A-Rod To Cooperate With MLB’s Investigation Into Illegal Poker Games

NEW YORK (WFAN/AP) — Alex Rodriguez’s publicist says the Yankees third baseman is looking forward to cooperating with Major League Baseball in its investigation of his alleged involvement in illegal poker games.

Richard Rubenstein, Rodriguez’s publicist, said in a statement Thursday morning that a Star Magazine report, which claims several people saw A-Rod playing in games hosted at Hollywood hotels and residences, contains “numerous factual inaccuracies.”

WCBS 880’s Monica Miller On The Investigation

Rodriguez also faced questions about his gambling habits in 2005, when the Daily News reported he attended games at an underground poker club in New York. The slugging third baseman later acknowledged “it wasn’t the right thing to do,” and checked with MLB before holding a charity poker tournament the following year.

Now baseball wants to talk to him again.

“We take this very seriously and have been investigating this matter since the initial allegation,” MLB said Wednesday in a statement. “As part of the investigation, the commissioner’s office will interview Mr. Rodriguez.”

Listen: WFAN’s Sweeny Murti joins Joe and Evan with the latest on A-Rod’s off-the-field issues

“It could be (a suspension) if it turns out he did something,” a source told the New York Post. “I know they are not too happy about it.”

According to the Star story published in early July, A-Rod was involved in a high-stakes illegal poker game that featured the open use of cocaine.

Well, one poker poker pro who says he was at the table insists A-Rod was far, far away.

“A-Rod was not at that game,” Dan Bilzerian told the New York Daily News. “I would remember because I got stiffed.”

“He wasn’t there, I’m telling you,” he reiterated to the paper. “He was playing in the World Series at the time.”

Rodriguez is on the disabled list and wasn’t with the team Wednesday night in Chicago.

“I don’t really have any comment on that,” manager Joe Girardi said before the Yankees’ 18-7 victory over the White Sox. “Let baseball handle those things.”

Bilzerian was one of the main sources of the Star report. Rodriguez’s name is not mentioned in any court filings in relation to the games.

MLB said at the time that the report was the first the commissioner’s office had heard about the accusation and baseball officials would look into the matter.

The 36-year-old Rodriguez had right knee surgery on July 14 but is expected to resume baseball activities on Thursday at the Yankees’ facility in Florida. The three-time AL MVP is hitting .295 with 13 home runs and 52 RBIs this season.

Rodriguez ranks sixth on the career homer list with 626. He needs 137 to break Barry Bonds’ record.

What do you make of the A-Rod poker report? Be heard in the comments below…

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One Comment

  1. JK says:

    I normally restrict. my comments to my columns (Jason Keidel) but I take issue with something KPM wrote. A respectful disagreement, of course.

    “Gambling is infinitely more detrimental to the integrity of the game than PEDs but few seem to understand that.”

    When was the last time gambling hurt baseball? Steroids tainted the sport for 20 years, synthesized the record books, and drained an entire era of its validity. Pete Rose aside – and even his gambling impact was oblique at best – what gambling operation gutted the game since the Black Sox?

    In theory, you’re correct. A widespread betting plague would literally destroy baseball. But that hasn’t happened. Steroids were real, recent, and we still don’t test for HGH. We don’t even know if there’s a new chemist or chemical inching ahead of the testers.

    Again, a respectful opposition to your point. Nice chatting with everyone.

    1. KPMc says:


      If you are going to be one of the people that glosses over the harm Pete Rose did then I can’t really continue my point with you but I will try .

      As for Pete… I hear him and others say… he just bet on his won team to win, whats wrong with that? Well when you bet with the same ookiews every day the day you DONT bet on your team is as good as telling you bet against them. It is inside info.

      The even slightest possibility that Rose’s decisions were effected by his bet is a travesty of the highest magnitude. If even just once he stuck with a pitcher longer than he would have. Or made a switch to save a guy for the next day’s bet… well those are things baseball just can’t weather.

      As for the comparison between PEDs and gambling. Athletes that use PEDS do so to improve their game, to help their team win. It is perfectly acceptable in football but for some reason we are hung up on this silly notion that baseballs records are scared while others are meaningless.

      Several HOF pitchers have admitted that they cheated THROUGHOUT their careers. They used a substance that was banned by baseball and doing so made them more effective pitchers. The substance was spit but I don’t hear anyone calling to kick them out of the HAll even though their numbers are clearly skewed.

      I really don’t see how an athlete that is trying to improve his game even compares to one that might give gamblers or organized crime an opportunity to influence the outcome of the game.

      How does an athlete striving to make himself as good as possible really hurt the game? Decades ago no one ever worked out with weight and certainly no one worked out in the offseason. It was frowned upon.

      But then we learned that was foolish. Of course you should work out. Of course you should stay in shape during the winter.

      Coaches told us… limit your water intake.. you’ll get cramps. But of course that was nonsense. Keeping hydrated is one of the most important things you can do.

      No one used to take vitamins or supplements but now we know those things help athletes as well as regular people.

      So… in a decade or two (if we can get past this unwarranted hysteria) HGH will be something ALL of us are prescribed to heal quicker and stronger. Maybe even not just as a remedy but as preventative medicine or just plain maintaining our well being to live longer and stronger.

      Now I know that may be a lot for some to comprehend and swallow but try. The world changes. Don’t stay stuck in the past.

      Again… if you are one of those that minimizes Rose’s transgressions then I’ve just wasted several minutes but if you have an open mind to analyze things I hope you will see things a little differently.

