Mayor Bloomberg Heads Same-Sex Wedding Between Two NYC Officials

Updated on July 24, 2010

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — On Sunday, New York became the sixth state to allow same-sex couples to marry, seeing hundreds of couples exchange vows.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg officiated at the wedding for Consumer Affairs Commissioner Jonathan Mintz and policy advisor John Feinblatt.

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“This sends a message to the world that New York is open to everyone,” said Bloomberg. “In this case, everybody should have the right to get married and every religion should have the right to decide what’s appropriate within their religion and I think New York has done that and I’m very proud of the state.”

Mayor Bloomberg has been a staunch advocate for legalizing gay marriage in the state.

There were 823 couples scheduled to get married at clerks’ offices in all five boroughs on Sunday.

City clerk Michael McSweeny said extra judges would be on hand to ease the process. “We say that everybody should be ready to spend at least an hour,” said McSweeny.

That’s because judges must waive the 24-hour waiting period which city council speaker Christine Quinn says is a formality.

“Typically, they deny marriage waivers if either or both of the applicants seem to be intoxicated,” explained Quinn.

Given how long gay couples have waited for marriage equality, she says she didn’t expect anyone to be turned away.

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One Comment

  1. pip says:

    apdsvys, you are the most stupid baboon on earth ever!!! you dont even deserve a doctor as you are pure evil in human shape.

  2. Glenda says:

    This sends a message to the world that New York is open to everyone,” said Bloomberg. ”In this case, everybody should have the right to get married and every religion should have the right to decide what’s appropriate within their religion and I think New York has done that and I’m very proud of the state.”

    This send a message that America cares nothing about what is wrong and what is right. Please people read your bible!. Everyone, tose getting married (same-sex) and those marring them are heading for hell. They are going against the laws of God. God created us and gave us laws to live by. Some where along the way man feels it is his duty to help God, or to seemingly correct a mistake he thinks God made. GOD MAKES NO MISTAKE! He said in his word “Deuteronomy 30:19
    I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live:
    God looked at Adam and saw that he was lonely, and he made a mate for him; EVE- WOMAN. Not STEVE-MAN. Someone of the opposite sex to mate and populate the world. Do you think that we had a heat wave this past week, that is nothing compare to hell, where all of those who choose to go against the word of God is going.

  3. Papa says:

    Has anyone ever considered that we are the only species on Earth that couples with the same sex? We an intellectual species have choice, and we choose to do something that scientifically does not make sense. Animals act on instinct and make better choices. Man is made for Woman. Woman and Man make mankind. Maybe if you can’t find that special person, you were put on Earth to heal others and not reproduce. Find your place….

  4. Michael B. Oliphant says:

    It just dawn on me that when asked during these non-biblical ceremonies “. . . if anyone objects to this marriage or union,” that’s when a number of clergy folks and others should let their voices be heard. However, my question is if there is an objection does the proceeding still continues?

  5. jacque mehauf says:

    A Sad day in America!

  6. dana says:

    your statement is an incitement to murder, this type of statement is more appropriate in Iran. Your inciteful statement has been reported to the newspaper. Good luck in jail.

    1. apdsvys says:

      as if your statements ARE appropriate here.

  7. Ravi says:

    Is it a sin to be Gay/Lesbian?

    1. truth says:

      YES, and to do all these fake marriges on “The LORDS day is another sign that the devil does exist

      1. dana says:

        you are the devil incarnate spewing your hatred against gays and lesbians. May you know no peace since you try to declare war on an entire people because of whom they love.

      2. pip says:

        You ARE a moron, a idiot, no education and no knowledge whatsoever.

    2. dana says:

      Yes, just as it is a sin to believe in your god, clearly a Devil, who teaches you to hate gays and lesbians.

      1. truth says:

        dana, I could tell the devil has a grip on you wishing no peace on me for my opinion.By the way He isn’t only my God, He’s yours too you just choose not to believe.The road to heaven isn’t easy I really hope you get on the right path before its too late. Hell like heaven is everlasting. I will pray for you.

      2. antigay says:


      3. glenda says:

        Dana shsh pls. gays, lesbians whatever. It is totally wrong for two people of the same sex to copulate. This is the deil working on the mind of these people telling them it is all right. IT IS NOT!.
        There is a vers in the bible that says “my people perish for lack of knowledge.” you should get some.

    3. apdsvys says:

      no its not a sin. its a sickness.

  8. Call the FDNY says:

    We got flamers headed to County Clerk offices.

  9. jane says:

    I have no problem with same sex marriage but My problem is Who is paying for the overtime involved in keeping the clerks office open in all five boroughs, this includes paying in addition to the people involved in marrying these people but also security and maintenance people etc. Where is Bloomberg getting this money when he talks about laying off teachers and closing firehouses… Bloomberg is a joke !

    1. dana says:

      would you have expressed the same concern the day marriages were allowed between blacks and whites, your supposed concern about paying overtime to right a wrong that was ongoing for decades? when justice has not been served for decades, this overtime is clearly overdue. You need to re-examine your latent bias against gays and lesbians.

      1. apdsvys says:

        you need HELP! and ASAP

    2. Enlightnement says:

      o cmon…its not like it is some entitlement that goes on forever, it is a one time thing and these poor people have been waiting for years. Free at last, free at last, free at last.

    3. nool says:

      Let me tell you something. Bloomberg is a good businessman and he understands that this kind of marriage is only a game and a joke, and all of them are going to file for a divorce shortly, and as you know there is a fee that you have to pay for registering a marriage certificate as well as registering a divorce, the city will only raise money out of this stupid law.

  10. Frankenstein says:

    Aren’t weddings gay enough already?

    1. dana says:

      isn’t your comment stupid enough already? get lost, bigot, better to spend time thinking why nobody wants to marry your stupid semblance of a human being

      1. apdsvys says:

        Who’s the bigot and who’s stupid? you desperately need to see a doctor ASAP

  11. Gregory says:

    The divorce rate should increase proportionally which is a real boon for the lawyers.

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