Tourist Recounts ‘Traumatic’ Experience After Carriage Horse Takes A Tumble

Animal Rights Activists Renew Calls For Ban; Drivers: You Are Overreacting

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A tourist hoping to enjoy a leisurely ride through Central Park on a carriage horse Sunday said she is distraught after the animal started moving backward and fell to the ground.

Theresa Shaver told 1010 WINS’ John Montone that her husband and son were sitting on the horse carriage when it tripped over a curb and collapsed.

1010 WINS’ John Montone With More On The Incident

“Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh! Oh the horse, no! Oh God, get off, get off,” she could be heard screaming on the video.

Warning: Strong Language

Shaver described the whole episode as a “traumatic” experience and was incensed to see that shortly after the incident, the carriage driver allegedly had the horse in line to pick up new passengers.

“You put him back to work after he drops to the ground twice?” she asked the driver seen on the YouTube video.

Shaver said something terrible could have happened given what she perceived to be the horse’s poor condition.

Back home in upstate Baldwinsville on Thursday, Shaver said she still hasn’t gotten over the incident.

“I’m changed forever. My view on it is changed forever. I was actually afraid for horses on the way out. I didn’t want to get near the carriages,” Shaver told CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer.

However, a spokesman for the Horse and Carriage Drivers Association, Ian McKeever, said Shaver is “crazy” and overreacted.

Warning: Strong Language

McKeever said the horse just tripped like a person might trip and was “absolutely fine.” He said the horse was returned to the stable to be checked and returned to work only on the following day.

“We followed proper protocol, we brought the horse back to the stable — made sure the horse was fine.  And the horse was fine,” McKeever said.

Kramer found Bill Sac, the carriage driver during the incident, on Central Park South on Thursday with a different horse.

“It could happen sometime. It could happen. They always risk,” Sac said.

Dr. Pamela Corey, Director of Equine Veterinary Service for the Humane Law Enforcement Department of the ASPCA, said the horse was “spooked by a pedicab and fell down.”

The driver claims that Shaver left her purse in the carriage and he was waiting with the horse in the hack-line for her to return to collect it, Corey said.

The incident comes on the heels of a recent push by animal rights activists and lawmakers to ban horse-drawn carriages in New York City. Supporters of the movement claim it is abusive to the animals.

“This is definitely a safety issue safety, meaning it’s a safety issue for the horses and it’s a safety issue for people,” said Elizabeth Forel of the Coalition to Ban Horse Drawn Carriages.

Drivers said an investigation isn’t necessary.

“The truth of the matter is that they’re very well cared for. There’s much oversight of this industry. These guys love their horses and take good care of them,” Demos Demopoulos said.

Did the woman overreact or does she have a good reason to feel traumatized? Should horse-drawn carriages be banned? Share your thoughts in the comments section below…

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One Comment

  1. Horse enthusiast says:

    As someone that has been around horses all her life, trained two yr olds in western pleasure, shown in 4H, circuit, MQHA, AQHA, etc, and have been around carriage horses (bf’s father ran one) i can say that carriage drawn horses are not abused in any way without hesitation. what happened here was the horse spooked. it backed up bcs he was trying to get away, fell over the curve (he’s obviously not a trail horse lol) like any human would do, or a little kid running, n not looking at where they are going. if the woman didn’t scream bloody murder, and/or the cab driver would have tried to calm the horse the horse may have not tripped. horses feed of those that are ridding them, or working them in any way. if the “pilot” so to speak is afraid or nervous for some reason the horse will be 10x more afraid than what the rider. this is bcs they are prey animals, and this is a way that they keep themselves safe from harm. these, and other disciplines in the horse industry take very good care of their horses. of course there are going to be some bad apples in the group, just like there are bad mothers. to me and other horse people, this is equivalent to someone tripping over a rock. should i call DFS on the mother of the child that tripped on the rock?

    1. Marlene Fromann Morgenthaler says:

      All animals could be subjected to abuse as can people. With Dr. Corey on the job, they are well protected. Dr. Corey is limited to treating the horses and won’t let an animal be abused in any way shape or form. She is a true animal rights activist with all animals best interest at heart.

      1. horse enthusiast says:

        Do you mean animal welfarist bcs an animal rights extremists is someone that doesn’t want people to have animals? these people believe that having animals is slavery, and that animals are the same as a human. an insect is a rat is a pig is a dog is a boy.

      2. Kennebunk says:

        With all due respect, Dr. Corey has no way to be everyplace at every time. She is hardly omnipotent. I am sure she would not refer to herself as an animal rights activists, because she is not one. She works for the ASPCA, which enables this business.

        Are you her mother.? ..LOL

    2. Sally Rogers says:

      It is obvious that you are connected to the horse carriage industry in NYC. But being a NYer my entire life I can say with no doubt these horses are treated horribly and without hesitation say that these horses are working under horrible conditions. When I have a horse on Bwy breathing my tailpiple fumes stuck in traffic for in 90 degree and above heat and being cut off by horn blaring taxis its downright shameful. NYC is not the place for these horses. They are suppossed to stick to Central Park and I see them trotting down 6th ave and up 7th ave with tourist, that is not part of the rules. So no, these horses are not treated humanely.

      1. horse enthusiast says:

        I have never been in New York, so there is no way i am tied to it. great try at shooting the messenger though.

      2. NJer says:

        Note the screaming hysterical woman who was able to keep her cell phone camera working but never bothered to go over to help the horse get up. So much for her deep concern for the horse.

      3. Virginian says:

        I can’t believe all the heartless comments. Occasionally, I look at the Times Square webcam and see the horses in traffic. It is downright cruelty and something should be done. Truthfully, it doesn’t bother me one bit to see people pulling those little carts in traffic. If they get struck by a car, at least it was their choice. I’m with you, Sally.

    3. ez says:

      I would say he tripped over the curb.

      1. Mary says:

        Yes, that is what I was thinking. The “hysterical tourist” then spooked the horse. Was she at all concerned about her son, she was so worried about getting herself on video. I would have been either helping the horse, driver, or my family, not worried about taping the incident. Then to have it worldwide, get a grip on life and take care of your family. Enjoy your vacation and keep those choice words to yourself!

    4. betty dedman says:

      As someone who has trained horses (most of my life) to be around crowds and gunfire and to work in tight places, I believe that horse has a sore back. My finished horses don’t spook while under saddle or harness. Further, considering the weight that is often put into these carraiges, THIS horse isn’t heavy enough to pull 1,000 pounds of people and the carraige. I’ve seen city carraiges pulled by draft horses for that very reason. The maximum for this 1,000 pound animal to pull all day long is less than 1,000 pounds (in passengers.) The model pull ratio is 4x what the horse can carry under saddle. If the owner continues to use this animal, he will use him up. Just so you know I am not averse to the carraige rides, just get a stronger animal to pull this one.

