Adventurous Beauty Stakes Claim To Window Overlooking Fifth Avenue

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A peacock that escaped from the Central Park Zoo around noon on Tuesday was still perched on the fifth-floor ledge of a luxury condo building on Fifth Avenue hours later.

Zoo officials are hopeful that once the sun went down and the crowds thinned out, it would fly back home to its home across the street, 1010 WINS’ Terry Sheridan reported.

1010 WINS’ Terry Sheridan Speaks With Onlookers on Fifth Ave.

Late Tuesday night, the peacock was still holding fort at 838 Fifth Avenue, where it stared at itself in the window, then down at the street and back out into the park. All day, people just watched it.

“I think it’s staying up there a long time so it must be enjoying it a little,” zoo volunteer Mary Radice told CBS 2’s Lou Young. “Something about the view must be appealing.”

“I’ve never seen a peacock on Fifth Avenue before,” said Bill Salvas, of Weehawken.

WCBS 880’s Steve Knight Reports

While zoo officials said the bird doesn’t pose a danger to the public, they urged people not to try and approach it.

The bird’s Fifth Avenue appearance was quite the event on an otherwise quiet August afternoon.

“It’s like, you just walk down the street, you look up — ‘oh yeah, there’s a big peacock sitting on a windowsill.’ It’s pretty awesome though, I just hope it doesn’t fall,” Cassie Altreche, of the Bronx, said.

Meanwhile, the peacock has already inspired a two Twitter accounts — @CentralPeacock and @BirdOnTheTown.

The first tweet from the @BirdOnTheTown account read “Hey, I’m free!!” While the @CentralPeacock has been repeatedly joking about NBC’s use of the peacock logo, tweeting “I have a very important meeting concerning the unauthorized use of my image.”

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