Nassau Executive Mangano Appeals For New Proposal After Coliseum Referendum Voted Down

UNIONDALE, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) – Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano appealed for new proposals for the Nassau Coliseum’s site following Monday’s rejection by voters, who refused to foot the $400 million renovation bill.

Mangano said he will seek new ideas and bids from New York Islanders owner Charles Wang and any other private developer.

“We have been seeking privately financed proposals since I took office and certainly before that.  None have proved to be successful,” Mangano said at a news conference Tuesday.

Ed Mangano Says He Will Consider All Offers. 1010 WINS’ Mona Rivera Reports

One resident who spoke with 1010 WINS’ Mona Rivera wondered aloud whether any developer would be able to get a plan approved.

“What are they going to put there — a flea market? There’s too much red ink in everything, so by the time you finish holding up everything, it’s gone already,” he said.

Voters roundly reject the proposal that would’ve funded a replacement for the 39-year-old Coliseum, the second oldest arena in the NHL. The measure was defeated 57-43 percent. Voter turnout was characterized as being surprisingly low.

Wang had said that without a new arena, he’d take the team elsewhere when their lease at the Coliseum expires in 2015.

The Coliseum is the smallest NHL arena in the league – that is, until the Thrashers move to Winnipeg and become the Jets this season.

“I’m disappointed. I’m heartbroken,” Wang said Monday night following the defeat of the measure. “I’m not gonna comment on any specific next steps. We are committed to the Nassau Coliseum until 2015 and like we said all along we will honor our lease. We now have a season to concentrate on.”

“This is garbage,” said Islanders fan Tom LoFaso of Levittown. “To me, this was a no-brainer to vote yes. It would generate money for the county which was already in debt.”

“Long Island blew it again,” Islanders fan Lou Martini said.

WCBS 880 Long Island Bureau Chief Mike Xirinachs With Reaction In Uniondale

Mangano, a staunch proponent of the initiative, said the defeat doesn’t mean the game’s over.

“It is not an ending. It is a beginning,” Mangano said. “We will find a new path, a path that brings people together, a path that solves the problems that blockades the redeveloping of this property.”

“Maybe people don’t care about the hockey, that’s fine with us, but care about your community, don’t leave it behind, that’s kind of what’s happening here,” a fan from Levittown said.

WCBS 880’s Sophia Hall On What’s Next

The measure voters rejected would’ve raised property taxes in the area. Opponents didn’t see why they should pay for it, proponents said the increased tax revenue and additional jobs the new sports complex would’ve created would offset the expense.

“I don’t want to pay for it. Not just for me…my kids and grandkids are going to have to pay this bill,” Ed Marczewski, a Nassau County voter, said.

Some Democrats have suggested that the county sell the arena to Wang and leave the rest of the land for development.

Should the idea of a new Coliseum be revisited? Sound off in our comments section.


One Comment

  1. Lawn-Guy Land says:

    So, after a vote that was strangely times, and thus intended to be rigged, Mangano is still desperately looking for ways to give hundreds of millions of public dollars to Charles Wang.

    How much of that money was supposed to be kicked back to Mangano?

  2. socialism is the answer says:

    Stop selling your homes to foreigners. Stop hiring foreigners. Build new affordable homes. Increase bus service, and do not privatize it, keep it public. We need massive public works projects, run by and for the people, no private CM firms. Nassau County Republican and Democrat politicians are all hypocrites and all paid off by influence -peddlers aka lobbyists

  3. GrantGabriel says:

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  4. Lou says:

    Nassau County has such a terrific track record with the construction projects they should have been completely trusted on this project. The aquatic center is a special place with no overruns and low maintenance costs; I’m sure it would have been the same for this arena.

  5. T says:

    Tired of professional teams dictating build me this or I’ll move. At this point no matter what organization in this state says it, let em go. Millionaires dictating to me what I have to do, so I can go to a game and drop $200 and up for tix, food and drinks. No chair at any arena or stadium is more comfortable than my Lazy Boy. The big boys want a new arena then pay for it. Not like I was going to get any discounts is this passed.

  6. Bob Fowler says:

    If you can’t find private backers, where people are looking to make money, what are the odds that it is a sound financial investment? Good going voters. Mr. Wang, the unions, and the local politicians are the only ones who were to reap benefit from this project.

    In our capitalistic society Mr. Wang, you are encouraged to find the best way possible for you to make the most money that you can. I agree, that having the taxpayers fund your project was the most lucrative, but they said NO. Now you can either reach into your own stuffed pockets and build a new arena on your dime (thereby becoming the savior of Long Island), get your rich friends to chip in, or sell / relocate the team.