    5. Jaymie Moran says:

      The point is: these animals should not be in the city PERIOD! “Oh he fell.” Um no sorry, if he didn’t have to pull around carriages all day and entertain tourists all day, none of this would be an issue. Horses should be out grazing the field, not entertainment for people. We are lucky he did not break his leg or hurt himself even more. And this is ONE video that she was lucky to get. Can you imagine what we DON”T see. Horse die of heat stroke. Is that what you are waiting for? HORSES SHOULD NOT BE IN THE CITY PERIOD! FIND SOME OTHER FORM OF ENTERTAINMENT!

  2. Marlene Fromann Morgenthaler says:

    I have never seen a more neurotic individual in my life! That woman should not be out in public without the guardian from her mental institution. Her screaming is what frightened the horse. Dr Pam Cory is one of the best vets on the eastern seaboard and a true animal rights activist, I think Dr. Corey should have used a tranquilizer dart on the cow that was making the fuss. If I know Dr. Corey, she could have recommended a good diet for her too!

    1. Ailideka says:

      Wow, is it really necessary to call someone a cow and say they are crazy? Do you KNOW that person and their situation? Were YOU there?!! No. People need to stop making assumptions and judging based on a tiny amount of information. Someday, YOU or a loved one will be on the other side the coin and I wonder how you will feel?

      1. Red says:

        I think that it was fairly easy to surmise from the video that this woman is a verifiable nutcase. If she didn’t want to draw criticism, she should not have posted such a video in the first place. A reasonable person on the “other side of the coin” would not have posted such a personally damaging video for the world to see and criticize. The mere fact that she posted it speaks to her mental instability – or maybe an extremely narcissistic need to have her name in the news.

        Her out of control antics were painfully embarrassing to watch. It was obvious that even her husband and child were disgusted by her reactions/actions.

      2. dont be fooled says:

        People need to stop making assumptions and judging based on a tiny amount of information. — same goes for the people that know nothing about any part of the horse industry. just bcs someone has footage of an animal being abused, not saying that what happened here was abuse, means that everyone in the world that works with horses is an animal abuser.. the animal was checked out, found nothing wrong. besides if the horse was totally freaked out it wouldn’t have just laid there. with all that has been going on lately it wouldn’t surprise me is this was staged, that the woman wanted to get footage of an animal falling down to make it much more than what it is to help her cause. many undercover ops will even abuse an animal just to get some footage. ex/ look up the conklin dariy farm. you will find that the undercover op admitted in court that he would stab cattle with pitch forks. OR the incident where the op would hit calves on the head with hammers. since they can’t find any abuse, they will wait and wait and wait till something comes along, or they will make something look worse than what it really is, like what we see here, or they will do it themselves. these so called animal rights activists/ extremists are very dangerous people. they do not care for others, and they know absolutely nothing about animals. some groups are on the FBI’s terrorist watch. the top terrorist is an animal rights extremists that lives here in the wonderful US of A. animals are constantly killed in fires bcs these people think they are helping them. animals are let out at night to be hit by trains cars, etc bcs these people think they are helping them. my college research center is constantly being threatened that they will be bombed by these so called animal lovers. these people would rather save a rat from a burning building than a human baby.

      3. Ailideka says:

        I go back to my original comment. No one has any idea, unless you were there yourself, as to what this person is like, their intentions or how traumatic for them it may have been. I have a son with autism, whom has severe anxiety and is traumatized by LESS than that. He can’t help that, he is disabled. No one can tell that though either from a video of his voice or even by looking. So it’s incredibly offensive to me how quick people are to judge others based on practically nothing. Hope you all feel validated in hurting someone the way you all have. Great examples you all set. Judge, crucify and pick on first, find out facts later.

    2. Kennebunk says:

      Dr. Corey is an apologist for the NYC carriage business. She does not want to see them end. Ask her. If the business comes to an end, she loses her job.

      The ASPCA got a great employee when they hired her. Dr. Corey would prefer to make the Animal Planet videos.

      Are you all Dr. Corey’s family? LOL

  3. April says:

    Just like any other activity you choose to partake in you have to understand that on some level you are in some sort of danger whether it be walking down the street or at the mercy of an animal pulling you cart.

    As per horses out of NYC? I don’t think it will happen anytime soon. Should they be free to roam and whatnot? Sure. Wouldn’t that just be peachy keen and rainbows if all animals and creatures and humans everywhere were free?

    They’re not treated horribly, and the laws regarding them have come a long way. Could they be better? Absolutely. Should they have drivers with an actual knowledge on how to treat and care for their horse? Definitely.

    1. Eva Hughes says:

      Very reasonable post, April, thank you. You will find the answers to some of your concerns in my other posts below. As far as the law is concerned, please know that we just passed a new, revised, comprehensive law regarding the welfare of our horses just last April. Here’s a link:

  4. Eva Hughes says:

    As I have described before in another entry here, currently in the U.S. there is what amounts to an equine emergency – a “perfect storm” formed by the economic recession and soaring feed prices. People losing their jobs, homes, and land, or just having taken such a hit financially that they can no longer keep or care for their horses.
    A simple Google search will reveal hundreds of news articles about surrendered, abandoned, or neglected horses. The reports often include interviews with horse rescues and animal shelters across the country, all stating the same thing: that they are full to capacity and overwhelmed by this phenomenon.
    You see, out in the “country”, the only place that many do-gooders and animal rights fanatics think horses should be allowed to live, it’s fairly easy to starve or abuse or neglect a horse. Horses are on private property; no municipality has the resources to check on every single one. Kept from the public eye, this horror show plays out all the time in the lovely “country”. This has never – and COULD never – happen to a NYC carriage horse.

    Here’s why:
    —EACH AND EVERY NYC carriage horse is checked multiple times a month by either the DOH or the ASPCA. These agencies have full access to every animal whenever they want it;

    —Our horses must be vetted and given a clean bill of health every year;

    —Our horses are in the PUBLIC EYE everyday!

    Our carriage horses’ poor country cousins have something else working against them – they have no JOBS. The hundreds of thousands of horses whose owners can no longer afford them – these horses were kept as pets or for pleasure. A horse with a JOB is helping to earn it’s own keep; a horse with a viable job will be the LAST horse to feel the recession.

    As you can see, anyone who wants to take jobs away from horses is NO FRIEND TO THE HORSE.

