NYPD Harbor Officers Rescue Dog In Water More Than A Mile Out At Sea

Cops Can't Believe Their Eyes As Laboring German Shepherd Paddles By

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — What a save!

Two NYPD harbor officers were credited Tuesday with rescuing a dog from drowning. The 8-month-old German shepherd ran off from his owners, into the Rockaway Inlet and drifted away for nearly an hour.

CBS 2’s Dana Tyler met “Charlie” and his angels, police officers Edward Carr and Ben Reiver. They were on patrol two miles off Manhattan Beach when they said they couldn’t believe their eyes.

“One in a million chance,” Officer Carr said.

“It’s like a needle in a haystack,” Officer Reiver added.

A quarter mile from the boat, Reiver saw something curious floating in the water.

“I figured I’d go check it out. The closer we got, we realized it was a dog and it was alive,” Reiver said.

The pooch was out to sea and fighting for his life.

“Right here was the only part above the water,” Reiver said, his hands shadowing the shepherd’s ears. “His nose was up like this. He wasn’t paddling anymore. He was trying to stay up.”

The officers maneuvered the boat closer and Charlie seemed to know he was being rescued.

“He just looked at us and perked up,” Reiver said. “He knew we were going there to pick him up. He wanted help and made it easier for us.”

But the wind and current were pushing the boat away.

“So I had to put the boat in gear. It’s actually a risky move with these types of boats, because you could hurt someone or you could hurt the animal, but we only had one shot because we was losing it,” Reiver said.

It turns out Charlie had been in the water for 40 minutes. He’d run away from his owner, who didn’t want to be interviewed but was grateful the dog was okay thanks to New York’s Finest.

“If a dog could show any kind of happiness, I think that was it. He was actually trying to get into the boat,” Officer Carr said.

“I feel great. As a dog owner, I can imagine what they were going trough, just watching him slowly drift away out there and not being able to do anything and just by chance we happened to be there,” Officer Reiver added.

The officers canvassed the shore and reunited the daring dog-paddler with his worried owners.

After all that paddling and fighting the current, Charlie showed signs of exhaustion, but overall, is in good condition.

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One Comment

  1. Kris says:

    As A german shepard owner so glad NY Habor Patrol were able to help this wonderful dog… Poor dog must of been so tired. Glad wonderful dog is well after all of that. Great job Edward Carr & Ben Reiver

  2. kojack45 says:

    Gotta love the puppies!!

  3. Me says:

    Great rescue, but why didn’t the owners call for help?

    1. sandy.brooks says:

      My thoughts exactly. I would have been hesitant to give the dog back. What is up with not wanting to be identified. Anyways thank you NTPD! I would hijack a ship to rescue my dog.

  4. Tanja says:

    Good eye …thank you to the NYPD for taking the time to safe a dog.I am shure the owner learned it’s lesson,I hope!

  5. Bubbish says:

    Kudos to the NYPD harbor patrol! They were in the right place at the right time. Poor Charlie was wearing down when these fine officers came along and saved him. I have a GSD, and I can’t imagine her treading water for almost an hour, let alone being missing for that long. Pets are like kids-they CAN and WILL get away from you if given the chance. Just glad this story had a happy ending…..

  6. Carole Clarke says:

    That dog is lucky he wasn’t lunch for a shark! He’d be perfect for police work, maybe the owner should donate him to the police and get a teacup breed she can control.

  7. Roci says:

    Awesome Job….we need more good stories to read about.

  8. alex says:

    Yes, its called a leash and if you can’t afford one DON’T GET ANOTHER DOG.

  9. twinnie says:

    Good job to those officers! To the owner: LEASE YOUR DOG!!!

    1. Char says:

      Do what to the dog?

      1. Sara says:

        He’s cute, I’d sign a week lease for him. Can I get the week of Labor Day?

    2. Me says:

      you know that sounds like a plan, Lease the dog and return it at the end of the day…. 🙂

  10. jon anthony says:

    Great great work guys! What an uplifting story!!

  11. Mike says:

    A great job done by the harbor unit,I’m sure Charlie was grateful! Thanks so very much to these harbor unit officers of the NYPD!

  12. Mary says:

    Way to go Eddie! He is the finest of the finest! Great job

  13. Fran Greifenberger says:

    Excellent job by NY’s Finest Harbor Unit. We appreciate everything you do for us. They had one shot at rescuing this dog and performed the task to perfection. Great job Police Officer Carr & Police Officer Reiver. You are truly NY City’s FINEST !!!

  14. Jonathan says:

    Best catch of the year! Great rescue

  15. kendra says:

    i am so so glad that they resacued that dog that is a very great deed that they performed and they will be praised for that pricious deed …way to go.

  16. ... says:

    Good! Finally a news i want to see!

  17. Larry Sorriento says:

    NY finest do it again…Great Job guys. Thanks for the job you do everyday.

    1. didi says:

      Thanks to these nice policemen he is ok they did a wonderful job, but someone should check out these owners why didnt they call for help? and why not want to be identified. Maybe dog is afraid of these people maybe he is stolen.

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