Mayor Bloomberg, Commissioner Kelly Visit Kletzky Home In Brooklyn

Others Just Picked Up And Traveled Thousands Of Miles To Offer Support

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — From near and far, the family of 8-year-old Leiby Kletzky is surrounded by a grieving community and some are coming from thousands of miles away to pay their respects.

A steady stream of mourners, including Mayor Michael Bloomberg and NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly, have all come to the Kletzky home in recent days hoping to console the inconsolable, reports CBS 2’s Sean Hennessey.

PHOTOS: Death Of 8-Year-Old Leiby Kletzky | A Community In Mourning

“This is one of the most sad days in the city. It’s very tragic,” Bloomberg said Monday night. “I don’t know why God sometimes does some things, but it is what it is.”

Yaakov German was in the room for the mayor and police commissioner’s 10-minute visit and said the little boy’s heartbroken parents were told everything was done to find their son alive and that, “God should give them strength. The father talked back that God is giving them strength. They’re happy that they had the kid so many years.”

Bloomberg and Kelly were just the latest in an ever-growing group of people to come by and pay their respects. Men, women, a state senator and an NYPD inspector visited earlier Monday.

1010 WINS’ Sonia Rincon has more on Bloomberg and Kelly’s visit.

“Nobody talking. Nobody talk,” said family friend  Jacob Vizl, who described the scene upstairs behind closed doors, the family clearly silent, grieving, crushed.

“They’re taking it very, very bad,” said Vizl.

“It’s quiet, somber,” said retired NYPD Sgt. Lawrence Bach.

The Kletzys have been in the Jewish custom of shiva, or seven days of intense mourning. A week ago, the dismembered body of their son was found in two different Brooklyn locations. Levi Aron, 35, was arrested and charged with the boy’s murder.

Those making shiva calls said the visits are brief, no more than three minutes long. It is all the family can bear. The small apartment can only hold about 15 people at one time.

Bach, who spent 12 years on the beat in Borough Park, said he is haunted by Leiby’s father’s anguish.

“You can see the pain on the gentleman’s face. It’s hard to describe,” said Bach. “Only he can feel the pain. You know, it’s tough.”

Binyomin Ginsberg came all the way from Minneapolis, Minn.

“Such a tragedy,” said Ginsberg. “How could I not show support?”

Ginsberg had never met the Kletzkys prior to his visit.

“We’re supposed to comfort the mourners, but in a sense, everybody coming is a mourner,” said Ginsberg. “We’re all mourning this child.”

A community of mourners, thousands of them, are coming from far and wide because they simply are having a hard time staying away.

A friend of Leiby Kletzky’s father said he counseled him to concentrate on continuing to raise his family and try to have joy together.

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One Comment

  1. Mr Clean says:

    Does Bloomberg wipe his own a$$?

  2. Kelly says:

    Although I understand your position, it is ultimately the responsibility of parents to make sure that our children are safe. There are many sociopaths loose in our country, but we need to make sure that our children are kept far away from these monsters.
    This is a tradegy that no parent should have to go through and my heart aches for Leibys family. May God give them the comfort and strength to endure.

  3. Naked truth says:

    Gloomberg is the worst mayor ever. The name grim reaper fits. Him and and his crony Kelly both divide the city.

    If the victim’s parents were latino or black I bet they won’t even sniff the neghborhood…hypocrites!

    1. Ralph Kootz says:

      YEP, you got that right

    2. Jonathan says:

      Actually this is more of a media thing. They generally visit the families of sensationalized stories.

  4. Lee says:

    Our hearts are deeply sadden for the loss of this beautiful little boy. Our thoughts & prayers go out to his family. We pray that with God’s help they will get through this nightmare. This was a so tragic and it should be a reminder to all of us. Tomorrow is not promised to anyone. So hold your children close to you and let them know how much they mean to you. Do this in memory of Leiby.
    God Bless you Dear Leiby.