    For some people Mr. Wang, hockey is not a money making endeavor, it’s more of an emotional investment. Take a look at how many people showed up for the rallies. They didn’t show up for the money, they showed up because of their loyalty to the Islanders. You on the other hand, are just looking to turn a profit. When my business needs to expand or improve, we turn to ourselves, and not tax payers, for innovation and capital. Try it. It is what capitalism is all about.

    1. jeff says:

      Exactly Bob..if it was such a good deal why didnt they have any private funding in the 1st place?? Now that the taxpayers shut them down they have to look for private funding…////wang and mangano both belong in jail…

      Mangano = RINO

  7. Nike says:

    I’m disgusted with the vote and all those who whine about billionaire owners and a lousy team. Wake up! Give me a break about paying this much or that. Yes, Nassau County pays the highest taxes but look what we have; great schools etc. Before the naysayers start, I’m a taxpayer in N.C. also. In NYC, where were the people complaining when the city was bankrupt but a certain mayor had 2 stadiums built as well as a bid for the Olympics? It’s plain and simple, people will not invest in the future and these same people that voted no will be the first to complain about the raising of taxes and fees (anyone notice that you have to pay $10 to enter Eisenhower if you aren’t a N.C. resident???) when the Islanders leave and the Coliseum closes. Did those people who voted no think about the businesses around the Coliseum? If the new arena included restaurants, I guess no one figured that any of the office buildings there, people would go eat and generate more revenue? My wife and I enjoy seeing the circus at the Coliseum (why pay $30 to take the LIRR to MSG!) as well as other events there. Perhaps if the Town Supervisor moved 15 years ago when we weren’t in a economic mess, the new arena would of been built already! The Isles are almost if not already a playoff team and since they are very young, they will contend for many years; generating playoff revenue for the arena and surrounding eateries. If the Islanders don’t make the playoffs this season, I blame the voters who voted no!

    1. Jeff says:

      Uhh..i wouldnt brag about how great you long islanders have it…let’s see, high taxes, urban sprawl, no speace for development, crime increases, MS-13, Amy Fisher, Billy Joel on the roadways, , highest rate of breast cancer ANYWHERE in the country…..and one lousy hockey team….

      LI should be sawed off at th queens border and let it sail out to sea….

      1. Nike says:

        Crime has been on the rise in NYC since Bloomy took control as mayor so get your head out of your sphincter! Show me a place with over 1 million residents and no gangs! Amy Fisher? At least LI didn’t burp out the Khardashians! Snookie? I’m surprised you didn’t mention Lindsay Lohan but then again, I guess your brain doesn’t go past Amy Fisher because you’re jealous Joey got to her first instead of you!!

        Im not surprised you call them one lousy hockey team. When a team rebuilds einstein, they are not good. Rebuilding takes time and patience! The last couple of rebuilding projects were a bust because the GM didn’t stick to it, Garth is. What about the Rangers Free Agent busts? The blockbuster trades and FA signings have brought a cup for the Rangers?

      2. jeff says:

        uhh.h..the nike , the islanders ahvent won a playoff series in 18 yrs….and at least in kansas city they dont throw turkeys thru people’s winshields while they are driving…

        LI is the cesspool of NY State…please..where is the pol who wants it to be the 51st state?? Please….actually even better..go be an independdent country…

  8. Jeff says:

    It is time to stand up to these rich selfish owners and the corrupt politicians who enable them…whether this arena is built or not it will not help the county…once it is built..good bye to all those construction jobs those savage unions hold so dear…..

    no one goes to see this team anymore…wang sell the team and then maybe someone will put real $$$ into it and not insult the fans the way you did some years back you crook.

  9. Marv says:

    Well most residents are against increases in property taxes(can’t blame them if that is the reason it was voted down) There are other options. The new atlantic yards could be an option to share with the Nets when they move to Brooklyn. Jeff Wilpon was interested in buying the team, and a move to queens could very well be a possibility. I would be shocked if the team were to move out of NYS. Should that happen Long Island politicians should be ashamed of themselves. I can’t believe we are even talking about the Islanders moving. Does Mike Bossy or Bryan Trottier, or Billy Smith mean anything to the history of Long Island and the Islanders? Just goes to show what $$$ means today in sports.

    1. JoshSucks says:

      No, Mike Bossy,Trottier, and Billy Smith are just old ghosts. Who cares about them or the old Isles that won the Stanley Cup?

      If the Isles start winning again, we can trot out Bossy, Trots and Smith and all the old legends for old timer games. Until the Isles are competitive, or people really care about attending the games, who gives a rats ass? They don’t even draw a crowd anymore.

      mean anything to the history of Long Island and the Islanders? Just goes to show what $$$ means today in sports.