    Consider trading in your constant efforts to shut down the NYC carriage industry with some hands-on help at a horse rescue, or better yet – put your money where your mouth is and adopt one of these homeless, unwanted creatures. This way you’ll actually be DOING something for a horse, other than hurting it.
    You can start here:

    1. RA Blacke says:

      AMEN, Eva! We just had a case locally where a friend of mine had to go to the District Attorney to get help for three starving horses. He ignored her, just as the ASPCA and local authorities ignored her, despite the fact that she had pictures, witnesses, and had purchased the worst of the starved animals in order to save its life. And that’s out in farm country, people, where no vet checks are required.

      The local news alleged a promise for help to shed light on the suffering of these animals, then backed out like the cowardly media always does when the story just isn’t big enough. It took the publicity of a group of little girls at riding camp, who raised money to try and save the other horses, before anyone stepped up to save these animals.

      I do my part to save animals by purchasing retired racehorses or getting my cats and dogs from the local ASPCA, however, I’m finding the ASPCA increasingly too politically correct, self-important, and not truly interested in the welfare of animals.

      1. Bob P. says:

        ” I’m finding the ASPCA increasingly too politically correct, self-important, and not truly interested in the welfare of animals.”

        And yet, the city and the industry would have us believe that the ASPCA is adequate to the job of overseeing the welfare of these horses.

  5. Bob P. says:

    Such brave souls we have posting here, condemning Ms Shaver for her reaction to what she perceived as an imminent threat to her and her family, convinced no doubt, of their own stoicism, should they find themselves in similar straits! Finding yourself at the mercy of an out of control horse and a clueless driver, is not quite the same degree of trauma, as finding oneself out of Godiva Truffles, at two a.m., when one has a case of the munchies, which, no doubt, is the greatest difficulty in life, that these heros have ever had to endure.

    1. Andrew Wilson says:

      Spend a lot of time alone, Bob? Sounds like it. If you want to see an ‘out of control’ carriage horse, grab that well-worn mouse in your paw, and go check the vid on when teams go bolting down parade roads at a full gallop. That is out of control.

      This? This was scary to a non-horse person, but not out of control nor worth screeching about so loudly as if the Four Horsemen had arrived. Come to think of it, the Four Horsemen would not have arrived, the poor banshee would have spooked their horses with all of her wailing.

      1. Bob P. says:

        “This was scary to a non-horse person”. Exactly, Andy! I’d thank you for the support, however, noting this comment on one of your other posts: “Considering the size and apparent lung capacity of the nice lady, she should have offered to don the harness and pull the carriage for the nice, tired horse.”, I really must decline the support of such a self-styled wit, who could make such a bigoted and gratuitous statement. As if one’s “size” determines the validity of one’s feelings or beliefs.

        As to your contention that the horse was “not out of control”? There are degrees of “out of control” and while not as dramatic as your example, this horse backing up, while the driver wanted it to go forward, and the fact that the horse fell down, twice, shows that the horse was, in fact, out of control, despite your apparent inability to comprehend that.

  6. margaret says:

    The streets of a large city is not a place where horses
    should be interacting with people,taxi cabs, bicycles,carts
    trains and trolleys. The large cities in america are dirty, exhaust
    fumes, frustraiting, and confusing. The cab drivers act as if they
    are on something, steam coming up from the manholes….very confusing
    to a person ….let alone a horse, or any animal!! My big concern is for the horses
    what happens once they are taken from the streets? Made into glue,dog food,or for human consumption? I really do not feel they really have a positive ending….no matter what! HUmans hate each other let alone worry about a horse…and the people we have voted into office really do not care unless it lines their pockets…i was raised on a farm…it is very alarming to see a big animal go down, and trying to get up! It is frightning! I am now 60 years old
    and i cannot believe the moral decay of America, the educational systems, the family structure , the crime and cruel treatment of each other…America is the land that i love, and would fight to protect….let’s get up Americans …we have alot of work to do!!!!!

    1. Eva Hughes says:

      Educational systems, family structures? What does this have to do with our horses?
      We are a historic, iconic, and family-friendly business, a piece of living history.

      As for your questions about where the horses go when retired, some of them are privately rehomed, some of them are retired on land some owners have in upstate NY and in PA, and we have recently partnered with Blue Star Equiculture of Palmer Mass. Here is a link:

      1. Sally Rogers says:

        Eva, NYC has changed in the last 100 years in case you havent noticed. Its time to put this horrible industry in NYC to rest. I see these carriages break rules all the time and put these horses under tremendous strain and stress. The entire industry is outdated. Horses stuck in traffic and breathing tailpipe fumes on Bwy in the middle of traffic with passeners is not safe for anyone including the horse. Give it up already Eva. Maybe our next mayor witll have a brain and reflect the sentiments of most NYers.

      2. sandi says:

        what about the ones that end up “accidentally” at slaughterhouses?

    2. cj oakwoos says:

      We could process these old carrriage horses and feed the hungry in NYC!! That is a positive step!

    3. Barbara Smith says:

      I am a native NY’er and even as a small child , felt for those horses….Now I have two horses, live in TX for the past 8 years and ours have 6 acres to graze on. That is how animals should live. Not in a city with millions of people, noise and distractions to scare them…I think this should be stopped completely. And, I agree, after having horses, when and if they fall is scary and I can’t imagine being attached to it with a cart. So she wasn’t a horse person…it would be scary to almost anyone. I am glad she told that guy off, having that horse back in line again. Shame shame. Go sell pretzels on the corner, much safer for these guys and the horses.

  7. Bob P. says:

    What brave souls we have here! So quick to condemn Ms Shaver’s reaction to what she perceived as imminent danger to herself and her family, convinced, no doubt, of their own stoicism, should they find themselves in similar straits. Finding yourself at the mercy of an out of control horse and a clueless driver, is not the same as finding yourself out of Godiva Truffles, when you’ve got the munchies, at two a,m,, which is likely the greatest trauma these heros have ever endured.

  8. Rina Deych, RN says:

    Of course, the industry is spinning the story to dupe people into believing the horse “tripped.” It’s in their interests to do so. After all, these animals are just commodities to them. The horse collapsed – TWICE. And driver got him back in line to work immediately. The ONLY reason the driver finally took the horse away was because this brave and compassionate woman was letting everyone around know what happened. He was SHAMED into moving the horse. Let’s not distort the truth, Ms. Hughes. The time has come for this industry to be banned and the horses sent to sanctuaries, instead of to the slaughterhouse (where, as you know, most of them will end up).

    1. Eva Hughes says:

      Rina, the woman in the carriage even admits that she knows the horse tripped – it’s obvious to a blind man. It suits your twisted agenda to say he “collapsed” – you HOPE and PRAY for things like that to happen, to bolster your ghoulish interests. How many times I have heard you people say, “we just need one MORE good accident!!” You should hang your head in shame.

