TEANECK, N.J. (CBS 2) — When the new school year begins, Teaneck, New Jersey plans to have fewer bus stops for private school students. The town says consolidating the stops will save the district money, but could it also put children at risk?

Sheera Ashendorf is among those worried that the controversial private school busing plan that has been approved will create overcrowding problems and unsafe conditions.

“I think it will create havoc,” she told CBS 2’s Mark Morgan.

In fact, at one intersection that is particularly of concern to parents, has no sidewalks. As many as 50 children would be waiting at that stop each school morning.

“They want to put 50 children at a bus stop where it is so unsafe, when the snow starts piling, there is no place for the children to get off,” Shana Grunstein said.

Ardie Walser, president of the Teaneck school board, said budget cuts resulted in the consolidation of stops and the elimination of courtesy bus service within 2 miles of public schools for 1st grade through 4th grade. Walser said the board was initially told by police the stops were safe.

“We’re trying to figure out how to work this out so that we can make sure that all our children are safe,” he said.

Now that concerned parents have the board’s attention, both sides can focus on the driving force behind the disagreement — safety. And for Ashendorf, there is a simple solution.

“Restore busing for all the children the way it was — figure it out,” she said.

If a compromise is to be reached, the two sides have just over a month to do it. School starts the 2nd week of September and the clock is ticking.

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