Child Dies After Choking On Electrical Cord On Long Island

GREENLAWN, N.Y. (WCBS 880/AP) — Police on Long Island are investigating the death of a 2-year-old girl who choked on the electrical cord of an air conditioner.

Little Malana Ingram was rushed to a hospital where she was pronounced dead just before 1 p.m. Saturday.

The lead investigator on the scene told WCBS 880’s Sophia Hall that the death appeared to be a fatal accident.

WCBS 880’s Sophia Hall has more on the tragic accident.

Police say the child got entangled in the cord, which was attached to an air conditioner about six feet off the ground at her home in Greenlawn. When plugged in, the cord left a large loop that the young girl apparently put her head through.

She was found by a family member.

Both family members and police performed CPR on the child before she taken to Huntington Hospital.

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  1. Melissa Brown says:

    Strangled, people. You choke on things by them going in your mouth. I was only reading this to see how in the world a baby chokes on a cord. She was strangled.

  2. RobinNJ says:

    To Ignorant People: I AM ONE of those parents who kept a SOLID eye on my baby. And YES at the expense of my own personal “life” THAT is what you do as a parent. My daughter was never more than an arms length away when near and in the water either. Never out of my sight. Parents think they can go about their business as usual; facebooking, tweeting, yapping on the phone or palying video games or entrusting another sibling who doesn’t know the extreme possibility of what can happen. YES you do lose a significant portion of personal “time” THAT is what parenting is all about. AND you never stop worrying…..

  3. Ignorant people says:

    I understand it is open opinion but realistically if u watch ur kids 24 hrs/ day u have no life except them no way ur watching them at all times. People just leave comments cause they want to see how stupid they really are. Accidents happen and you reap what you sow. Sow in mercy you will receive mercy. I pray that no accidents ever happen to the parents that claim they watch over their kids so well cause the same way you are judging these parents remember someone higher is judging you

  4. Fdernando says:

    So sorry for this family a horrible tragedy indeed, r.i.p little one. To the paper, you choke on something trapped in the trachea, this would be asfixiation.

  5. Playpen for Toddlers says:

    Why wasn’t this toddler in a PLAYPEN if no one is around to watch her? How sad, RIP little angel.

    1. mak says:

      When is the last time you watched a two year old? My kids were very good at getting out of the playpen. It got to the point that it was more dangerous to try to keep them in one. They can crawl over the side and land with a big thud on the other. I was always so afraid that they were going to crack their heads open.

      This was a tragic accident. Those parents have to live with this forever. It might be nice if you can find some compassion and empathy rather than acting judge and jury.

  6. Maggie says:

    I like to hope that despite this tragic accident, something positive may have come from it & that the little girl’s family was able to donate her organs to another child/children.

    Remember… donate life.

  7. Trisha Cliffe says:

    Unfortunately it’s things that have happened in the past that lead people to doubt she was well taken care of.

  8. Leandra says:

    It’s wrong to assume that the child wasn’t being cared for by people who are attentive. Accidents happen. Sometimes parents have to do things like go use the bathroom. That’s all the time that is needed for something like this to happen. And maybe there are other little kids in the house too. Ever had to clean up after a little baby that threw up, while trying to make sure the three year old isn’t throwing his/her toys into the toilet, and simultaneously mediating a dispute between the five and six year old? That’s real life for people with more than one kid. Occasionally something tragic happens. Stop pointing fingers. Have a little empathy for a heartboken family.

    1. Gloria says:

      I didn’t mean to click on ”Report comment” I actually wanted to respond to it.. I totally agree with you, and people are quick to assume the worse.. Accident’s happen and it’s truly the worse because it involved a baby, God bless the family and that baby is with the lord resting now..

  9. jessica says:

    I am sorry i believe if the child was being watch and taken good care, the child wouldnt be in that situation and dead. It is ashame that parents have children but doesnt want to be responsible care taker.

    1. tt says:

      Poor Child___ thats horrible 😦

    2. I watch my kids says:

      I agree 100% if whoever was watching her was actually looking after her this would never of happened..Who lets a 2 year old roam freely in house. This was not a accident just stupidity on people watching her.

      1. Tannika says:

        Dear “I watch my kids” first off , you must have no kids, and if you do there is no way possible to keep you eye on them 24/7. How dare you say this is no accident just stupidity, what kind of person are you to say something as stupid as that about a child who has passed away and the family who is hurting deeply about the situation. accidents happen that is why they call them accidents. And for your information she was not roaming around the house, you have no idea how it happened so before you try and play “GOD” and pass any type of negativity know what you are talking about before you start spewing garbage out of your mouth> i pray for your soul and that you get mercy on judgement day for your ignorance.

      2. RobinNJ says:

        tannika: YES you can, and yes I did “tannika”. You are either an attentive parent or you are not. TOO many parents think they can just let them roam around, do anything they want. They get too self absorbed in chatting, playing video games or facebook these days…… Not once did I have an accident or close call with my daughter. She is now 11 yrs old. When she was born, I made a commitment that no matter what I was doing, or wanted to do, my daughter came first. I was NEVER too busy to keep an eye on her. Did I get off my seat ten times because she got to far out of sight? YES. You get a lot of exercise and you EXPECT a lot of exercise!

    3. Tannika says:

      well jessica…let me tell you something, accidents do happen, and little malana is very well taken care of and has family members that love her dearly, so before you go judging and talking about things you don’t know, do your homework first. learn about the family before you start passing judgement and stupid comments, you just wanted to be on the post huh? instead of saying rest and peace and sending condolences to the family, you decide to bring negativity to a sad situation and a tragic accident. People kill me when the do’t know anything about anything but always have something negative or hurtful to say. i pray for you that you get some compassioon. And i pray for the baby malana and the family and pray for thier strength. Bbay malana is now with GOD as one of his little angels. She was so special that GODdecided to take her home early.

      1. jessica says:

        Tannika! Yes, accident do happen, but people like you don’t understand. This was no accident!!! It is very preventative. Put up the electric cord up high or fix it where it is not ever dangling down or not at reach of children. If you have a child or young children, YOU DO NOT EVER LEAVE YOUR CHILD OR CHILDREN ALONE, not even for a second. If the family loves her so dearly like you said, they should have prevent this from happening. I am sorry. R.I.P Malana.

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