      BTW, if the horse “collapsed”, why did he? Why did he get up so quickly? Why was he standing on the line like nothing happened? Why did Dr Pam Corey of the ASPCA examine him and give him a clean bill of health?

      I hope you are more rational in your everyday as an RN, or God help your patients.

    2. Lynne R. says:

      Rina, your ignorant comments make me embarrassed to be an RN (with 3 other degrees, BTW). I also have something you don’t have: over 20 years of horse experience. The horse jack-knifed and tripped over a curb. That isn’t propaganda, it is the truth. You are just as capable of watching the video as anyone else. The woman was reacting in anger: “Do you realize how traumatic this was FOR ME?” Her words on the 3rd video. Translate: “i am furious, I was scared to death.”

    3. bill hunter says:

      You need to get a life Rina….horse meat is good for you !

  9. D KIng says:

    She overreacted and could have made the situation much worse and more dangerous with her hysterics. The horse clearly tripped. Its obvious this woman is not familiar with horses. Who commands their family to jump out of a moving vehicle and “run! run!” in a random direction the middle of a major city? Crazy. The carriage has four wheels and wasn’t going to tip over. Based one the reaction of this woman’s family, its sounds like they have to deal with her hysterics often.
    And yes, if your so against inhumane treatment of the horse buggies in the city, DON’T RIDE THEM! If there wasn’t a demand for hansom carriages rides, there wouldn’t be any…

    1. Eva Hughes says:

      Thank you for the reasonable and rational comment, D King.

    2. A. Benson says:

      Oh ok. So maybe every tourist, who’s never been around horses, should be properly trained before the ride on what to do if their horse gets scared and almost runs over a child. Better yet, maybe someone should invent horse ear plugs and blinders to completely cover their eyes, just to be sure the busy city streets don’t get too loud for the horses. It’s funny how her screaming (which occurred AFTER the horse fell) even fits into your theory.

  10. horselover says:

    Eva Hughes you are totally wrong. Horses do NOT belong in NYC. You here them getting hurt all the time. They were not meant to pull carriages in filthy, polluted, noisy streets. You are heartless.

    1. Eva Hughes says:

      “Horselover” – horses do not get “hurt all the time” in NYC. Put down the koolaid. I have 2 horses, and they spend 6 months each at pasture during the course of the year. (The mandatory vacation by law is 5 weeks.) The other 6 months they spend doing moderate work, which they were born to do. They have, as noted elsewhere here, better lives than some children in this city. You too, should hang your head in shame.

      BTW, my horses are VERY expensive to keep – how many horses do you feed & care for?

      1. sally rogers says:

        Eva, keep trying to spin this story and pick it apart to make this woman look hysterical and keep food on your table. But horses do get hurt and we do need one horrible accident to bury this outdate industry. One accident will save the suffering of all these horses/

    2. Warmblood says:

      What were horses meant to do then? If not carriage rides, then what? I’d really like to know.

  11. horselover says:

    This goes out to people who have compassion for animals. Is there a group that one can join to protest against horse drawn carriages in NYC? If so can someone post a link or the name of the organization? I would devote my time trying to put a stop to this.

    1. Eva Hughes says:

      Here’s some horses who desperately need your help, they are SLAUGHTER-BOUND, right here in NJ. I suggest you put your money, time and effort into helping them, rather than trying to make our horses homeless:

    2. Eva Hughes says:

      Direct link to the most recent SLAUGHTER BOUND horses who need help in NJ:

    3. Warmblood says:

      Why not devote your time trying to put a stop to Tennessee Walking Horse soring? Now that’s cause that needs devotees! Carriage horses are living like kings compared to what is done in that industry.

  12. Eva Hughes says:

    Here are the facts: a pedicab driver overturned his vehicle in the carriage lane; the horse shied at it, backed up, tripped, and fell. The horse got up, was unijured. The driver went back to the legal carriage parking area to check his horse, have other owners look at the horse, and wait for the passenger to come and retrieve her purse, which she had left on the carriage. The vet for the ASPCA was contacted immediately; the horse was seen, examined, and found to be fine. That SHOULD have been the end of the story, but because well-meaning non-horse people AND “activists” with an agenda have trumped it up into an unmitigated disaster, here we are talking about it. Um, people?? Horse TRIP AND FALL sometimes, just like humans; accidents HAPPEN *anywhere* there are living things. There was another overturned tour bus today with 12 people taken to the hospital – are you all gonna ban tour buses?

    Horse routinely fall in PASTURE ACCIDENTS – maybe we should get them out of pastures as well?

    This is all ludicrous. Not only are our horses WELL taken care of, they lead lives filled with amenities that many CHILDREN in this city do not have. They have specially formualated diets, good stables, sprinkler systems in case of fire, 24/7 stablemen, mandatory vet checks 3X a year, are overseen by 5 city agencies, and get mandatory vacations in the country. They are some of the BEST taken care of horses in the country!!!

    As far as horses in urban environments, you are all quite wrong. Not only do horses BELONG in the city, there are MORE and MORE of them everywhere! New carriage businesses are opening all the time; Paris has added workhorses to collect local garbage — horses fare very well in cities, and they are efficient and good for the envirnoment. Back to the Future!

    One more thing — there is a huge crisis right now in this country, with thousands of horses being abandoned or going to slaughter every WEEK because of the recession, high feed prices, and mortgage foreclosure. The reason for this is that these horses have no JOBS. The tens of thousands of horses whose owners can no longer afford them – these horses were kept as pets or for pleasure. A horse with a JOB is helping to earn it’s own keep; a horse with a viable job will be the LAST horse to feel the recession.

    As you can see, anyone who wants to take jobs away from horses is NO FRIEND TO THE HORSE.

    1. Eva Hughes says:


      Eva Hughes
      VP NY Horse & Carriage Assoc

      1. Marlene Fromann Morgenthaler says:

        Eva, If you truly want to keep the horses in business why don’t you let Dr. Corey set the standard for the industry. Open the barns to the public as a tourist attraction. Have in line live video cam for the public to watch.This was we can be sure the stables to be kept clean and safe. Restrict the horses to the park. There is no need for them to walk in traffic. Keep the horses to the trails that have plenty of shady areas to keep them cool. Let’s make a bad situation a good one that NY can be proud of. Let the horses have a few paddock in the park to run and play in.

      2. Kay says:

        Amen!! Our horses at the trolley business I work for in California have a lot more benefits than the people who work for the same business! This horse is in way better shape than about 80 percent of the horses I see aimlessly wandering out in the “country”, where I keep my own horses. A horse with a job is a happy horse, and provided they are treated well, their lives are fantastically fulfilled. Why would someone in this day and age in such a high-profile location and that is constantly in the public eye mistreat their animals? They wouldn’t if they were smart! It doesn’t pay to mistreat the source of your livelihood, even if you have no personal investment in the animals. But most people get into the carriage business BECAUSE they love the animals. I’m not sure how it is in NYC, but I know we don’t make a ton of money doing what we do. And if you own your own equipment and animals and have to keep them maintained, it seems an awful lot of labor for little gain for someone who has no heart for it or the animals.