  10. Ted says:

    Could some of you know-it-alls do just a little bit of homework before you get on your pedestal and spout off about how Wang should pay for it. Charles Wang was going to completely finance his “Lighthouse Project” with a refurbished arena, shops, restaurants and housing. It wasn’t going to cost any tax payer a thin dime. The Town of Hempstead turned him down! We should of never gotten to this point of having to vote for a new arena and our taxes raised because of it. Blame the T.O.H. , not Charles Wang for this debacle. They gave Wang a difficult time, making him jump through hoops to please them. Wang has spent more than $200 million of his own money to cover the team’s losses and millions more planning and promoting his Lighthouse Project. Now that this is over I hope you’re all happy with yourselves that the Islanders are leaving…

    1. Mr. Frumpkinson says:

      Good riddance. Now, let’s talk jai-alai!

  11. Mark Ponemon says:

    Been an Islander fan since Billy Hudson ruled the ice. Went to the opening of the Coliseum. Saw the Nets leave Island Garden, great memories, but its about time that responsible voters finally said no to a rich business owner and had enough being extorted that either you OK the deal or I will move the team. Fact is you can’t fill the arena now what build it and they will come. Well, look at Citi Field after 2 seasons and the new Yankee Stadium where there are droves of high priced seats stay empty. I get calls from Giants and Jets tkt sales to purchase tkts. No its about time that the public not be suckers any longer….

  12. Dave says:

    If a billionaire wants something, let the billionaire pay for it. Not If a billionaire wants something, let the broke, bankrupt Nassau County resident whose meager financial resources have been completely depleted by Federal income taxes, NYS taxes, General & School taxes if you are stupid enough to own a home here, and sales tax if I want to buy something with the few pennies I have left over from this gang rape. The Nassau County taxpayer would not have benefitted in the slightest from this fraud. I’m glad it failed.

    1. Louie says:

      When the Isles leave and your taxes go up anyway you can say you saved two years worth of increase by 2015. Not sure what this short sightedness is going to accomplish. The fact that only 150K people showed up says one thing, no body cares. Nobody cares for the future of the county or the Isles………….Sad state of affairs

    2. Ben says:

      charles wang offered to pay 100% of the cost including the entire lighthouse point project but was turned down by the town of hempstead. shortsighted thinking by long island governments will eventually sink long island into the ocean.

  13. Ralph Puccini says:

    If Mr. Wang wishes to express his commitment to stay on Long Island, let him put up some of HIS OWN money toward the cost! We have the Carolina Huricanes because Hartford wouldn’t build Peter Karmanov & the Whalers a new arena. Yet, in spite of a Stanley Cup, the RBC Center is still a HUGE money pit we’ll continue to pay for in ever-increasing hotel and prepared meal taxes.

    1. Read all the proposals says:

      He wanted to use his own money but they would not sell him the land.Why build a brand new arena if you do not own the land.The county wants to be partners so people voted no and now say goodbye to only sports team we will ever have.

    2. proacwoman says:

      From an artical published in 2010 from

      Back in Raleigh, some venues do return revenue. The RBC Center gets about $7 million a year in hotel-motel and food and beverage taxes. It also pays out more than $4 million to local government.

  14. jon mcfadden says:

    Wake up Long Island! Im a devils fan and live in NJ, but do not want to see the islanders leave. and i agree, it goes way beyond the islanders; think of the other events that you are losing. anyone with a half of mind would understand the benefit far out weighs the additonal tax at this point.

  15. Jimmy says:

    Maybe the voters were smart enough to know that if they said it was going to cost 400 million it would end up costing a billion. And then start falling apart six months later requiring another few more mil to repair.

    1. proacwoman says:

      Is there any wonder why construction jobs are falling faster than Conan Obrien’s ratings.

    2. no more influence peddling says:

      Right on Jimmy – Just like the Eisenhower Pool and the Nassau Community College ‘G’ building aka the ”leaky” building. Target Rock, Manshul, DeMatteis, and LiRo should all be investigated, along w / Gullotta and D’Amato!

  16. Robert Pucciarelli says:

    This is for ace 11, take your head out of your ass and get the facts, its not just about the Islanders, it was about 1500 30 month construction jobs, and about 3000 permanent jobs. The Islanders would pay 14 million to the county every year, plus an additional 4.9 million in taxes. Also 11.5 of everything sold and all events. Comparing it to the Prudential center which hosted about 220 events last year plus naming rights, the county would have made money. The dirty little secret is if the Coliseum is no more, the county loses 143 million in taxes, guess how the county makes up that lost money?
    As for Wang the “gazillionaire” he has lost 240 million dollars, and tried to develop the property but little miss piggy in Hempstead said no.

    1. testes123 says:

      your argument doesn’t hold water after you said ” The Islanders would pay 14 million to the county every year, plus an additional 4.9 million in taxes.” The people of LI in NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM will see any of those tax dollars or get ANY benefit!!!!!