  5. Jeffrey Monheit says:

    I’ll tell you what I’m mourning: I’m mourning that we have a Sodomite mayor and Speaker of the City Council. If Bloomberg wonders why such terrible things happen, maybe he needs to look at himself first! I wish this mayor would respect our U.S. Constitution and stop turning our city into an Orwellian nightmare! Imagine, we can’t even carry a gun, have privacy or smoke in a park because of him! Our mayor has some nerve to tell the people they cannot smoke in private places like restaurants, or bars. We can’t even smoke in a park, beach or pedestrian walkway anymore. Just because he has billions of dollars means we have to kiss his ass?! I want my liberty and freedom back! We need to throw this commie (Mike Bloomberg) out of office!

    1. Shane Devino says:

      You’re a damn idiot! We are mourning the tragic loss of a young innocent boy. And here you are with your schizophrenic bipolar POS attitude talking about our government. Our government has nothing to do with this tragedy. It was done by a psychopathic man!!! PERIOD! Jeffrey Monheit… YOU NEED TO GET A LIFE! THIS IS NOT ABOUT YOUR STUPID UNEDUCATED LIFESTYLE… IT’S ABOUT A YOUNG DEAD BOY WHO DIDN’T DESERVE TO DIE!

      1. Very conservative says:

        Liberalism is a mental disorder.

    2. Ralph Kootz says:

      so is conservatism to a point where you need to interject it into every article. That’s extremism, and a very bad way to live. I hope you’re trolling for your own sanity.

  6. ronnie from morris park says:

    I think of all the other kids that have been murdered in this city during the Billionaireberg administration and wonder why he is so concern about this one the most.

  7. s.m.n says:

    I too drive or walk with my kids everywhere. However, you can’t blame the parents. You can’;t blame the fact that he walked alone. This maniac Aron is to blame. All I can say is God bless this family and I hop they are continued to be spared the details. I commend the Jewish community for their support in this tragedy. Pe3ople talk about them and how they dress, talk, worship and are just different, but this is a community of people who support one another unconditionally. That is evident in this case. God bless you Leiby and God be with you and your family now and forever

  8. warrior-woman says:

    “You can see the pain on the gentleman’s face. It’s hard to describe,” said Bach. “Only he can feel the pain. You know, it’s tough.”

    Ya know, I really think the mother can feel the pain as well, Mr. Bach; although the Orthodox is a man’s world, with the woman generally ignored, Mrs. Kletzky is the one that carried this child for 9 months inside her, bore him in pain, nursed him, fed him, bathed him. How is it she is discounted, as if she cannot feel the dreadful loss of her little boy, as if only the father is sensitive enough, invested enough, important enough?

    1. orthodox jew says:

      He probably didn’t see her as men and women are kept separate. They would considerate inappropriate for Mr. Back to visit with Mrs. Kletzky.

    2. know the facts says:

      You apparently don’t know much about the women roll in Judaism. The woman is the the queen of her home and is loved and respected by her husband. Every Friday night after the men return from synagogue they recite a beautiful song that is full of praises for the women of the home. This is all done standing out of respect her. Every orthodox Jew knows that without the women there is no home. Women are very treasured in G-d’s eyes.

  9. Be safe not sorry says:

    No He fell victim because he was alone. He was nowhere near prepared to walk home alone.They stated they did 1 trial run they should of did it for a week because look what happened he got lost .Noone wants to put blame on parents but that is where it falls.I make choices with my kids if i say they can go somewhere i drive them or walk them.Just because other kids walk alone and make it home safe it is that one time they dont that the parents have to live with.We can keep track of our kids not the crazy people so why trust the unknown.

  10. MSC says:

    Thank you Ganug! I was about to tell him myself. But I think you covered it.

  11. Ganug says:

    Dear Tomy,

    Thank you for sharing your negligence and stupidity publicly, it was the comic relief I needed after reading about this families/communities anguish. You either don’t have children or have poor parenting skills…in addition to your poor grammar.

    This horrific crime occurred because there was a sociopath loose on the Streets of New York. This child fell victim not because he walked home alone but because this sick person has wires crossed in his brain. As for your brain, give it a rest.

    Many thanks

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