      Agree to respectfully disagree,

      1. KPMc says:


        Sorry… Just noticed one part of your post…

        “Steroids tainted the sport for 20 years, synthesized the record books, and drained an entire era of its validity.”

        OMG.. Steroids saved baseball… put it back on the map.. after the work stoppage of 94 NOONE cared about baseball. Brady Anderson’s 50 got people interested again. As much as an obvious travesty it was McGwire and Sosa saved baseball.

        There was an entire campaign built around “Ladies love the long ball”

        We all knew what was going on… Fans, writers, broadcasters, managers, coaches, players and the front offices and we ate it up.

        I contend it did the opposite of drain it’s vitality.

      2. emmas says:

        He has enough problems with his physical ailments. He’s a real pro who has been great to the city and the Yankees. Let him be!I am a 28 years old doctor, mature and beautiful.and now I am seeking a good man who can give me real love , so i got a username Lindasunny2002 on–a’ge’l’es’s’da’te.c óm–.it is the first and best club for y’ounger women and old’er men, or older women and y’ounger men,to int’eract with each other. Maybe you wanna ch’eck ‘it out or tell your friends!

      3. JK says:

        We are destined to disagree on this, my friend. But I wish you a lovely weekend, nonetheless.

    2. Charles Di Bartolo says:

      I believe De Caprio is ratting on all of them, he hates A-Rod. These are super-secret games and the cops raid them, turn to Leonardo he is the squeeler.


  2. Nelson says:

    Poker is 70% LUCK, 30% SKILL, cuz no matter what hand you get if the next man has a better hand. You’re done. Hey, SELIGULA… Leave A rod A lone.

  3. Ellen says:

    OK, yes I’m a Red Sox fan, but what does playing in an illegal Poker game have anything to do with baseball. Give me a break and leave A-Rod alone. It has nothing at all to do with his profession and is his business and his business alone.

    1. KPMc says:

      Well.. I am a Yankees fan and often an A-Rod defender and a Selig detractor but you are 100% wrong. MLB players should not put themselves in a position where professional gamblers, mob connected goons and drug users might have the opportunity to use their actions against them in any way. He should not attend those games as associating with gamblers is a serious threat to the integrity of the game.

      That being said why don’t we just wait to find out if he was actually there before vilifying a man based on the journalistic approach of the faux newspaper called The STAR!

      1. Antonio says:

        Would the motion picture industry suspend Tobey Maguire, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon from making movies? because they were there to.

        Michael Jordan attended these poker games during his NBA career and still does. Should the NBA ban or suspend him from the NBA? he is after all the majority owner of the Bobcats

        Just asking.

      2. KPMc says:


        Their is no integrity question when it comes to movie stars and Hollywood studios. No one is “throwing” the oscars at the behest of gamblers/bettors depsite all the Oscar parties and pools to guess the winners.

        As for Jordan… it is generally understood that he WAS suspended (ie… see his ‘baseball’ career’)… just not officially as it would have embarrassed the NBA beyond belief.

        And of course.. MLB has to keep it’s own house in order despite what is allowed to go on in the NBA. A-Rod knows the rules. If he did it he should pay the price but let’s find out how reliable ‘The Star’ is before we dump on him yet again.

        Gambling is infinitely more detrimental to the integrity of the game than PEDs but few seem to understand that.

      3. Antonio says:

        Where do you get your information where Jordan WAS suspended by the NBA for gambling? The same publication about A-Rod playing poker, The National Enquirer or The Globe

        You seem to believe on everything you read. Here’s shocker and I hate to break the bad news to you.

        There’s no such thing as Santa Claus, Elvis is dead, and Area 51 is a Military Base, not a secret base where aliens are being kept.

        You also used the word gambling like A-Rod bets on sports events.

        Also Einstein, the person said it was back in ’09. It’s not something that happened recently, but it’s all irrelevant, there are no rules against MLB players playing stake poker, illegal or not.

      4. KPMc says:


        I don”t know what you are talking about with conspiracy theories. I am the one TELLING YOU to wait and see how reliable the information from The Star is.

        As for rules against illegal gambling there most certainly are rules against it in MLB. A- Rod was warned long ago as a reminder.

        If you don’t understand why consorting with illegal gamblers is a bad idea for baseball players I will never be able to explain it to you.

        If you can’t respond with an intelligent argument please drop the condescending comments about Santa and Einstein and we will drop the discussion altogether.

        PS. If you don’t think high-stakes poker IS gambling then I’ve wasted every word I’ve typed.

  4. The Motivator says:

    Leave him alone. This is nonsense already. Everyone goes after A-Rod, but only since he joined the Yankees. Nobody said anything when he was in Seattle or Texas, and I’m pretty sure he didn’t start gambling at age 28.

  5. Jim427 says:

    Does anyone care. These guys make so much money its not like the mob can pay them tofix games. And we’re not talking about him betting on sports here. He’s playing poker which is almost as big an event on ESPN as baseball. Don’t we have more important things to focus on here. A guy died this year at a game and a guy was attacked outside a baseball game. Hey Bud Selig lets focus on whats important tothe fanslike security and not what thesuperrich player are doing with their money. Its unrealistic that a nickel and dime game will satisfy a guy that makes 27 million a year.

  6. kickit says:

    No crime regardless. Poker is a game of skill and should be respected as such. Less government here.

  7. SOL says:


  8. Gary105 says:

    He has enough problems with his physical ailments. He’s a real pro who has been great to the city and the Yankees. Let him be!

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