        The biggest problem I have with the driver in this video is that he lost the critical moment to maintain forward momentum, the horse had too much time to think about what was spooking him, and not enough direction away from it. Those first few halting steps he took were telltale, if the driver had caught that and urged him forward past the Scary Thing, the whole thing might not have happened. The tripping is not unexpected, as despite their image as graceful, majestic animals, horses are often complete klutzes who can trip and fall at the slightest provocation, even running free in a pasture with their pals. Add to that the addition of blinders and human interference and you have a recipe for a visit with the ground. He seems to have taken it rather calmly, and he patiently waited for them to come and get him up. I can’t speak for every last horse-drawn carriage driver in NYC,, because as with everything you get a few bad apples, but the industry overall seems well looked after and the animals taken care of. Take away their livelihood, ban carriages, and then have a grand time finding homes for thousands of now-out-of-work horses.

        I currently own an ex-carriage horse and an ex-racehorse, and I am far more concerned about the effects of the horse racing industry on horses than the effects of the horse and carriage industry. You want an industry that sees horses only as commodities to be traded off, bought, sold and used up at the merest whim? Don’t look to carriages, look to the race track! But that’s a whole other story…

    2. Murat2Trot says:

      “Here are the facts: a pedicab driver overturned his vehicle in the carriage lane; the horse shied at it, backed up, tripped, and fell. ”

      WHAT was a PEDICAB doing in the CARRIAGE ONLY lane in the first place? And how did it “overturn”????

      There needs to be an INVESTIGATION into the SAFETY of PEDICABS! Pronto! Before anyone else, horse or human or dog or child, gets hurt!

  13. Tess says:

    The woman didn’t over react, and she’s not an idiot. Only someone who is actually working for the carriage horse industry would leave comment like that, as they often do on blogs. Try to imagine if your car all of a sudden went out of control and started going backwards by itself. You would fear for your safety, maybe even your life.

    This incident is just one more illustration of why this industry is so inhumane, and dangerous. Horses do spook unexpectedly, especially in noisy, crowded situations, as in NYC traffic. It’s time that the city politicians take seriously the safety of tourists and pedestrians, as well as the humane treatment of animals, and ban this cruel industry.

    1. Marlene Fromann Morgenthaler says:

      You can’t possibly be that uninformed and backward. Some people are a danger to themselves and others. It seems like you also fit into that category. Time you educate yourself on a subject before you embarrass yourself even further.

  14. Claudia Kotvics says:

    HORSES PULLING CARRIAGES IN CENTRAL PARK NEEDS belong to the PAST. This idea is ANCIENT in the age of electronics and the Big Apple store right accross from their station.
    Horses are not adapt for the extreme city noise and hectic pace. They are sensitive beings.
    THE other issue is the adequate CARE for these animals.
    Many times I observed that in pouring rain the driver coveres himself and the passengers, however would not care TO COVER THE HORSE IN THE RAIN.
    THIS IS AN OBSCURE IDEA just for a few ones, to have some sentimental moments in the park for $$.

    1. Lynne R. says:

      Rain? OMG I forgot about rain, call the police! I stopped buying horses made out of sugar after they started melting. Horses live outside, they take pleasure in working with humans as well as hanging out with equine companions. Just because humans have grown soft and lost touch with other animals doesn’t mean horses have grown soft.



    1. Lisa Pell says:

      divorce her shes nuts- protect the child!

  16. horselover says:

    Yes, you are missing the point completely. (Aja, Lollia, Regfixer and whoever else are making idiotic comments.)
    We are talking about how inhumane it is to have horses pulling carriages in Central Park and on the streets of NYC.

    Do you think it is right to have a horse walking/trotting on NYC streets, cars and taxis passing by carelessly, constantly getting scared by the blowing of car horns, breathing in gas fumes all day, constantly pounding on hard pavement? This is no life for a horse, and I am hoping we can put a stop to this cruelty.
    If the drivers want to earn money why don’t they get themselves a pedi cab and do the work themselves instead of relying on a defenseless horse being abused every day.

    1. Nick says:

      Yes. These horses should not be enslaved. Just set them all free – now.

      Watch them slowly starve to death…..


      1. Bud Hansen says:

        Nick, you’re an idiot!

  17. PR says:

    I work in the immediate area and must say that I’m not in agreement with this sort of “tourist attraction.” I think it’s inhumane treatment. Just last week, during a severe thunderstorm, I witnessed horses out there on the streets when they clearly should’ve been somewhere sheltered from the storm. The week before that there was an incident where a cab rear ended one of these horse carriages that left the horse pinned under the carriage for what seemed like an hour or so. The week before that there was another incident in which a horse was spooked and caused damage to some parked cars. If tourists want to get a look at New York City, then clearly they could use one of the many pedi cabs in the area.

  18. Rosa Munguia-Maguire says:

    The horse carriage industry is plain out and out animal cruelty and abuse! There are too many vehicles on the streets of NYC to have these poor horses alongside them… What is called stables are basically condemned warehouses where they are not provided enough space to rest. Horses need to lie down and rest and their stalls are not large enough for them to do so!! Their shoes are not shod properly they wear ill fitting equipment. Enough already greedy humans. It is time this industry is banished!!! People are hiding behind ignorance, denial and pure greed! Our lawmakers must take notice. There are enough of us who are and will provide a voice for these poor horses!!!! It is no walk in the park for an animal who does not receive the adequate rest it requires and who is breathing in all the toxic and noxious fumes of automobiles.
    Wake up America!! There is NOTHING ROMANTIC about riding a tired and sick horse!!!

    1. Lynne R. says:

      And what would you know about proper horseshoes? What type should they be wearing? How many hours does a horse remain laying down a day? Condemned warehouses? Sick, tired horses? Not a single piece of evidence, just the opinion of someone who has absolutely no idea what they are talking about. Use your compassion to actually help an animal in need of rescuing.

  19. Margaret Plummer says:


  20. Margaret says:


  21. Pruf Reeder says:

    “Theresa Shaver told 1010 WINS’ John Montone that her husband and son were sitting on the horse when it tripped over a curb and collapsed.”

    Sitting on the horse? Really? Who writes this?

    1. Just sayin' says:

      R e t a r d s, that’s who.