      1. JR says:

        You will see when they pack up and move and all the income and taxes and fees no longer come in, but, the services these things pay for now will never go away, so you, the taxpayer, will pay in the end. Do you think that if this place closes up, there will be a service reduction to help offset loss if income, LOL! Right! Sorry, you are in LaLa land.

  17. richard Allen says:

    Hey Charles take you Wang out of your azzzzz and pay for the building with your own money if you think its such a great deal……….

    NO more subsiding rich people……

    1. chris says:

      He already tried that, and once again, it was shot down. He wants to pay for it, the answer is no.He goes with public funding, the answer again is no. Tell me, what the hell is it you want?

    2. Fred K says:

      Dtto to Chris… he tried paying for it himself but the community wanted to tell him what he can and can’t build. Can’t have it both ways. Now we’ll see what the taxes look like when the revenue from the Islanders is gone and the Coliseum likely goes under. Without a primary tenant, there is little incentive to invest in a badly outdated facility.

  18. proacwoman says:

    Jobs are created through manufacturing. As we manufacture less, unemployment rises. Economics 101. So why does the public scream about jobs and then vote against their generation. Yes, Nassau handled this very poorly and earlier choices would have reduced the burden on the taxpayery, but in the end this just exemplifies the bigger problem this nation faces.

    1. NassauPAYStheMOSTaxesALREADY says:

      those jobs are for the ‘gros of the area…they are not for youor I or anyone who would like to make more than 9 dollars an hour.

  19. good riddane kate says:

    move them to suffolk county…we would love to have them and the tax base they would bring , then we wouldnt have to drive to that hole they call uniondale any longer….good riddance to that incompetent boob of a supervisor…kate murry

  20. smart LIer says:

    two words Mr Wang: Suffolk County

  21. ace11 says:

    yeah…that makes real sense

    Let People in this economy pay to keep some stupid hockey team here

    when the owner is a Gazillionaire

    at least people were smart o vote no

    1. Fred K says:

      what do you think will happen to taxes if the Isles move? no more tax revenue from the Isles… less tax revenue from the Coliseum because the building will likely go under without a primary tenant.

      and wang tried to pay for the arena himself and was told no by the taxpayers. there’s more to the issue than just taxes going up to pay for the new facility. unfortunately the isles and nassau county did a poor job of communicating that and voters aren’t willing to do enough reseaerch to learn more about the issues.

  22. The Rent is too damn high says:

    Giaccone keeps the comments to the Fire Dept. Islanders Suck! Rangers Rule!

    1. get real says:

      Rangers suck and swallow just like your mama

  23. Take a wild guess says:

    The coliseum wasn’t maintained at all. Would the new one be maintained?
    HINT: maintainence of infrastructure is never factored into cost estmates on these projects.

  24. KAM2011 says:


    1. dave the plumber says:

      LOL… exactly….3000 8 dollar an hour jobs for the the kids of the uniondale/hemstead community (who don’t want to get an education, which is most of them)!

      And all of that tax revenue! OMG!! The people of nassau county already pay some of the highest taxes in the country!!!!! THAT WILL NEVER CHANGE, WITH OR WITHOUT THE STADIUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DUH!!

  25. Shawn Clark says:

    Move them to Canada. Where the fans will care about them.

    1. karlson says:

      Your comment is a disconnect – what happened yesterday was the residents expressing their disapproval of this deal between the Isles and Nassau County government. Believe it or not, there are Islander fans who voted against this because the deal is a HEADS I WIN, TAILS YOU LOSE deal for Charles Wang.

      So don’t think the fans don’t care – they are just fed up with fiscal irresponsibility in Nassau County, where the taxes are, if not the highest in the US, then right up there in the top 10 or maybe top 5 on the county level. This deal was all in favor of Mr. Wang, who could move the team anyway, or declare bankruptcy, or sell the team. The commitment to Nassau County was far and away with too many loopholes despite the public statements about how much he cares about Nassau.

  26. Mike Giaccone says:

    i think if you take out the basball team and devlop that space differently and put the vote at a time when everyone can vote it will be a yes vote. who ever did the timing of the vote should be fired. if they do not want the team queens will gladly take them and the tax revune it will bring in.. as for the county you are all fools. now taxes will go up alot more then 20 to 60 bucks perhouse hold . i will never spend a penny in this county again.

  27. Uncle Miltie says:

    Terrible organization with a front runner fan base. After 4 cups in a row all that has been developed is a run down hotel and a Hooters that is across a 6 lane highway.

    1. Mike Giaccone says:

      you have no idea what you are talking about

      1. Fred K says:

        ditto… curious how much anyone oould do when they’re only able to spend 50 cents to every dollar their closest rivals can spend because they lack the resources.

  28. haha u vote no u lose says:

    The Brooklyn Islanders coming 2015-2016

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