Formula 1 Racing Could Be Coming To Weehawken and West New York

Are You Ready For 200-Plus MPH Speeds Through Streets Of The Garden State?

WEST NEW YORK, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — The streets of two New Jersey towns might soon be the stage for one of the world’s fastest auto races and many residents are revved up about the idea.

Formula 1 racing is all the rage across the world and it could soon be coming to the streets of Weehawken and West New York in the shadow of Manhattan’s skyline.

Mayors of both towns said Wednesday they are in talks with investors.

“First we want to make sure that for every expense we have, that we’re reimbursed for,” Weehawken Mayor Richard Turner told CBS 2’s Christine Sloan.

West New York Mayor Felix Roque said getting Formula 1 would “put us on the map.”

“The growth is going to be incredible. It’s going to be a big boom, not only for the retail, but also for the hotel industry,” Roque said.

While the sport hasn’t gained popularity in the United States, it has many viewers like Ray Burgos.

“If it’s good for the environment, if it’s good for the economy of the town, then I am a 100 percent for it,” Burgos said.

However, some residents have questions about its viability in the area.

“It would definitely be interesting to see how they coordinate all the vehicle traffic that we have in this community and parking as it is,” West New York resident Luis Gonzalez said.

Bill McIntyre, a California resident and Formula 1 enthusiast, said the federation takes safety seriously because cars can go as fast as 200 mph.

“They have cyclone fencing, stacks of rubber tires everywhere to try and protect spectators,” he said.

Last year, discussions to bring the races to Jersey City fell through.

The city councils of both towns would have to approve of any move. Mayors of both towns said they want to make sure safety comes first and that no tax dollars are spent.

Are you in favor of Formula 1 coming to New Jersey?  Share your thoughts in the comments section…


One Comment

  1. joe bloggs says:

    The race would likely be held between Lincoln Harbour and Port Imperial on a flat course. What would REALLY be interesting would be to make the cars climb the Palisades!

  2. Paul says:

    F-1 in the most cosmopolitan city in the entire continent? Of course it makes sense!!! Someone needs to contact Bernie Ecclestone ASAP, as I am sure he’d be all for it. Let a couple of American drivers have a seat during Friday Practice (Danica and Jimmy Johnson would be perfect!!)

  3. carmine says:

    guyss yes you CAN!!!! cmon i saw the organization in West New York for the Fire Works… so yeah…

  4. End the FED (and the FSA) says:

    As long as they can do it without taxpayer dollars (including tax-breaks for the mega-rich dude that gave his F1 daughter $4billion…she just purchased the largest house in America), then I’m for it. Otherwise, forget it.

  5. LK says:

    Has anyone spoken to Bernie?

  6. David Berger says:

    There is no more cosmopolitan city on the planet than NYC and no more cosmopolitan sport than F1. the fact that emerging nations have races in their capitals has done wonders for their image and pride as a country. These races generate jobs and bring hundreds of millions into the local economy. The question is not weather NYC should have a race but rather why doesn’t it already?

  7. Michael H. says:

    Americans like their races nice and simple. Nothing but left turns for 500 miles. Keep this fancy track stuff in Europe where it belongs!

    sarcasm, if it wasn’t obvious…

  8. Jxx says:

    Why the hell would they use residential streets.

    1. Michael H. says:

      Formula 1 racetracks around the world use public streets that are temporarily modified for the race.

  9. FI 2 NJ says:

    I grew up in Detroit and clearly remember the Grand Prix of Detroit as one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. There is no sound in the world to equal the high pitch of an F1 car flying by at 200+ mph! I can only hope and pray that they bring F1 to Jersey!

  10. Nascar fan says:

    They tried this at the meadowlands back in the 80’s and it sunk like the titanic. What they need is a track down in the pinelands. Where would they put a track where cars could do 200mph there?

    1. Dallas says:

      actually, that was CART not Formula 1/FIA..theres a huge difference between the 2 organizations….I’m all for Formula 1 comming to the tri state area

  11. McLarenFan says:

    Would love to have another street race added to the calendar! As an avid F1 fan that has gone to the Candian GP for the past 10 years (didn’t want to go to Indy…), it would be great to be at an F1 race in 1 hour vs. traveling to Montreal! Although, we would probably do both Montreal, New York and Austin! 🙂 Bring on the F1 cars to NJ….would love to hear the soon ot be V6 Turbos singing off the Hudson River.

  12. Pizz says:

    are you kidding, I would love it. As a Brit and a F1 fan, I would love to see Jenson Button speeding around the streets just a few miles from where I now live.

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