Queens Crash Involving Lakers’ Lamar Odom Ends In Tragedy For NYC Family

NEW YORK (WFAN/AP) — Neighbors have buried a teenager who died after hurtling onto a New York City sidewalk when a motorcycle collided with a vehicle carrying Lakers star Lamar Odom.

“Everybody was paying attention to (Odom),” one witness told the New York Daily News. “Nobody cared about the kid.”

Odom, who stars in a reality TV show with his wife, Khloe Kardashian, was visiting his native Queens on Thursday afternoon when a motorcycle tried to turn left in front of the chauffeured Cadillac Escalade sport-utility-vehicle he was riding in, police said.

The motorcycle hit the front bumper of the SUV and went out of control, striking a pedestrian, 15-year-old Awsaf Alvi Islam, NYPD spokesman Paul Browne said Tuesday.

“It hit him from behind and he went right down headfirst,” said Rahat Islam, a friend of the boy.

“My thoughts and prayers are with the young boy’s family,” Odom tweeted on Monday.

An ambulance took the boy to Elmhurst Hospital Center in Queens with severe head trauma, said Atiya Butler, a spokeswoman for the hospital. He died of his injuries at about 2:30 p.m. on Friday.

The collision occurred shortly after Odom had stopped at the China One Taco House at the corner of 45th Street and 48th Avenue in Woodside, said Shahrath Choudhury, 12. He and other children from the neighborhood flocked around Odom’s vehicle and took pictures with their cell phones as Odom waved from the rear seat.

“It was messed up,” another witness told the Daily News. “They got excited and were asking to take photos with (Odom).”

The driver of the motorcycle, 32-year-old Christian Mora of Queens, was in stable condition at the same hospital, Browne said. No one has been arrested, but the collision remains under investigation, he said.

The SUV was owned by a New York livery car service. The driver was unhurt.

Awsaf Alvi Islam was the son of immigrants from Bangladesh, an avid soccer player who had recently become more involved in his local mosque, Rahat Islam said.

“He was very quiet, a good boy,” said Nomani Choudhury, president of the Jam-e-Masjid mosque.

Mourners gathered on the sidewalk in front of the mosque on Monday and bowed their heads in prayer around Islam’s plain wooden casket. The consul-general of Bangladesh in New York, Shabbir Ahmad Chowdhury, also attended the service, Choudhury said.

Members of the mosque took up a collection to pay for the casket and burial at Washington Memorial Park on Long Island.

“His family is hand-to-mouth, so we took it on ourselves,” Choudhury said.

Shahrath Choudhury said two motorcycles had been speeding up and down the avenue that afternoon, one of them doing wheelies.

A spokesman for the Lakers, John Black, said the team would not comment about players during the NBA lockout. A spokeswoman for Kardashian also declined comment.

Odom is a seven-year veteran of the Lakers and has also played for the Los Angeles Clippers and Miami Heat. His agent and publicist did not immediately answer emails seeking comment.

Kardashian is a socialite who has appeared in three reality TV series with her sisters, Kim and Kourtney. She and Odom were married in 2009 and have a spinoff reality TV show, Khloe & Lamar, on the E! cable network.

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One Comment

  1. GN says:

    This a typical reaction for people who have no education or anything like substance in their lives. Their always waiting for something to happen or some commotion of some sought. It’s the only way they feel like their life has any meaning. They are very shallow people. usually come from a broken home. Drugs alcohol, crime is what they see as a way of life. Many become thugs. New York is become the garbage of the Nation. nuff said

  2. REALITY CHECK says:

    Typical Savages….Amy, Tress Brown, etc. They DEFEND the savage because he is on television and his wife is an attention ho.

    1. Amy says:

      You’re completely ridiculous. If you’re ever a passenger on a plane that crashes into my neighborhood, I’ll be sure to sue your family because clearly it’ll be your fault.

  3. Annie says:

    Although it is not Odom’s fault, it shows how shallow people are that gathered around to take pictures and other acts of inhumane displays that they displayed while a kid lay dead at the same scene. that is so cold of people to ignore that just to take photos and prays someone because of their fame and glory. To me it shows how almost the whole world worship fame,material, and spotlight more than human life its such a shame this world is going straight to hell .

  4. p8nt says:

    if it was Joe Schmoe in the backseat of that car, no one would care. Just because its some famous person, everyone’s all bent out of shape. Its not even Odom’s fault.

  5. Cornballs On Motorcycles says:

    Tweets suck. Man-up and offer your condolences face-to-face. That goes for everyone.

  6. brooklyn4ever says:

    As a motorcycle rider myself who rides an 853 pound cruiser, it appals me that these crotch rocket idiots, the ones who do the wheelies think that they are above the law. The one that should be paying for this poor boys funeral is the idiot on the crotch rocket. If he did not turn in front of the SUV, this young man would still be alive. He will pay I am sure once insurance straightens the mess out. Lamar Odom is in no way at fault here, so don’t blame him or expect him to pay for anything. He does not have to.

  7. Nick says:

    Idiot on motorcycle makes a left turn with a car in the left lane next to it. And it’s somehow the car’s fault??

    Oh, and the creep is a “Good Boy”.


    1. jtorres says:

      Reread the article Nick. The “creep” was the motorcyclist who made an illegal left turn, lost control of his bike and rammed into this boy on the sidewalk from behind. The “good boy” they were referring to is the victim. A 15-year-old boy who was doing nothing more than walking down the street. If those facts are correct, the motorcyclist is responsible and should pay but of course, he won’t. He’ll probably just get a ticket for an illegal turn or reckless driving. For taking a life, he’ll get nothing.

  8. Tyler says:

    how is any of this lamar odom’s fault? when is an accident ever a backseat passengers fault? lamar has no responsibilities here than any other backseat passenger. lamar should stay out of it because if he did offer something, chances are some lawyer will deem that acceptance of some wrong doing and will bring lamar into a lawsuit for the deep pocket.

  9. RGt says:

    This Family living hand to mouth , and the millionaire doesn’t offer any financial help for the funeral ? What is wrong with the people in this world? He offers a “tweet” !!
    The Lakers speak for Him? Be a decent person,be a man..take a little responsibility,please

    1. Tress Brown says:

      The motorcyclist was responsible. I am sure they will be sued. How do you know what Odom did or did not offer.

      1. Pplrfunny says:

        Ageed. While I think this is a horrible tragedy, Odom isn’t responsible- the motorcyclist is. Even if it was Odom’s cars fault, he wasn’t driving. Just because someone is a millionaire doesn’t mean they have to pay for someones funeral because they were involved in an accident.

      2. karlson says:

        In a multiple vehicle accident all parties are sued and share in what is called contributory negligence proportionately. The limo driver, the motorcyclist, the registered owners of the motor vehicles and the insurance companies of both motor vehicles. It all gets worked out by attorneys. More fault may be apportioned to the motorcycle and perhaps none to the limo driver if it is proved the motorcycle caused the accident.

    2. karlson says:

      A tweet is really inconsiderate. As one radio show talk show host remarked “if it happened to me, they would need a proctologist to remove the Blackberry/PDA”.

      1. Tress Brown says:

        Just like all of America tweeted their condolences so did Odom. He does not have any responsibilty to do anything else. He did not cause the accident.

    3. Amy says:

      “Take responsibility?!” While your sentiment of having him pay for the funeral (it’s money he could pull out of his pocket for chrissakes) would be a GREAT gesture, he has NO “responsibility” to “take.” What the heck did Odom do?!

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