Somers Point Sex Offender, 79, Charged After Lemonade Stand Incident

SOMERS POINT, N.J. (AP) — Sex assault charges have been filed against a 79-year-old convicted sex offender following an incident at a lemonade stand run by three young girls in southern New Jersey.

Somers Point police say city resident Alan Easterbgy repeatedly rubbed his breast and groin after buying lemonade from the girls, who were all under 14. He then drove off in his truck when another resident approached the stand, which was being run across the street from a police station.

Using descriptions of the man and other information provided by the girls and some of their neighbors, police soon tracked Easterbgy to his home and arrested him there Thursday night on three counts of sexual assault and parole violations.

Easterbgy was being held Saturday in the Atlantic County Jail on $200,000 cash bail. It was not known if he’s retained a lawyer.

According to the state police’s sex offender registry, Easterbgy was convicted of child endangerment in 2002 for taking inappropriate pictures of two young girls in Cape May County. He was classified as a “Tier 2” offender, meaning there was a moderate chance that he would commit another offense.

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  1. Sam Ferris says:

    How does this sound we put $1 bill on the sidewalk and anyone who picks it up and dosn’t turn it over to the police right away is a thief.

    Because that person is a theif that means they COULD be a robber.

    The fact that they could be a robber means they COULD be an armed bank robber.

    The fact that they could be an armed bank robber means that they COULD MURDER YOUR CHILD during an armed bank robbery.

    I say, to protect your child, anyone who picks up that $1 off the sidewalk should be put to death.

    1. Xavier says:

      …picking up an abandonded dollar bill is NOT a crime.

      So no “…for want of a nail”.

      1. Sam Ferris says:

        I guess the limit is $10. But if you find $10 and don’t return it to the owner or the police you are guilty of a crime.

  2. Sam Ferris says:

    So you would say that because a petty thief COULD rob a bank and kill a child in line while robbing the bank that we should incarcerate them forever?

    I think the idea is to punish people for what they actually do not what they COULD do.

    What about a drunk driver, he COULD run into you and your child and kill both of you, should we lock him away forever after the first offense?

    Most everyone in America has watched a murder on TV, does that mean they are likely to comit a murder in real life? This guy is registered for taking pictures of minors; how does make you think he would actually touch a child?

    19 out of 20 new sex crimes are comitted by individuals who are not on the register, even if everyone on the register were put do death that would stop 5 percent of all new sex crimes. Whats your plan to prevent the other 95 percent?

    The threat posed by this man is the same as the threat posed by 32 non registered sex offenders. Allowing your child to have contact with 32 “normal” people is the same as allowing your child to have contact with one registered sex offender as far as being equal in threat to your child to become a victim of a sex crime. What do you plan to do about that?

  3. kendra says:

    u know now that is in no way shape or form cute and why was he being let out on the street where he could have possibly done some serious damage to these girls or something worse as rape or itempted rape this is not a joke this is real we really have to think about stuff like this otherwise some serious damages could have been done by him or others just like him.

  4. Sam Ferris says:

    When the police arrest a female for showing her breast in public where she COULD be seen by someone under 18 and charge her with “sexual assult” and set her bail at $200,000, then this prosecution is resonable. Otherwise he is being punished only for his status and not for his crime. And his status is again from acts that did not include physical contact ….

  5. Sam Ferris says:

    He rubbed HIMSELF (and I doubt rubbing your own breast is a crime as a male) on the groin (apparently not even naked). How this “sexual assult” qualifies for a $200,000 bail is beyond me.

    There needs to be some connection between the act and the punishment, now its getting that even when there is no touching between the parties that its a “sexual assult”. If in fact touching your groin over your clothing in front of anyone under 18 is a crime then many performers should be arrested for sexual assult and have bail set at $200,000.

  6. harelm going ham says:

    as a parent, i can never understand what’s going through these low lifes minds. all rapist should be rounded up, take to time sq, and shot dead on public t.v.

  7. BF says:

    For all have sinned and fall short of the Glory of God. We are all profoundly evil.

  8. lydia says:

    I think a just punishment might be the stockades. . Perhaps a year or so of having to be ‘on display’ in town square with a sign announcing that he is a degenerate might help Alan keep purer thoughts.
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  9. Riana Tucker says:

    I wish there was this detector that can detect when a person was an evil person, some kind of mark on their fore-head, so they wouldnt blend with the rest of society. It’d be a lot easier keeping them away from all children. People like that dont deserve to live. They deserve to be shot-BANG!

  10. Riana Tucker says:

    One Bullet to the head, would make all them perverts, stop.

  11. Bob Fowler says:

    Wait until the trial. It will come out the the girls were enticing and luring him through the ever provocative Lemonade Squeeze Dance. At 79 years old, this is one for the euthanasia column. He will claim Alzheimer’s. He will claim senility. He will claim dementia.

    I think a just punishment might be the stockades. . Perhaps a year or so of having to be ‘on display’ in town square with a sign announcing that he is a degenerate might help Alan keep purer thoughts. I would suggest this as a means of half-way housing all sexual predators. This will keep everyone ‘in’ on who is living in their neighborhood, and make identifying the perps that much easier.

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