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President Obama Appoints Gay Activist To West Point Board

WEST POINT, N.Y. (CBSNewYork/AP) — President Barack Obama has appointed Sue Fulton, a founding board member of OutServe, an association of actively serving gay military personnel, to the U.S. Military Academy Board of Visitors at West Point.

Fulton is also co-founder and executive director of Knights Out, an organization of gay West Point graduates, and graduated in 1980 with the first West Point class to include women. She is the first openly gay member of the Academy’s board.

West Point’s Board of Visitors, comprised of nine Congress members and six presidential appointees, is tasked with providing advice and recommendations on matters concerning the Academy to the president. Former Rep. Patrick Murphy, an outspoken advocate for the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” was recently appointed to the board.

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One Comment

  1. DanTe says:

    YAY! Now the flaming F AGS who likes anal hazing at West Point can come out of the closets.

  2. MR GOEBBELS says:


    1. DanTe says:

      Sorry. This is not news. We all know that nathan is a censor happy doooche that works for C da BS.

  3. Edward Gibbon says:

    And the deconstruction of American institutions continues. I suggest you all learn Mandarin or Cantonese. It will come in handy when you need to communicate with your Chinese masters and beg for mercy….

  4. Adeyinka O McAdewunmi says:

    President Obama keeps making stupid mistakes,when comes to military affiars.There was a time when President Andrew Jackson wanted to abolish that military acedemy,because,he felt that,as a self made military man,the govt expenditure supporting that institution was unneccessary.But he latter reconsider,and let stand the idea of the govt funding for that school.Obama did not know that,in the military,the soldier did not have any right He follow’s orders,given to him by his supperiors.The day that the supreme court sided with a student who did not like the manditory chapel services for all the cadet,and therby,made it voluntary,that is the begining of the end,of that school that once produced great generals.The day will come,when those soldiers will find themselves in a situation that Gen Douglas McCathy once discribed as the highest form of sacrifice,when the only thing you have left is God.It’s another sad day for the US armed forces.

    1. nathan says:

      “President Obama keeps making stupid mistakes,when comes to military affairs.”
      Yes, like killing Osama Bin Laden.

      1. turbo says:

        Yes he personally killed osama bin laden.
        Anyway at the end of the day you can be gay all day long. My problem is they are turning a behavior into a birthright and imposing those views on others. Very similar to what religions do. But I guess if your some Eco/leftwing/gay nazi its ok.

      2. Adeyinka O McAdewunmi says:

        The credit belongs to President George Bush.It was what he left in place that led to that sucessful mission.Obama was the benefactor,because he was the one who authorized the mission.If Bill Clinton have had the guts to neutralise Bin Laden,the sept 11 incidence wuld not have been included in the america’s history book.When the Sudanes govt informed the US govt,to come and get him,Bill shyed away from that responsibility.When the CIA had him on their sight in Aghanistan,it requested a clearance from the President to have him neutralised,Bill did not give them the go-ahead.It was GWB that changed all that,wherby presidential authorization was not needed when comes to getting rid of him.Obama only care about the gays in the military,so as to help them to parade in drags.Here is a simple test for you.If a commanding officer is gay,how do you salute him?(a)-you blow him a kiss.(b) you grab your crunch and salute.(c)you turn backward and shake your butt to the right(d) you shake your butt to the left.(e) all of the above.Please let me know which is the right answer.

  5. nathan says:

    Look at the tone and tenor of those opposed to gay rights here and look at the comments of those who believe in equality. I rest my case.

    1. Scott says:

      I have to admit, I can not stop laughing on that one : )))))))

    2. KPMc says:

      Your fantasies have no place in this forum.

  6. Scott says:

    West Point is a “time-honored institution” and one of the few in this country that still meant something. The whole world respects this institution for exactly that reason, among other things. If I was the President, I would have thought of this fact first and foremost and asked myself, “what decision would the generations of men and women who honored west point over the years decide on this issue”? The answer would have been, NOT ACCEPTABLE ! For political gain, this president would sell his own mother. Frankly, that is not acceptable either. How convenient ironic that the most qualified person for this position just happens to be gay. This is a disgrace to top them all.

    1. KPMc says:

      Time didn’t honor West Point. The sacrifices men and women made so that we may have freedom, liberty and justice is what brings honor to the Academy. This does not take way from that honor but rather adds to it.

      Here’s to the men and women of the academies and military in general that fight for our freedoms so schlubs like you can voice your opinion no matter how ill-informed it is.

      1. Scott says:

        My message was not ill-informed. It was 100% accurate. If you bothered to read my comment, I said ‘among other things” referring the Academy. So, I don’t need a speech from you, as a former officer in the U.S.M.C. about sacrifices. You hardly qualify and everyone can tell that from your message and tone. And before you call someone you don’t know a schlub becuase you don’t understand the concept of tradition vs. a political move by a Sociopath president, you should be prepared for another forgotten tradition of meeting me on a corner to resolve our difference. Dare I say ‘Like men”.

      2. KPMc says:

        Seriously Scott?

        Your response is to challenge me on the corner?? through the internet? And I am supposed to respect that?

        What is the tradition you are hoping to uphold? Discrimination? Hate?

        I have a feeling you were giving a similar speech when they first allowed women in the Academy. When women were first allowed on the board and I think you’d have said the same nonsense if you had been around when women were first allowed to vote.