  22. alex says:

    This carriage tourist thing has to stop. It’s not the 19th century, these animals are clearly abused. What a shame…and the horse owners don’t give a damn. They put the horse right back in line, who cares that the horse is exhausted and sick, anything for profit…Shameful..And this is NYC? So much for progress…

  23. Pro_Literacy says:

    ANOTHER illiterate headline!

    The woman, her husband, and son were NOT RIDING ON THE HORSE! They were riding IN a horse-drawn carriage.

    Yes, she is an idiot.

    Wherever Mrs. Shaver is from, she should go back there.

    1. PR says:

      You’re OBVIOUSLY missing the point! This is not about the woman, but about the inhumane and cruel treatment these horses go through on a daily basis. If you have nothing intelligent or worthwhile to add, then do us all a favor and keep your asinine drivel to yourself.

      1. Brad says:

        Okay I just stopped reading the comments, because I am baffled as to how this became a discussion about whether or not horses are treated badly in this Horse-Drawn-Carriage industry. The article is obviously highlighting this woman’s reaction. Yes, she overreacted, BIG time. She was hysterical, beyond reason, and her screaming could have made things worse, when the situation was pretty benign to begin with. Obviously, as she said, she was afraid of horses before even getting on the carriage, and that fear was more deep seated than she thought, causing her irrational overreaction. She’s just being a sensationalist and a hypocrite.

  24. Lollia says:

    OMG, what a drama queen! Even her kid was telling her to calm down. Please, she’s obviously a moron!

    1. alex says:

      You’ve missed the point completely. The horse was put back to work after collapsing twice.

      1. Aja says:

        The horse didn’t “collapse”, he tripped and fell. WTH is wrong with you people??

  25. Valerie Traina says:

    Those of you who have left uncompassionate, unthinking comments prove that many in our modern society have been raised to think only of themselves. You should feel ashamed that you don’t care about the suffering of other creatures. Whether or not the horse tripped is irrelevant. Horses don’t belong in NYC, on pavement, pulling carriages around in all weather extremes, breathing in the noxious fumes of automobiles. The industry is not to be trusted on any account. These are the same types of people who would fight against the 40 hour work week, health benefits and sick pay for human beings. Wake up, people. You have been bamboozled.

    1. adam says:

      i’ve been around horses my whole life, and this is definitely an “unthinking comment”

      1. alex says:

        well said Valerie.

        Adam, you’ve obviously learned nothing from being around horses all your life if you think it’s okay for them to work in NYC traffic.

    2. Missy says:

      People who don’t believe in horse carriages in NYC SHOULDN’T BE RIDING THEM! Why was this crazy woman IN one and react the way she did? I rode my bike through the park for years and I hate to see these horses working in these conditions. But have I ever ridden one? Nope. And I never will.

    3. Tanya says:

      Umm you should probably start protesting the Amish then. Furthermore these horses have jobs, get fed, have shelter, work less that 40 hours and get five weeks vacation. I wish I had a job like that.

  26. adam says:

    right, i grew up on a horse farm in bucks county PA, after watching this video.. i feel disgusted… not because of the very common horse getting spooked and tripping, but because of the dumb dumb with the video camera

    1. Brad says:

      Exactly. I don’t know why people focused on “inhumane treatment” of these horses…totally not the point of the article.

  27. Aj says:


  28. Micha says:

    I feel horrible for these poor horses. I am sure there are some handlers who actually care, but for the most part these animals are simply money makers. They are forced to work in all kinds of weather conditions, sick or healthy. I admit, I’ve always been tempted to take a ride, but I just can’t support this kind of abuse. The horse drawn carriages of central park should be abolished and the horses should be sent to a refuge somewhere to enjoy the rest of their lives. If people want old world charm, they can head south to the Pensylvania Amish country…

    1. Roxanne says:

      “Forced to work, sick or healthy”?? These horses not only get 3X a year mandatory vet check, but are checked numerous times a month by the ASPCA and/or the DOH. Their are CHILDREN in this city that don’t live as good lives as these horses, WAKE UP!!

    2. missy says:

      I’m sure if these horses aren’t working, they’ll be glue. What’s better then???

      1. Bob P. says:

        There are equine retirement homes, that have committed to taking all these horses, should they be relieved of their miserable situation. Maybe you should should be a little less “sure” of yourself, until you’ve educated yourself as to the facts. You would avoid embarrassing yourself.

    3. Rosa Munguia-Maguire says:

      The Amish abuse their animals and have puppy mills purely for profit. Also the slaughterhouses are up in PA. Research and you will see the Amish are not what they seem. They do this in secrecy…

    4. Flatbush Saddle says:

      I am from Lancaster County. You want to see horses work in all sorts of weather conditions, sick and healthy, go there and experience the old world charm of what it looks like so see a horse working. When it comes to transporation and farm function, horses in Lancaster Amish country deal with tons of auto traffic, or long days of field work. I know in NYC they are definitley not sick, but the amish, depends on what needs to get done that day, the Amish are all business, with no DOH. So why is it so totally OK to see horses at work on pavement trotting a great speed for miles in PA, not the slow Central Park reasonable pace, still breathing exhaust on 60 mph highways (way more dangerous), the people driving and riding carriage and walking in both places breathing this same air why is it fine for people to breath it? But if horse breathes it, it’s abuse? Why is Amish country a recommended old world charm experience, when in NYC it’s called “abuse”. I think it has somthing to do with who wants to be the savior of horses without actually having to do any work to do any actual saving. Easier to beat up and punish your NYC neighbor and then feel like somthing helpful has been accomplished. A JOB FOR A HORSE DOES NOT EQUAL ABUSE. A working horse is somthing alot of ARAs seem to have trouble with only if it has a city backdrop. But a working horse in the country, this is fine?. Work means survival for that animal. Horses are way to expensive to think along the lines of “pet”. And those fancy sport horses, in the country, they work less but the injury factor as athletes goes way up. You want to talk abuse, let’s talk about people who can’t afford to feed, or can’t find a home for the “pet” they can no longer afford. And stop spreading lies about how the NYC carriage horses can’t lay down and rest. Stop fabricating images to just foment your personal alarm so you can blow stack yet again.

  29. NJer says:

    She is a lunatic. The horse was clearly fine. She needs to seek psychological treatment for her intense rage and hysteria immediately. The doctors should check her husband and children to make sure they are not suffering from trauma from living in the same house with her.

  30. ksny says:

    Perhaps horses should not be in NYC, but the important observation here is that the woman still over-reacted from the get-go. Before the horse goes down, she’s freaking out when the horse is merely backing up, and not even that fast. People who over-react like that are not usually level-headed, and tend to exaggerate their stories and be overly dramatic. Please take that into account before you decide that her reaction was visceral and that it took courage for her to post in online. People who are used to creating drama don’t think their behavior is above and beyond the norm, so I doubt it was a stretch for her to post her video – she thinks she’s just fine. Her reaction probably scared her kid and the the horse even more, and might have further contributed to the incident. She needs a valium, and to leave NYC.

