Mayor Bloomberg Officiates At Same-Sex Wedding Of 2 Staff Members Sunday

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — Mayor Michael Bloomberg married two members of his staff in a same-sex ceremony at Gracie Mansion Sunday night, Marcia Kramer reports.

Consumer Affairs Commissioner Jonathan Mintz and Criminal Justice Coordinator John Feinblatt tied the knot after being together for 14 years. Their daughters Maeve, 8, and Georgia, 6, were witnesses and ring bearers.

“Today in this city and in this state, history takes an important step forward by allowing every person to participate,” Bloomberg said.

New York became the sixth and largest state to recognize same-sex marriage Sunday, and people said their I do’s in every corner of the state from Niagra Falls to Long Island.

A record 659 marriage licenses were issued in New York City Sunday, and 484 were married by state judges who waived the mandatory 24-hour waiting period, allowing excited couples like 84-year-old Connie Kopelov and Phyllis Siegel, 76, to exchange vows immediately.

The day did not go off without a hitch, however, as thousands protested. The largest group demanded all New Yorkers participate in a referendum on whether same-sex marriage should be legal.

“It’s plainly against God’s law and every New Yorker knows it,” said Marie Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church.

However, nothing could spoil the day for grooms Jonathan Mintz and John Feinblatt. They exchanged rings, broke glasses in the Jewish tradition and had “eco-friendly” confetti thrown at them.

Even though they’re a long-time committed couple with kids, they said the ceremony seemed to change things.

“Things are different. Everybody’s gathering around and telling you they love you and your family is getting to say things they were never able to say before because we could never do this before,” Mintz said.

“It’s just sheer happiness to see our kids standing there with us and this is just so much a day for them. They asked us so many times why we weren’t married like their friends’ parents were married,” said Feinblatt.

Mayoral aides refused to say what the mayor was giving the happy couple as a wedding present. One thing he didn’t give them is a day off.

They have to be back at work Monday morning bright and early.

What do you think of Mayor Bloomberg taking such a prominent role at this wedding? Sound off in our comments section below…


One Comment


    when will bloomberg get aids from all his gay sex and die already?

  2. abvillian says:

    I always thought mayor is a closet gay

  3. BF says:

    What has our world come to. The governor is living with a mistress in Albany and the Mayor is marrying two gay people who will eventually commit sodomy. Not to many years ago this stuff would have repulsed a community to the point of asking these gentleman to step down. This is definitely because we have to much sugar in our drinks and our heads are clouded with to much smoke and our food is to salted. We all lack the moral value to really stand up and say there should be some moral values. By the way have you noticed that we are broke, except for the insulated rich. Look at Leviticus 26 in the Bible. Get ready for a fun ride because we are self destructing ourselves with all of our pride and super intelligence.

    1. Joseph Didonato says:

      and your still stupid!! what is the world are we coming to? well i guess things never change

  4. Elton says:

    Then, see how it finally feels.

  5. Archie Slavetrader says:

    This is why Bloomberg was electes. All of his time spent on helping 968 gays instead of helping the millions in NYC who need help.

    1. Jim says:

      Agreed, besides paying his way into a third term.

    2. Brooklyn McDirtyshoes says:

      But it’s a state law, not a city law. Also, the mayor apparently worked on a Sunday. Did you?

  6. hetero says:

    in a couple of years ,we( heteros) will be minority 😦

    1. John says:

      No, not even close.

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