        So while you wait on the corner to act in a way you consider to be “like men” (I presume by this you mean mindless violence) I will continue to use my brain and act like a human being.

    2. nathan says:

      “You should be prepared for another forgotten tradition of meeting me on a corner to resolve our difference. Dare I say ‘Like men”.

      Real soldiers don’t post threats. Another “internet Marine”. Yawn…

      1. Michael H. says:

        Internet Marine a.k.a. “Keyboard commando”. He’s a Marine so much as I’m Miss America.

      2. Scott says:

        LMFAO. No wonder nobody likes you or your boyfriend Michael.

      3. Scott says:

        C,mon guys, I went straight for the crotch at the battle of the bulge. I fought side by side, cheek to cheek with my ‘buddies’. Back then, men were men – we wouldn’t leave each other’s behinds. Semper Fructus!

  7. Lem says:

    Is “she” a real she, or one of those transexual crossdressers?

  8. Paul Kohloff says:

    I’ll call your gal female at west point and raise you a muslim with a bomb strapped to his body,at the front gate .way to go barry’o

    1. Michael H. says:

      That sounded like a death threat to me.

  9. Straight and Narrow says:

    Is it a sin to be Gay?

  10. Bill McPherson says:

    maybe Miss Big Butt isn’t putting out . So any port in a storm

  11. wow2 says:

    How to dishonor the finest tradition of our nation in one easy step. Obama really does not get it.

    1. KPMc says:

      Actually…. it is you that don’t get it. Don’t get what America is about. Don’t get why people sacrifice their lives. Freedom, Liberty and our right to the pursuit of happiness.

    2. Michael H. says:

      Yes..dishonor, by appointing one of the first female graduates of West Point to its board of visitors. WHAT WAS HE THINKING!?!?!?!?!?!?!!111!11!1eleventy!111!11!

      1. Adeyinka O McAdewunmi says:

        Dont equate sex with conduct,a woman cannot change her features that made her a woman,so it is wrong to discriminate based on her sex,but she can choose to sleep with another woman,which is wrong,because it is contrary to nature.The same logic applies when comes to race.Can a black man change his skin content?NO.But he can choose to sleep with another man,as if that man is a woman.This is where the content of a character comes in.Your moral compass is broke,if you cannot distnguish the two.

  12. wow says:

    Wow, he is for sure not going to be president next term. He just sealed the deal.

  13. alanramsey says:

    Those who sqawk the loudest against gays having equal rights and equal protections under the Constitution…are likely closet denialists with serious personal issues over being so heavily conflicted in their passions for those of the same sex. I would suggest you come out of your closet and acknowledge your true self because your life of denial has you locked into your pathos of hatred.

  14. MM says:


  15. Rob says:

    Gay is a life style not a race or religion of people… Are you martian Dave??? Anybody can claim anything and get away with it with this current government administration… Values, virtues and principles drive this county. Not immoralities… If you like two men kissing or two women kissing, then why don’t you let them live in your house??? If you feel that murderers deserve a second chance, then make your home their safe haven!… well????

    1. ejones says:

      Do you have any idea how silly you sound, equating sexual orientation with murder?

      Besides, it’s not a matter of “(liking) two men… or women kissing,” it’s a matter of them having the right to live their lives in peace, without discrimination.

      And for the record, if they paid their share of the rent and utilities, I’d have no problem with either gay men or lesbians living in my home.

    2. Sandeana says:

      Being gay is a part of nature. There are also gay dogs, cats, & monkeys. If I owned a 2 or 3 family home, & was looking to rent to tenents, I would most certainly considering renting to a gay couple, if they applies as tenents. Not to do so is discriminatory.

      1. turbo says:

        Yeah your right. Many behaviors are a part of nature. The problems relate to the forced instituionalization of these behaviors. You can have a drive to marry 100 women, you can have a drive to go out and masturbate in public. At the end of the day you cant tell people they have to accept a behavior just because your chemical/biological response tells you you can. The best thing to do is just leave everyone alone and quit trying to force opinions down peoples throat by using laws. This is the same garbage that goes on with religion and all the rest of the tyrranical systems.

  16. what? says:

    If gay people wants to be treated “equally” why does the government has to create something specific for them? Why is it that they are abusing our freedom to impose their likes for the same sex? I respect them, as human beings, and for their tendencies. But please don’t impose your tendencies on me. This is the land of the free. And let me tell you, YOUR PRIVILEDGES END WHERE MINE STARTS….

    1. Dave says:

      How do gay people impose their tendencies on you? Have you been forced to do anything recently? Please share.

      1. nathan says:

        i was forced to suck c o ck i loved every inch of it.even the cheese

    2. lisha says:

      Yes this the land of the free, but equal.. Oppression shounld not be tolerated. And just an FYI no one is imposing anything on you unless of coarse you are sharing a bedroom with them, which I very much doubt. The only reason laws have to be created is because of bigotry and hatered for people that are different from someone else.

    3. alanramsey says:

      For being as illiterate a buffoon as you appear to be…it is little wonder that you have such hatred against anyone who doesn’t live their lives as you sheet-sniffers dictate in all your personal bigotry. Clearly, you are conflicted because of your feelings of inadequacy about your own sexuality. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be drooling at the bedroom windows of others…

      1. Rodin says:

        I am a flaming transexual who openly masturbates in Central Park. I believe it is the responsibility of every gay and transgendered individual to molest and fondle heterosexuals. We will rule the world.

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