  31. A says:

    “You don’t treat an animal like that” Please lady, advocates have been trying to put a stop to the use of horses around Central Park for years but it’s tourist like you who keep these people in business. How about you don’t endorse it to begin with!

    1. missy says:

      THat’s exactly what I think too!

  32. Gigi says:

    Even if she was obviously upset by what happened with the horse, my first reaction was that she totally ignored her son who was there. Her first reaction should not have been to selfishly scream and yell, no matter how she felt, but she should have not made a scene like that in person in front of her kid.

  33. B. Beekman says:

    As a horse rider who has been around horses for years, I can tell you that they are quite rugged and can easily recover from a fall. Just like a human, all they need is to be dusted off and they’re allright. A horse will spook, though, at any little thing such as a small piece of white paper fluttering on the ground or a “suspicious” twig lying across the trail They’e easily frightened, as big as they are. It doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with the horse at all. What it does mean, however, is that the rider (or carriageman) has to keep a sharp lookout for these kinds of strange objects and talk reassuringly to the animal to keep him from shying away from the perceived “danger”. He has to be encouraged to keep moving forward. If the horse continues walking straight ahead, and doesn’t shy sideways, tripping over the curb as this one did, there will be no problem. The rider or carriageman has to be vigilant.
    This woman, I think, was “planted” to create a scene replayable for a larger specific audience. Her hysterical shrieking is just as phony as can be. The whole thing was a put on for some nefarious purpose. We should condemn her, and not the horse.

    1. Eduardo says:

      Beekman, very insightful and intelligent post, thank you. I, too, am thinking there is something more to this than meets the eye — she is screaming hysterically, yet the camera is steady as a rock? Very odd.

    2. Bob P. says:

      “planted to create a scene”? You mean, she was “planted” because she or somebody, knew this incident was going to occur? Through ESP perhaps? Or when you say “create”, you mean she caused the horse to behave the way it did? You’re talking nonsense.

      1. Keats says:

        Actually, if this was a setup, the pedicab could have been working with her, as part of her “activist” group, to try to spook the horse by overturning the pedicab. They might have even watched and know what horse might be the most skiddish. People do this stuff all time. Depends on what their agenda is.

  34. NM says:

    What a lunatic….I would be collapsing too if I had to pull her around!!

  35. retractor says:

    She hadn’t considered a law suit, but not a bad idea. Thanks.

  36. DanTe says:

    The really sad part of the story: She Spawned.

    And now the infestation of the gene pool continues.

  37. Donnatella Soleil says:

    Awww the tourist got upset. Its bad enough that the poor animal has to lug your lazy keisters around so you can live some outdated weirdo fantasy but they have to do it in all sorts of weather. Next time I hope the horse kicks you in the head. Maybe you’ll develop something called sense.

  38. Shudder says:

    Gadzooks, imagine being married to that.

  39. Martha Salvia Erickson says:


    1. LaughinMyAzzoff says:

      Yes, I am sure she was a clairvoyant and knew the particular carriage horse that would freak out that day. She was looking for a pay day and checked with her crystal ball to see. She drove 5 hours to NYC and arrived at the exact time to get in the carriage and make some dough. She couldn’t predict where cash cab would be that morning.

  40. cj says:

    There are two issues, as I see it…One is the whole question of what happens to old or unwanted horses. The other is the woman’s reaction. Why is it OK for a woman to shriek like a banshee when something starts going wrong? She has a responsibility to remain calm so she can effectively protect her child. She may or may not have a right to be upset, to decompensate the way she did is irresponsible. I wonder that her wailing might not have upset the horse even more!

    1. andrialea says:

      wow. that woman was a mess!!!!!!!! did she think that video would prove the horse was in bad shape or that she is unstable? the poor poor horse was clearly spooked, and walking backwards and sideways in a packed park with curbs and cobble stone hell, let her try that with a huge carriage and blinders on and NOT fall over. generally speaking the horse shouldn’t be made to do this if he is spooked by things that are commonly found in the park, that is subjection. however i don’t think the horse and the woman have too much of a different story here, they both overreacted. i think they could use some R & R. Horse drown carriages need more regulations i agree, but if they are out of work —- what do you think will happen to them? they will retired on a farm? i don’t think so.

      1. Tracy Mastorpole says:

        They won’t be out of work. There are alternatives such as electric, antique cars. We moved forward from the horse and buggy for a reason. I think it’s time central park should do the same and stop putting people’s and horses lives at risk.

        Yes the woman sounds terribly upset. I’m sure it wasn’t easy for her to post the video. She is trying to make a difference. She was encouraged that these videos might help the cause to ban the carriage rides. BRAVO to her, as she put a video online of her at a vulnerable time. It’s easy for ignorant people to personally attack her. It’s not the intention of sharing the story. You would all feel different if it had been your family members or your children involved.

  41. David says:

    Seems pretty obvious that the woman Theresa had no idea what she was in for when she was getting on a horse drawn carriage ride. When the horse collapsed from what looks like exhaustion and or disorientation, she rightfullly freaked out. She is not “crazy” at all, and for the horse carriage operator to not only bring the horse right back out to work, without any kind of a break, and then to call a customer crazy just shows how little they care about anyone or anything. This industry is money driven and clearly does not care about the welfare of the horses in its custody, or at least not as much as they care about money. Therefore these attacks on Theresa are obviously coming from the industry, drivers, owners or maybe investors – no decent person would attack Theresa or call her crazy, an idiot, hypocrite, or any of the other rediculous accusations I have seen in the comments. The drivers and owners should have been focussed on taking care of a sick horse when they were not. They can tell themselves whatever comforting dillusions they’d like about how it is in their interest to keep the horses in good shape and well, but this video clearly demonstrates the opposite, and there is a reason so many New Yorkers are in favor of a full ban.

    1. Eva Hughes says:

      David – what you don’t know about horses would fill a book. The horse was shying at an upside-down pedicab in the MIDDLE OF THE CARRIAGE LANE. The driver went back to the line to check the horse, have other owners look at the horse, and to await the lady’s return for her purse which she left on the carriage. She admits that she left her purse on the carriage in the second videos. As far as money and horses go, it takes ALOT of money to keep a horse, and our horses help to EARN it. How many horses do YOU feed and take care of, David? There are dozens going to slaughter on Monday in New Holland, get yourself down there and put your money where your mouth is.

