through?
      Perhaps it’s because of people like YOU who use the city streets as your lavatory/head.

      USA is a nothing culture….totally uncivilized. Go ask the illegals who USE toilet paper.

      Would that be the same illegals who use the waterfountains in the parks as their private sinks for washing their babies diapers etc?

      • Bill Steele

        By the way, You just haven’t been paying attention…NYC, along with a large part of this country, has already acheived 3rd world status a long time ago…ENJOY!

  • R.Rodriguez

    That’s a dam shame and an embarrassment. It tells forieghners that visit our city that New York is a rotten apple.

    • RichieT

      Actually, because of this, it’s more like a s#@@* hole

  • Happy 4th to Alll

    How do you know you’re in Coney Island? They hang their Toilet Tissue out to dry. LOL….

  • Andrew Bellucci

    Wow, that’s what they do in third world countries. How far we’ve fallen.

  • ohshoot

    That’s s hitty news.

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