Upper East Side Groper May Be Responsible For Central Park Attack

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Police believe the man suspected in a series of gropings on the Upper East Side may have attacked another woman in Central Park.

According to police, the suspect approached a 28-year-old woman walking on a path near the former Tavern on the Green restaurant Friday night. Investigators said she fought back, kicking, punching and poking him in the eye.

“I can’t believe nobody’s caught him. I don’t know how he’s getting away with it,” said Marlene Barrett of the Upper East Side.

“I think just the collection of clues and whereabouts of where he is will hopefully help the police find him and locate him,” said Kristen Katerakis of the Upper West Side.

The suspect is described as 120 pounds, standing 4’11” with spiky hair and a gap between his front teeth.

Authorities also tied the suspect to an attempted rape of a 21-year-old woman inside an East Harlem apartment building around 4:35 a.m. on July 31.

“He came towards me.  He tried to speak, but I wouldn’t let him. So he tried to attack me, but I pushed him away.  I pushed him away about two or three times.  After he seen me fighting him away, he grabbed in between my legs,” the victim told CBS 2’s Pablo Guzman.

“Someone needs to stop him because he’s just going to keep on doing it until he tries something new,” she added.

The same man is also suspected in a separate incident on Saturday, when he allegedly approached a woman from behind inside the 59th Street/Lexington Avenue Subway station and lifted her skirt. Police believe the suspect attempted to possibly videotape her. The 27-year-old victim screamed and ran away.

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said Tuesday that detectives believe the suspect may be a kitchen worker because the incidents have occurred at off hours.

Anyone with information should call police or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477) or visit www.nypdcrimestoppers.com.

If caught and convicted, what would the appropriate punishment be in this case? Sound off in our comments section.


One Comment

  1. Upper East Side Rentals Guy says:

    They have got to arrest this guy.

    Upper East Side Rentals

  2. Mexicano Littlewood says:

    i wouldn’t call it a man attack, it is more like an attack from a cucabara, little mexican member like a baby cactus.

  3. deep breaths says:

    i never understood people running in the city, breathing in deep the fumes, people running alongside grand central and clearview, what are they thinking?

  4. LKA says:

    the police commissioner was correct…He’s either Mexican or Ecuadorian…he’s a restaurant/kitchen worker….His hairstyle is worn by them and the trendy jeans and backpack are also clues of his race and nationality…He’ll be caught very soon…

  5. justpassinthru says:

    to all the women who have decided they aren’t going to turn this guy in… his mother, sister, grandma, whatev… Well, I certainly wouldn’t wish the same thing happen to you but I am wondering why you wouldn’t do something to stop it before something really, really terrible happens??? Would you be able to live with that guilt?

  6. flea says:

    I can’t believe they can’t catch this guy…..Lt. Columbo, they’re not.

  7. Enough Already says:

    This guy gets a thrill out of this, and the more he gets away with it the better the thrill is. Now that women are fighting him back he will get more aggressive. And there are probably many women who have not reported him out of embarrassement. Post his photo in every restaurant and deli. Post his picture in every little mexican hang out. He is not going to stop until caught. Catch him already before he really hurts someone.

  8. RON.B says:


  9. thor's hammer says:

    memo to the family/friends who are giving him 3 squares & a place to sleep. today’s phrase of the day for you all is “aiding and abetting a fugitive.” in other words, you are helping a criminal. to the female relative, drop a dime on the groper, he is not “a good boy.” “a good boy who had a troubled childhood,” “someone fightting alcohol or other substance abuse issues.” drop the dime on him now, and maybe the district attorney will cut you a deal. this is a limited offer that expires at midnight. tick, tick, tick

    1. itsnotme says:

      maybe they are afraid to say anything? it’s amazing tho’ that someone who is acquainted with him and maybe not really close hasn’t given him up yet.
      perhaps if there were a reward involved?

  10. Translate this says:

    To the Groper: You are now a FUGITIVE. You had better climb on a Spacecraft and head for the MOON. If you stay on Earth they’re going to hunt you down and take you down just like the animal that you are. SpaceX gonna give it to ya.

  11. joe says:

    hang him in Central Park

  12. thor's hammer says:

    hey punk, many good people have seen your picture. we know what we’re on the lookout for. an all perps bulleting is out for you, and it’s only a matter of time before your evilness is caught. you better hope it’s nypd who gets you first, because a posse of the sisterhood of your victims will exact justice that doesn’t allow you a lawyer appointed for you by the state and paid for by the good people of new york. be afraid, be very afraid. dante’s inferno awaits you. justice for the victims!

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