  42. B. Beekman says:

    She is indeed an idiot. This is the last stop for these animals who, if they aren’t pulling carriages, will probably be consigned to the slaughterhouse where they will be converted into horsemeat for European and Mexican tables or just plain dogfood. There are two of these slaughterhouses in Mexico and one in Canada who would be very happy to increase their business with new arrivals of former Central Park carriagehorses. As presently operated, unwanted horses are cruelly packed into trucks and driven long distances without food or water to the slaughterhouse. There, they are killed by a steel bolt being driven into their heads (the cheapest method) before “processing”. I wonder if Mrs. Shaver would like to stand by and watch as this is going on. Would she consider it more humane than pulling the carriage? If her crazy acting gig bears fruit, this will be the probable outcome.

  43. SLASH%% says:

    Shes a moron send her and her fat family back upstate

  44. Donny Moss says:

    How many more spooked or dead horses will it take to remove 19th century horse and buggies out of 21st century midtown Manhattan?

    1. Eva Hughes says:

      Lots of spooked and dead horses in racing, eventing, etc etc, WAAAY more than in Central Park — should we close all those pursuits down as well? How’s about pasture? More horses are injured at pasture than anywhere else. Maybe we should just get rid of horses altogether, eh, Donny?

  45. interested says:

    The woman is clearly wearing an ASPCA wristband, notice at about 12 seconds on second video, where she’s screaming at the driver. Interesting that an ASPCA supporter would be taking a carriage ride, don’t you think?

    1. Michael H. says:

      What’s funny is an ASPCA veterinarian dismissed the whole thing right in the article as “the horse was spooked by a pedicab”.

  46. AndyJacksonian says:

    Too bad the horse didn’t trip and fall on top of the shreiking witch!

  47. Andrew Bellucci says:

    I say both carriage horses and fat tourists should be banned from New York City.

    1. Brad says:


  48. Rina Deych says:

    This woman was NOT crazy and the horse did NOT trip. If you watch the video, you’ll see, something was wrong with the horse. Whether he spooked or was ill or both is not clear, but he collapsed TWICE. I’m not sure why Mr. Montone bought the lie from the industry that he “tripped.” Since the carriage horse industry was represented in this piece, so should Elizabeth Forel of the Coalition to Ban Horse Carriages, as well as veterinarians who review the footage. This is a brutal industry that needs to banned. Horses don’t belong in NYC traffic, period. If they don’t collapse and die of exhaustion or illness, when they are no longer “useful” to the industry, they are often sold at auction to slaughterhouse. That is their reward for a lifetime of working long hours in all
    weather extremes, without adequate care at the hands of often inexperienced and uncaring drivers. This industry needs to be cast into the dustbin of history.

    1. AndyJacksonian says:

      Yep, and your not crazy either … you nut case!

    2. Michael H. says:

      You ask for a veterinarian, the article has one:

      “Dr. Pamela Corey, Director of Equine Veterinary Service for the Humane Law Enforcement Department of the ASPCA, said the horse was “spooked by a pedicab and fell down.””

      Is that independent enough for you?

      1. Shineyhappy says:

        I’m sorry, so which is it? He was spooked or he tripped? I would believe the vet. He was spooked. Which will happen at any time, any place. I wonder how people would feel if their toddler was standing close by and was crushed by the horse. Would the lady be crazy then?

      2. drnyqns says:

        @shineyhappy – He was spooed and that caused him to trip.

    3. Lynne R. says:

      What was wrong with the horse is that s/he spooked, jack-knifed, and tripped over a curb. It is pretty clear to anyone who knows horses, although it may baffle someone such as yourself who has never been around horses.

  49. Alicia says:

    I think the lady exhaggerated but the horse did look tired and was going backwards as if dizzy! Any animal lover would react like that. The woman was scared and rightfully so, she was in the carriage. I feel sorry for the animal because it did appear ill and had to return to work. Abuse is abuse is abuse!

  50. Regfixer says:

    She’s an idiot and I am sure will need “compensation” for her “trauma”. Obviously she is not around horses very often.

    1. Sleepless says:

      You are right, she hasn’t ever been around horses. But you are wrong about her being an idiot. You’ve never been in the situation.

    2. alex says:

      Why are people hijacking this story from the real focus of it? The horse collapsed twice and it was put back in line to work some more…That’s what is idiotic.

      1. Brad says:

        Wrong; the focus of the article is this woman’s insane overreaction. The horse was fine for Chrissake!

    3. Stanley says:

      She is an idiot!!! she should get over herself. She over reacted, and instead of worrying about the well being of the horse she was acting stupid. A lesson for her now; DONT GET AROUND ANIMALS….

    4. Michigan Gal says:

      The city is no place for a horse. Horses deserve green pastures.

    5. carmel fusco says:

      take a look at these horses and tell me they are having a good life. they are exploited as has been the case with most animals since forever. finally, people are beginning to come into awareness.

    6. Marlene Fromann Morgenthaler says:

      The horses are there. that is the job they were bred for. Their greatest protector is Dr. Corey. If you all want to make a difference, vote Dr. Cory tp take charge of the industry in Manhattan and let her set the guild lines.

    7. K Plan says:

      Perhaps the horses shouldn’t be running around NYC. No doubt that CBS has incorrectly focused on the woman and her “trauma,” but the horses are poorly cared for, pushed BEYOND their limit in this weather, and should NOT be running through NYC streets — in the park or around it.

    8. Just Me says:

      You are so right!! We own horses and they get “spooked” by the smallest things sometimes! I’m sure all her dang screaming didn’t help!!!! OMGOSH Lady!!!!!! I think she needs an Academy Award for that performance!!!

    9. Mellony says:

      Wrap her in bubble wrap & keep her in the apartment on the couch away from the stress of life. It sounded like even her husband was embarested by her.

    10. sunnyskies says:

      And it would seem, you yourself are not around horses very often. That horse went down twice and was back on the line. So who is it, really, who’s trying to make a buck here? The carriage driver or the traumatized tourist, who recognized animal abuse when she saw it?

      Not everyone who cares is after a buck, something else you would perhaps, not understand.

    11. Lissy says:

      How sad that CBS highlights as its “featured comment” a childish remark that resorts to name-calling. how about some critical thinking?

    12. Molly says:

      Horse carriages need to be banned. They are treated horribly…kept in stalls so small that they cannot lay down. Oh, and these “stalls” are actually parking garages with no sprinkler systems installed. The people that run these carriage companies are ignorant and cruel. Anyone who disagrees clearly has no compassion.

      1. Fleur says:

        It’s LIE down not LAY down. And it is a lie that the stalls are too small for the horses to lie down in. And by the way, horses on average sleep standing up. In a 24 hour day, they may lie down only for a total of an hour or two,

    13. Fleur says:

      THI!! This poster is right-on!

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