Sisters File Sexual Harassment Suit Against Popular Long Island Restaurant

PORT WASHINGTON, NY (1010 WINS) — Three sisters from Port Washington filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against a popular Long Island restaurant where they once worked.

Lauren D’Annunzio, 20, Ashley D’Annunzio, 23, and Gabrielle D’Annunzio, 21, filed the federal lawsuit Monday against Ayhan’s Fish Kebab Restaurant, owner Ayhan Hassan and manager Dario Gomez, seeking unspecified damages.

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The sisters claim they were routinely subjected to lewd comments and behavior by male workers, including a cook who was convicted for attacking one of them.

fish kebab suit Sisters File Sexual Harassment Suit Against Popular Long Island Restaurant

Ayhan's Fish Kebab Restaurant, Port Washington (credit: Mona Rivera/1010 WINS)

In 2008, cook Juan Orellano was convicted of attempted sexual abuse and sentenced to four months in prison for attacking Lauren D’Annunzio in the restaurant’s basement.

“As I came downstairs, he came up behind me and had me in a bear hug,” said Lauren, who was 17-years-old at the time. “I was screaming for a while and no one heard me and by chance, one of the busboys ended up walking down…and he quickly let go of me and I ran away.”

Lauren’s two sisters said they were also routinely grabbed and touched by male workers.

“They would grab our butts, they would touch our sides and lower to our hips,” said Gabrielle.

The owner had no immediate response to the lawsuit but manager Dario Gomez, who is also named in the suit, says the sisters have no case.

“They worked here for a long time and they were happy,” said Gomez.

Ayhan owns seven Long Island restaurants and food markets specializing in Mediterranean cuisine, according to the company’s website.


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  1. taraann says:

    I worked in a NYC restaurant in the Carlton Hotel in NYC and the maitred told me I had to give him a blow### every night before my shift or he would take me off the schedule. In addition he solicited the female waitress out to business men staying or dining in the hotel “for good business purposes–keep our best customers happy”
    He charged the men between 300 and 500 dollars then laundered the money through the waitresses checks.
    He also threatened to anally rape the gay malewaiters if they didnt go along with his other “business”
    He was always drunk, doing drugs all night and stealing alcohol and blaming the staff.
    The management just told us if we cant handle his problems maybe we should work someplace else.
    I called the NYPD and hired the lawyer Michael Borelli…………
    I am unemplyed but happy to be away from animals like those men.

    1. sour grapes says:

      Wow you lost out on some good money but at least you can walk straight again.

    2. ProBono says:

      Taraan:…better look up the legal definition of Libel.

  2. joshsucks says:

    BFD they have lousy food anyway.

  3. j.j. says:

    Do they really expect people to take them seriously? It sounds like typical american establishment to me.

    1. Michael Knight says:

      Are you serious???????????

      1. no soup for u says:

        yes the food is bad and hell no we can not take these 3 wanna be stipprers serious.

  4. Saddened says:

    Now why do you two castratos identify with a man who was tried, convicted, and sentenced to four months in orison for trying to sexually assault a SEVENTEEN year old old girl?????

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